Que Sera, Sera..

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  • valid_khaled 15w

    Hello Earth?

    Which up is up
    Which direction is down
    The fellow that can distinguish
    Deserves nothing less than a crown
    For I am myself lost
    As a sailor abandoned at sea
    Thrown overboard in the water
    Dragging my head holding it under

    Sentenced to alienation
    Casted away from other beings
    Yet with everyone in sight
    Humans close within my reach
    However so distant and far away
    Like a desert mirage on scorching days
    Leaving a sense of emptiness
    Longing for shelter
    Parched and sore
    Bones which shiver and ache
    To feel warmth of another
    Or their breath on my cheek
    Such peace it would bring
    Oh what a day dream of childish things
    I have never known such a void
    With a magnitude of 10 fold
    Demolishing my spirit to merely dust
    While my empty shell shivers from cold

    As a building torn down
    Dilapidated with moist mold
    Begging for a touch up or two
    Wanting to be good enough again
    I can do it please
    Or just let me fold

    Take a moment from your thinking
    Of thyself never veering
    Or those day dreaming dreamers
    Of a place that does not exist
    A sanctuary style way of living
    With care and kind arms open wide
    Please stop wasting my time

    My inquiry is why
    Why do we lie
    Even if it's a small fib
    Dressed in all white?
    Why tell someone what they want to hear
    To ease and settle their fears
    Only to turn around almost immediately
    And use their truth to your advantage?
    Why do we hate intensely?
    And why are we capable of such thing?
    Why is evil overcoming
    What we call light?
    Why build sometimes broken husk
    Just to drop them again

    Maybe because they're broken
    They won't fight...

  • valid_khaled 44w

    Never say never?

    Never will I mean to them
    What they all mean to you
    Never will you care for me
    As if you truly do
    I'm not saying that you don't
    But I can't say I know you do
    Never will I mean more to you
    Than they do
    Yes it's true

    Never will I have a family
    Something to truly call all mine
    Never will that ol' bastard love
    Fill inside my heart
    Never will the things I do
    Be good enough for you...
    For who you are...
    And what you mean...
    At least To me
    You'll always be way too good
    Or have him around you.

    Never will I be able to just be
    I haven't been able to yet
    At least...
    Never will someone be able to care
    Make me number 1
    And give fair love.

    Never will I find a home
    To sit and rest my feet
    Never will I be able to talk
    My feelings are small and weak
    Never with what hinders me
    Will I be able to speak
    Never will anyone want to listen
    I guess I failed some hidden test.

    Never will I try again
    You all ruined me
    Never did such a soul care
    I put my head down hanging
    In such despair...
    For I only help everyone
    I've ever met or known
    Find happiness and serenity
    In leaving me and making a home
    So Never will I fucking try
    I give up that much is true

    I am so sorry for being me
    And feeling too much
    And dumping my heart on you
    I'll take it back
    And freeze it cold
    Then put it back into my chest
    Never wither with joy
    As I get old

    Never will I ever mean
    What they mean to you
    My mother showed me that day 1
    When she left on day 2
    So when I say I get it
    Who am I to be cared for?
    I mean it
    I don't need bullshit pitty
    I'm just not important
    To any of you.

  • valid_khaled 48w

    "Never Again"

    Nothing came to mind
    Just repeating what was expressed
    Reading those words
    Feeling the truth
    Revealed a dark dark whole
    A mindset so relentless
    Self destructive and cold
    He said what he said
    Watching her heart break
    And her tear filled eyes
    Holding back waves of pain
    And yet...
    He went on and on and on
    Venting what's in his heart
    What's hurt and broken him
    Seemingly though
    It was just his thoughts...

    All those things that I have said
    Out of anger
    Maybe sadness
    Maybe I'm just stupid...
    I love you so
    You're the light in my life
    The sun can burn as bright
    And fly as high as it likes
    But you're beauty in your smile
    That way your hair flows
    The feeling of your skin
    I'd love to have you for a while
    The way you think and speak
    The sexy you eminate has me weak
    I never ever meant to hurt you
    I never meant to push you away

    Tonight and today
    Every week that will pass by
    I will only forever think
    What a fool I absolutely was
    The magic you have given me
    Has gripped my heart
    The way the Sea grabs the sands
    And pulls it into it's full beautiful self
    I don't care about heaven
    I don't care about money
    Not even willing to smile
    I want you and I need you
    Nothing is worth while
    I'm so sorry I didn't think
    Weak and down on my knees
    I need my beautiful life
    I need to smile and know you're why
    I need to love and make you feel
    How much you're my world
    You're the definition of perfect
    You make my stomach flip and furl

    I never ever meant
    To make you feel sad or mad
    I never ever meant
    To give you a reason to feel bad
    I want to give you the life
    A fairytale princess
    And I'll be your prince
    I'll make your smile shine
    I'll show you that I hold you above
    You are love in itself
    The quintessence of my happiness
    My heart and my soul
    And I'm so sorry my love
    I never meant to make you feel
    Any type of way
    But the center of my world.

