each path you take, will take two steps so let you guide you on your restless journey...

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  • vibe_ana 19w

    New life

    I never thought I’d have the chance
    To breath life into something so precious and new
    I never imagined that I’d have the ability to creat something so bright and full of energy
    I feel your tiny hand in my belly reaching out to grasp the world
    I feel your tiny feet kicking ready to run and jump
    I can’t wait until the day I get to meet you
    I can’t wait until the day I get to hold you and call you forever mine
    I can’t wait for your brilliant mind to converse with and your beautiful soul to rise
    I will protect you and shield you from anything harmful and dark and I will hold you up to the light because that’s where you belong

  • vibe_ana 44w

    By:Anastasia Reeves #poeticjustice

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    I sit and imagine a tall strong handsome man
    Whos smile is genuine and sincere, with eyes that carry your pain away, with firm hands he'd come behind me and caress my waste with his loving imbrace I'd feel comfort and content knowing he really loves me. Knowing that im finally happy with this man thats from my dreams, with this man that has my soul. I dream and sleep a lot more for in his arms I wish to be for this planets killing me.

  • vibe_ana 50w


    Stars they are blinding
    Like the light that comes from Mars
    Red and thick like the summers eve
    Heavy with emence gravity
    The blue sky keeps lingering above me
    With my mind filled with wounder
    As I imagine diffrent outcomes
    The wind caresses my skin as to call its attention
    My lips quiver with passion
    Closing my eyes I listen to the melody that surrounds me.

  • vibe_ana 50w


    My mind wants to be silent as the midnight air above the mountains
    My eyes want to close and remain so for a very long time
    My lips they are sealed for no words want to come out
    My heart it wants to rest with every breath and never come back
    My hands they ache with every move I make
    With every sigh and every glance I take my soul just breaks
    When will this end

  • vibe_ana 50w

    One and done

    I rise, I fall as the day goes
    I smile I laugh with each breath stroke
    Im happy when I'm alone
    And like a Strom you break me
    I'm on my knees after you leave
    With no goodbye kiss to keep me.
    im stuck inside thise four walls as my sadness
    Dawns upon me.
    Laying on this cold floor I feel my spirit shrinking
    I'm disappearing with each day
    With each word im shutting down
    Putting up barriers from which I refuse to come out of

  • vibe_ana 51w

    Tender love

    After a long day, I stand and stair into the mirror
    As I slowly allow the silky shirt slide down my shoulders
    As it falls to the floor my skin is left open
    To the breeze and the soft tender touch of your fingures
    As you glide them from my lips to my naked busom
    I feel your hands caress them and hold them with content
    Your lips they leave me breathless as you suckle away my pain
    As you enter my temple all my worries fade away
    As I am intangled in your passionate thrusts

  • vibe_ana 52w

    Two different souls

    It comes and goes like the sun,
    That passes threw my sky.
    Threw my eyes I see its light,
    As its beams raidiate into my eyes.
    With each breath I wake the fire inside.
    As my fingures play with each crease inside the sheets , I bite my lip, and breath in sharp. For now this Phoenix must rise.
    I bite my lips, and slowly rise
    With both out stretched hands I grab onto life.
    Pulling it close, so it feels my heart beating in my flesh.

  • vibe_ana 53w

    At this time

    There is this hole inside my heart
    And it don't feel right
    Like the hole that's inside my soul
    Which is now darker then ever before.
    Like the thoughts in my brain
    That leave my head full of pain
    Why can't I breath
    Why do I feel weak
    I think I'm breaking
    There is no glue
    Nothing that God can due.
    To fix me

  • vibe_ana 54w


    Its that one feeling that wont leave me
    That growing pain inside my soul
    People always come and go
    Threw this invisible revolving door
    I'm trap inside this vesil, that can steal ones love, with a sweep of the hand I can have your heart, with one sqeez and it'll all be over, for this invisible prison keeps my fire low, but maybe one day I can brake free from thise chains that limit my ability to do so much more.

  • vibe_ana 55w

    Just yesturday

    This feeling i have, it's so dark.
    Just like the desert night.
    My shallow breath, sweeps gently down your chest.
    Just like the wind that howls, threw the Grand Canons of Nevada.
    My touch creeps up your leg, Just like a Coyote on the prowel.
    My voice is, sweeter then the dew drops on a flower.
    As I caress you in my sweet tender busum,
    I spin a web inside your heart, of promise of forever
    Before too long, I will be gone,
    Just like the moon in the suns shadow.
    As we lay in piecfull bliss, not caring about tommarrow.
    And drift away into our happy sorrows.
    You find me in the light as I hide in darkness.