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  • veloc1ty_ 4w

    You stare into the sky, beyond the whites and blues.
    Your sight travels far enough to see the stars gathered in the dark black sea of space.
    Good thing you love both; the dark as well as the light the sky has to offer.

    You look at that one thick cloud hovering above you,
    And wonder if it can carry your weight.
    Can it carry you around in its arms and take you to a different land?

    You and that Blackbear song make good company,
    On roads that reek of loneliness and cold.
    Good thing you love these roads. As for me, I know they lead you nowhere.

    On your way back home, your eyes linger from tree to tree,
    Oblivious to the fact that there’s a huge city rising behind you,
    Growing tall every minute, overshadowing every tree in its path.
    Your phone, with its battery dead, is buried deep in your pocket,
    Where no light can touch it until it reaches home.

    Reaching home, you take out the phone and bring it back to life.
    When it’s alive and breathing, you gaze into its light, beyond the whites and blues,
    And your sight travels far enough to see me lying on this brown couch,
    With a similar type of device in my hand.

    It’s night at my place and I’m spending it by myself.
    The music draining into my ears is helping me mend back my soul piece by piece.
    In the comfort of my room, where no one dares disrupt the peace in the air,
    I’m busy scrolling through the pages of my notes; I’m searching for a thing of yours.

    In between these unfinished poems and unfiltered thoughts, lies a poem
    With your name on it. Not a lot of things make you happy.
    But this poem knows every one of them. It knows how much you adore the sky,
    Regardless of the color it bears or the number of stars it’s showcasing.
    It knows you love the moon and the sea alike. The soft sand by the beach,
    Or the strangely human cry of a cat.
    The color of the horizon when the sun is hanging low,
    Or the wide array of songs in your playlist.
    Everything you adore/have adored.

    This poem knows way too much about you.
    It’s essentially a best friend you never spent time with.
    So when it’s time to gift it to you, promise me you’ll talk to it.
    Unlike you, it hates to be alone.
    Promise me you’ll grant it your company.
    It’s more human than most of the people you know.
    And like every human, it needs care and love.
    Keep it safe and never let it die.
    Promise me this, will you?


  • veloc1ty_ 5w

    “Stay here for a while”, you plead with your eyes meeting mine. I can tell by the way they’re tiptoeing around my gaze and monitoring my face, that you missed me bad. I can tell by the way this heart of mine is failing to catch a break, by the way it’s jumping around and trying to force a way out of my chest, that I missed you just as much.

    Your hair, the color of an eclipse, hanging just a few inches above your shoulders, is now golden from holding all that raw sunlight in its arms. A single glass of mojito sits quietly between us; two red straws sprouting out. Both peering out at our ends as if they're asking us not to waste any more time.

    “I’m glad you made it out”, A pool of tears gathers around your eyes.

    “Just to see you smile”, I hear the sound of my soul tightening against my skin.

    There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Your light amps up the air around me, excites my heart, fills it with joy. I am but a lost traveler on a frigid night absorbing warmth from your heart. It has kept me alive all this long and I would hate to see the day it dims away. I’ll sew you a sweater from my good parts so it stays forever warm. Ghorboonet beram, I will destroy myself for you. Just to see you smile.

    “Where to now?” You look down at the empty glass.

    “Someplace far away from the crowd that haunts. To a new town, away from their pointing eyes.”

    Under a star-studded sky, where I’ll be next to you, where I won’t be afraid to sit close enough to feel the warmth of your breaths hitting against my chest. I’ll be tugging at you like I’m a frightened child, and you’re my bedtime pillow. Did I mention that you have blood moons for irises and that mine are surrounded by your stars? Did I tell you how badly I want to break the glass wall between us and run towards you to taste the smile that’s stuck on your mouth?

    Cierra los ojos, Close your eyes… And let me feel the weight of your lips pressing against mine… Besame, Kiss me.


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  • veloc1ty_ 18w

    A few hours left of daylight, you face me with the sun running wild behind you, frozen, large, and a striking shade of red and orange. A few feet apart from me, you are reduced to a soft silhouette that’s in motion, leaping in my direction. Your thick dark brown hair is waving in the back like a towering flame; a moving impression of what I believe to be the greatest creation I have yet to rejoice. When you’re inches away from my longing touch, I raise my hands to cup your face. It only took an eternity of wait to know what it feels like to touch the burning shell of a sun.

    You dip both of your hands into the yellow tub that’s bathing in the hopelessly golden rays of the sun and pull out a handful of paint. You inch towards me and begin rubbing it all over my face, starting from my oyster cheeks to the sharp ends of my jaw, justifying that the color yellow goes well with my smile. And I strike a smile to prove your point.

    “The color of love isn’t red or pink but the yellow dripping down your sunburnt face.”, you say. I nod and inquire about the blank canvases that are watching us both from afar. The soon-to-be wall pieces that will be hanged above our green bedroom wall. I ask what’s on your mind. A radiant landscape or a dark portrait. A scenery of that town we ran away to or my evening face.


  • veloc1ty_ 33w

    A night where we don't let our
    words taint the beauty of silence.
    A night where the most sound we hear
    is from our hearts showing excitement
    for being that close to each other.
    A night where we're busy sending
    each other a few smiles,
    followed by gentle pecks
    that turn into minute-long kisses.
    A night where you prefer to see the
    reflection of stars in my eyes instead
    of the starlit sky above us.
    A night where we hold hands
    tight like we're about to jump
    from a cliff or maybe into a pit of love.