  • valid_khaled 51w

    Said not done?

    When it's all said and done
    When he's dead and gone
    When there's no more saying sorry
    When there's no more apologies
    Just tears on tears
    Some fears on fears
    Drowning in a vast endless sea
    Of sorrow and memories
    Will you ask yourself
    What could you have done?
    What could have maybe changed?
    If he had what he needed
    If he had just a little love

    Maybe you could've done something
    Maybe changed his mind
    But do you think he would stay?
    Or do you think you were blind?

    Then ofcourse the self blame
    And no doubt about it
    You're self doubt will crash on you
    If it's the nagging thoughts
    Mind racing if you are wrong
    Seccunb to you the shadow
    That hangs over you?
    Made of regret and empathy
    Finally you think that's the key
    You think giving his spirit love
    And wrapping around him like a glove
    Or maybe a blanket
    Made of your whole heart
    Will reverse things in time
    Too late....
    He's gone..
    Decided to depart.

    So before you bat and eye
    And turn the other cheek
    Take a moment to reflect
    Is this man weak?
    Or am I too cold?
    Ignoring the pain in his soul
    Most of which You caused
    By telling him to be strong..
    By ignoring his wants
    Or telling him to just forget
    You didn't solve the pain
    But added to the shit..
    All he wanted was you're attention
    As you had promised it...

    So goodbye to my "friends"
    Goodbye to the family
    Goodbye to my "loved ones"
    Who held me so closely
    Or so they said
    Now I've made my bed
    I'm shutting everything off
    I'll never feel again..
    Hello to the old me
    Who couldn't give a shit
    About who what when where why
    Or how..
    Just a cold heartless Pitt..

  • valid_khaled 52w

    The certain point..

    he doesnt matter
    And that's not a question
    It's leaning more towards fact
    Until he's tried every way
    Given an abundance of energy
    Now he's annoying
    Least to say..
    He'll go to hell and back
    Yes he will go to great lengths
    For his friends and family
    To forgive his mistakes

    That's me by the way
    I am he and he is me
    Yes for those I love dear
    I will try to conquer the world
    Is that what you want dear?
    I'll do it so bravely
    Without emanating any fear
    Nevertheless what I think
    Or hide from
    To hide the tears...

    I've tried and not given up
    I've given
    Ripped out my own heart
    Just for what?
    Just to witness this?
    To be left and abused
    Cold and alone and confused?
    All the wear
    All the tear
    Alas it's written in fate
    Sealed with times stamp
    Too little too late
    I was born alone
    And that's how I'll die
    Don't ask yourself over
    And over again...

    The questions not how
    Nor when
    Nor heaven or hell
    Since this is a sin
    The question is who was there
    Who can say that they tried
    Not those who pretend
    For a dollar or 10
    The questions much deeper
    Think ominous too
    The question is
    And does it have to do
    With you?

  • valid_khaled 52w


    You do not see what you mean to me
    You do not see my feelings strength
    As strong as the ocean waves
    My laughs and little giggles
    As yours and the way they warm my heart
    The way they comfort and fill me with love
    Especially when we're apart
    Can not do the same for you...

    But believe me please
    When I say it's okay
    Because I'm Inlove with you
    And I don't want it another way

    I'm in love
    With an amazing woman too
    She's so bold
    With strength to match
    And I'm talking about her soul
    She's so beautiful
    And so sexy
    With soft skin more lucious than silk
    Her light brown hair that falls
    Down her small and ever warm back
    That feeling that comforts me so
    Like I never did no wrong
    Like I'm loved right back

    So there's no apparently needed for this...
    It's ever very clear I do feel
    That this isn't an experience
    You can smell hear or touch to feel
    But try and understand
    What I feel with always be true
    No matter who
    No matter what
    When why where or what it's about
    I'm Inlove so I'll support you
    Through the good and the bad....

    Apparently no matter what you do
    I'll love you till I'm mad
    So take it for what it is
    Or leave my story lost and untold
    For either way you may want it
    Maybe not
    I'll make you mine still
    And together
    Well grow old.
    For apparently I love you
    In every possible microscopic way
    And that's never going to leave
    Like I said....
    Together in the end
    Our story to be told

    Happy and strong and in love
    Once again because I love the sound
    Together and old...

  • valid_khaled 54w

    Say Hello dad, Not Goodbye.

