each path you take, will take two steps so let you guide you on your restless journey...

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  • vibe_ana 72w

    Totally gone

    I don't know, but today seems like the perfect day to die
    I don't know why I feel like this
    maybe its the emptiness inside
    Sometimes during the night
    I lay awake and stair up at the sky
    Hoping for some sign, from up above
    Wanting something magical to happen,
    Wishing to be happy
    Like a small flower waiting to bloom

  • vibe_ana 86w

    Passing by

    Yet you stand with your slumped shoulders
    Awaiting a new day
    Never once did you imagine
    You'd be broken today
    Eyes so red and wet from crying
    For the world to understand
    The air around you,
    Turned bitter many ages ago
    You're no longer sweet and brittle
    Just tired and in anguish,
    Each and every day

  • vibe_ana 144w

    Head ache

    The pounding wount cease
    The throbbing wount yeiled
    The pain in my head wount give me a break
    Cant close my eyes or leave them open
    For the fire I feel in every inch of my brain keeps burning me inside out
    I take a pill well like four
    I drink water and run around
    Yet the pain, is still there
    With every step I take I feel weaker
    With every breath I take I feel sadder
    With every peice of my soul I fight threw the demons stored inside my hallow heart.
    But sometimes I guess it's better to give up
    And give inn to those darkening thoughts that awful emptiness inside my heart. I guess it's best if I give up.

  • vibe_ana 149w


    I'll be there in the morning as your sleepy eyes open
    I'll be there threw the battles in the bathroom when toilet paper becomes something foreign and new
    I'll be there when your hungry and need something in your tummy
    I'll be there when your lonely and blue
    I'll be there when your laughter echoes threw thise walls that keep you hidden from the scary world
    I'll be there to hold you and let you know you are loved
    I'll be there when your days blurr into one
    I'll be there when getting up is harder then anything you've ever done.
    I'll be there when you can no longer have the strength to carry on
    I'll be there to guide you to the heavenly father above.
    Ill be there for you no matter what.
    Have faith for you are in the hands of the Angel of Death.

  • vibe_ana 163w

    By: Anastasia Reeves #poeticjustice #America

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    As my tiny heart beats for the very first time
    And my eyes see all the bright lights
    I breath inn the sweet air that surrounds my mind.
    My hand reaches out, to grasp on to life,
    But my fingers keep grasping at imaginary people
    How can I forget that I'm all alone
    How can I forget that I don't have a home
    How can I forget you left and now I'm stuck to live
    With out you and with out my country
    As we fly to this new world
    I don't know what's in store.
    Now that I'm here I couldn't ask for more.
    The freedom the love and the unity I have
    Thank God for the flag hanging up above. I pledge allegiance to the flag, and hope that it will never fall apart.

  • vibe_ana 180w


    There is this girl who is so bright
    That sometimes life gets jelouse
    Her days of happiness blinds the dark
    As if to say to the evil ones
    I will for ever shine threw good times and bad times and surprises and no matter how bad the challenges get, I will always over come them. Because in life you just have to keep on going, and having the confedence to trust yourself to do the right things in tough situations and know how to love yourself no matter your circumstances

  • vibe_ana 180w


    The sun keeps burning threw my soul, each time I dare to gaze upon it
    The night sky leaves me lost when I study it
    Why does the moon look so sad
    And why do the stars look so happy
    Each day and night thise thoughts
    Keep me wondering
    Not sure if this feeling will ever leave
    Or will I just have to keep on wondering.

  • vibe_ana 184w

    I knew it

    Sad to say that I was right
    All along you were telling me lies
    All along I kept my cool
    Even though this isn't right
    I staid true to you
    I look like a fool with my hair a mess
    And my face all black and red
    Lipstick smeard and the eyeliner running down my cheeks
    As I proceed to sit here and stair into the abyss
    The emptiness I feel can never be taken away because you don't care for me right
    At least that's what you say "what ever, it doesn't matter" always runs off your lips
    I hope one day I'll just vanish and disappear into the darkness that's my safe place
    Your negativity drains me everyday
    I used to be a flower but now I'm just a weed
    You've taken everything I had and left me to weep.

  • vibe_ana 185w

    The thin line

    My mind always races ahead of time
    As if to say, it's silly to stay in line
    I tend to speed threw everyday events
    Like getting up and going to bed
    Waking up is a choar, coffee, cigarettes and I'm out the door.
    On my feet all the time, forget to sit down and unwind
    As the sun sets and the moon peeks threw
    My mind still runing like there is nothing better to do
    My bodies telling it to stop and take a moment, for my feet and hands are hurting
    The thoughts just overwhelm my brain
    So I keep going wishing it would end.
    By the time my head hits the pillow, I'm so worn out and outta words I close my eyes and hope that tomorrow will be slower

  • vibe_ana 192w


    I put myself out there
    I give you all I have
    I try to make you happy
    I try to make things right
    Each day and night
    You push me away
    As if it's just a game
    I'm tired of this undless fable
    The mind games you play
    You tell me that you love me
    Then tell me that you don't need me
    I'm stuck here in a corner
    Crying myself to pieces
    Wish things would turn out different
    I'm not perfect but I try
    I'm not the one for you I know that
    But I've given you all my love
    I've given you all my time
    What do I do but sit here and cry