  • veloc1ty_ 33w

    tumhari tasveer hum dil me rakh ke chal diye
    yaade mit gayi lekin tumhara chehra abhi bhi yaad hai

  • veloc1ty_ 33w

    Now I'm waiting for the rain to bring back
    all the memories that Summer failed to.

  • veloc1ty_ 33w

    To think of you at this hour with this drink in my hand is to invite a dire crisis upon myself wherein every thought would lead my feet toward the kitchen stand where the knife rests. Hence begins the urge to slit open a nerve to see if it hurts as much as your silence.

    The clock ticking furiously above my bedroom door reads the anxiousness off my face and asks me to wait for a few minutes; For its minute hand to travel past the 10min mark. All in anticipation of this magical 11:11 wishing fest, I apply brakes to my vicious thoughts.

    With five mins left for 11:11, I start thinking beforehand of all the things I can cram up in between 11:11:01 and 11:11:59. My mind runs around at every corner in search of the things I'm lacking; Things that I am in dire need of and are nowhere around me.

    Finally, 11:11 it screams,
    And ask away, it says.

    I blank out. I trip and fall over my own feet. So do my thoughts. My eyes bounce off the thoughts which are scattered everywhere on the floor. I start gathering them in my arms but they keep slipping off my fingers like the beautiful memories I lost to date.

    I reach towards the end of 11:11.
    Near the last ten seconds, the clock looks at me and starts pacing.

    I close my eyes and spell out the first thing that comes to my mind; your face, with a huge smile hanging from your lips.

    The words that left my mouth in those last few seconds:
    "I wish to see your face glow with the light of a thousand smiles, with me or without me by your side."


    The art on the BG is by Valeria Lakrisenko

    Thank you for the kind repost :") ❤ @writersnetwork

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  • veloc1ty_ 33w

    The burden of everyday things is sitting like a mountain on my chest. I want you to climb upon it and shred through it part by part with your tender palms until you reach the cave where my heart rests.
    Wear my love like an armour and cut through everything that speaks of evil. Relieve me from this god aw-ful misery. I’ve given in to this feeling of helplessness but I know there’s no other hope like you.

    My anxious head is on the brink of explosion. Every fibre within me is aching for an escape. I don’t have it in me to bear another moment, let alone act like I’m strong. I want the liberty to crawl into your arms every time my chest harbours this unbearable pain. I want to press my head deep into your chest and cry like a man who lost everything.

    I wish to run away from this place, to some remote land where I’m not reminded of the evils I’ve encountered within myself or in others. I will follow wherever your heart will lead me. I’m ready to walk a hundred miles if there’s a moment of rest waiting for me at the end of it. Take me to such a place where life doesn’t feel like a prison but make sure it holds just the two of us and the moon.


    The artwork on the bg is by Toulouse Lautrec.

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  • veloc1ty_ 33w

    Her fingers smell of the fresh lilies
    she fiddled with on her way to my place.
    And I don’t try searching for any petals,
    between the pages of her books
    or in the braids of her hair.
    For I know she chose not to pluck them.
    For she knows beauty takes your breath away,
    only if you let it breathe.

    Meeting her is like getting to feel
    all the thrill and foolishness of
    drinking water straight from a faucet.
    And her touch is something like getting visited
    By a heavy rain after a long season of draught.
    The skin on my lips feels relieved the moment
    her touch comes pouring down on it.

    Words often find themselves trapped inside her mouth.
    And she only releases them when I’m in her vicinity.
    She looks at me with her mouth
    full of honey-flavoured words,
    that she saved away from everyone
    and smiles when I tell her how I
    crossed days and nights just to hear her speak.

    Her hair, the color of dried leaves, stretches a mile long.
    Although constrained to her head, it’s always on the move.
    Sometimes away from me, sometimes charging at my face.
    It’s a road I know to its very end , but somehow I still get lost in it.

    And her love, the end to this poem, but the beginning to my story,
    was like a free fall I agreed on without checking if there was a parachute
    attached to my back. I simply dove head-first with my eyes closed.
    All I knew was that the landing was at her feet.

    Bg: @/michelepetrelliart on insta

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  • veloc1ty_ 34w

    I always feel like writing letters to the sky, thanking it for the immense power it has. Coz nothing breaks my attention from day to day problems like a picture perfect sunset. When I'm staring at it, sitting on the edge of my chair, I fail to come up with reasons to lose my smile. Looking up, I start to realize that the world is indeed beautiful, inside out. Problems begin to surface only when I'm looking away from it.

    Anyways, it's always a pleasure to be visited by a sky that isn't your regular blue or white. Albiet, the cost you end up paying is a huge amount. i.e the growing yearn for a second visit. Coz similar to lightning, luck doesn't strike twice in the same place. Or maybe it does, but I haven't witnessed it yet.

    Lately, with so less days left in Summer, I've been rendered restless; I've been running devoid of patience to see a horizon that is draping colours like a modern canvas. I had the luck of seeing ethereal sunsets last year, I wonder what happened this time around. Are the gods mad at me? I wish the kid in me gets to see a couple of beautiful sunsets. Before a mob of dark clouds start gathering daily before my eyes, I wish to see the soft ones blush like nobody's watching. I'm even ready to hide behind a curtain, if it means getting to see the sky to its fullest.


    wrote it this evening after seeing a sunset after god knows how many days

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