    I don't know how to say this
    No words will seem adequate
    But when this is all said and done
    I hope you get the gist

    I want you to know that I'll be okay
    That I really did listen and hear you
    I heard everything you had to say..
    So when the sun sets
    at end of each precious day
    I'll make sure I'm fed
    My business is handled
    And I treat women with respect
    And won't fly off the handle..
    Ill even do the dishes
    And make sure I clean my room
    Shower and wash behind my ears
    And won't forget under my nails too

    I can go on and on
    But I don't think we have the time
    I just want to know your proud of me
    And don't hate me for bringing you down
    All you did was try to help
    And make me care for me
    To show me a man is proud and tough
    And takes care of his
    even when it's rough
    And I will I promise...
    I'll always strive to make you proud
    Even though my past is shakey
    Here's my word,
    I won't let you down

    My daughter will be strong
    Smart and fearless too
    All the positive attributes
    I should've seen from you
    So thank you for you're effort
    Thank you for being in my life
    I just wish there was more time to use
    To make up for what I let fly by...

    But the fact of the matter
    What's haunting me so deep...
    It's too late to wish and wish
    So I'll just enjoy these last moments..

    I'll say hello
    And enjoy these days
    With the father I thought I never had
    My hero my I call dad
    I hope you know that it's okay
    I'll be brave and find my way
    You'll look down from time to time
    And see I'm doing dandy and fine
    And you made that
    A son who's living life
    Who's happy and successful
    Because you showed me how and why
    Now I don't know how to end this
    It's the hardest part...
    Im really going to miss every part of you
    It hurts so much
    And I'm scared and lost
    How am I supposed to say goodbye...?

  • valid_khaled 65w

    The good in every way..

    The beauty she posses
    The mind that she expresses
    The smiles everyday
    In each and every way
    Say please don't hurt me
    I only want love
    And ill give it in return
    It's in my heart and my blood

    She doesn't know she's beautiful
    Nor does she know her strength
    The same strength that keeps me going
    Each and every day
    By myself I can do it
    But tell me why
    Why would I want to?
    Now knowing of such an energy
    Such a life force
    So powerful...
    It sucks me in

    And then I'd like to stay
    Take her baggage
    Take her stress
    Take the worries that she can't leave
    For It's apart of her now
    Do to selfish
    Do to greedy ways
    But not by her doing
    By those around her who "truly care"

    Tell me baby why?
    Why are you so scared?
    Someone wants to love you
    And give you what you want
    And it is a step into the unknown
    And yet the most wonderful step yet
    However I understand
    And I mean what I say....
    So when you are ready
    When you decide with no rush
    I'll be here
    Because I love you so
    And my love will stay
    No conditions
    No trades
    Just loving you
    Because you deserve nothing less
    And that's why you are who you are
    The most breathtaking
    The most astonishing
    The most enticing energy
    Thank you for making me feel
    And feel the good is here to stay..

  • valid_khaled 65w

    Little Things..

    Comming home
    Nothing feels better
    Kick off your shoes
    Breathe the stale air?
    What happens when nothings there?
    What happens when home-
    Isn't where the heart is?

    When everyone goes
    And no one cares
    Or should I say notices?
    "I'm fine"
    "No worries, no cries"
    And it's repeated
    The only response
    I don't want to waste your time

    At the end of the day
    Who says all you got is you?
    Just a modern stereotype
    Because emotions are what?
    Not to be shown?
    No, home is where my heart is
    My heart is the little things in life
    Like comming back from a bad day
    Being able to kiss someone
    Hold someone
    Feel enamored..
    And to spend the night
    So you do your home
    And ill do mine...

    But people need people
    It's not bad
    It's called life
    That's what I want
    So that's what I seek
    The Little Things in Life..
    Like being happy
    Come take a peak..

  • valid_khaled 68w

    This Kid 3. goodbye..

    So that thing around his throat?
    Right so that was metaphorical
    My apologies if I sounded actual
    Though it was an ideal...

    He repeated his unhappy life
    Followed by countless sleepless nights
    May it be -ptsd-
    Or the mistakes of many he made
    A racing mind is his haunting karma
    His curse he won't leave behind
    Thinking his way into crap
    Day in and day out you can map it
    Creating problems
    And barriers for himself
    No room to move around it

    Just digging and digging
    Himself into that hole
    Another metaphor ofcourse
    For those whom aren't quaint of jokes
    One day something happened
    And may I warn you first
    It broke the camels back
    He switched into old him
    And turned off his emotions
    The way he used to disassociate
    No one would then truly know him

    Prepared to do the worst
    Mentally and physically
    To himself only
    No one would get harmed
    That's not to say their feelings
    Wouldn't haunt them
    If they truly cared...
    But that's on their shoulders now
    He's done
    Won't take it anymore
    No cares
    As he says his goodbyes
    To get away from this place
    No more metaphors
    Just a poem
    Take that part as literal as chosen..
    He wouldn't make mistakes
    And cause waves in calm waters
    It's the best for all around
    But someone won't leave him under
    After all back and fourth
    He didn't change his mind
    And yet hesitation
    Keeps slowing his mind
    For a single care in the world
    Something to believe
    In this kid
    Not himself
    Another human being?
    Nonsense, so he fought it
    Alone and broken hearted
    Now he won't feel anymore
    The old him is back
    And won't depart again....