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  • veiled_in_anonymity 25w

    Mark my words.

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    Life was always meant to be lived alone. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves!

  • veiled_in_anonymity 26w

    You know the thing about deciding to become a different person? There are so many art, in literature, in pop culture. Take that one notch up and think about people showing themselves as perfect. Take that one more level higher and think about an overthinker's predicament of analysing these false pretenses. The result is a series of countless confusions that take you nowhere close to who you want to be.

  • veiled_in_anonymity 26w

    Peace comes in several forms. Mostly when you don't go looking for it. Millions of books have been written on harmony, calms. Yoga meditation dance music ways and ways to achieve that one thing that everyone is looking for. Fulfillment.
    I've been using it more often now. Now that I'm here: miles and miles away from who I used to be. Sleeping waking getting thorough it all. Life, a burden on my untrained little shoulders. Looking for some thing, anything, that would make me less miserable.
    3 months. Wasted. A world class degree in my hand after tribulations that tore me apart and yet, nothing. A huge price to pay for something that means nothing to you. It seems to have passed by line a blur. You know those 10 second commercials in between shows or movies that you get lost into? My masters degree, I degree that I gave up everything for feels exactly like that pointless commercial. But it gave me an opportunity to find myself. The chance to break off an old pattern. To be who I could be.
    So this is it. Peace comes to me at 3 am in the middle of a bowl of last night's ramen, while watching a chess prodigy create history.
    I feel peaceful. A new year has started. And it's time to meet myself again.

  • veiled_in_anonymity 27w

    True literary freedom is creation for one self rather than for the eye of the other... hence...

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    It's been a while since my mind felt like my own. Rows and columns of muddled thoughts confusing each other like galaxies on a excel sheet.
    What would be worse, tell me
    The birth of a memory or the death of a near one. The obvious is thrown off the chart before it confuses your mind..what would I rather feel... the loss of what I had or the finality of never seeing her thoughtful face.
    I have loved and lost and loved again. To be someone who has seen so much and yet feel empty...what existence is this if I can't accumulate the sand beneath my footsteps?
    I know this seems like a concoction of insanity but if you'd ever stayed to visit the depths of my mind, you'd know that this is a medley of chaos when arranged in a symphony

  • veiled_in_anonymity 55w

    Wrote this many many months ago
    Have to record this here

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    Another weekend will go by
    and there will be no word from you. 

    I will keep hunting
    For a familiar face
    For words that evoke old feelings
    but there will be nothing. 

    I will keep waiting for that beep
    of my phone,
    for the screen to say your name
    But it will mock your silence
    Laugh along its way. 

    This is how I am designed
    I yearn and yearn
    until I can't yearn no more
    But I don't give up. 

    In the midst of a pandemic
    that killed a close friend's dad
    and a money crisis I put myself into
    I am sat here
    pouring hours
    dreaming about you. 

  • veiled_in_anonymity 55w

    Twist me
    Tear me apart
    Bring out from me
    What I didn't know

  • veiled_in_anonymity 57w

    You cruel world, you!

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    Imagine knowing that you are capable enough to own the world

    And yet

    never be able to reach your full potential

  • veiled_in_anonymity 72w

    All is not lost yet.

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    Hope and opportunity are two very beautiful things.

    As long as you have them, you'll survive.

  • veiled_in_anonymity 72w


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    Oh the excruciating misery of running away from the love you have

    All the while frantically chasing what you'll never have

  • veiled_in_anonymity 84w

    I'm more yours in this longing than I will ever be in love

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    I realise now
    The beauty of this all
    The standing at a distance
    And watching you
    Become who you dreamt of.
    Your vision
    Shaping you into
    The happiness I always knew

    There is beauty
    In loving you from here.
    My scars not being able to
    Touch you
    While my love fills your
    Soul from afar

    There is beauty
    In this distance
    In not being able to call you
    My own even when I know
    You are more mine than you
    Will be anyone else's

    In this
    inexplicable peace
    Lies the beauty
    Of knowing
    That our souls are together
    Even when
    we will never be