Faith is the power to bow the world in front of your feets❣️

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  • vikas115 15w

    What is success ?

    Number of people attending your funeral after you die is true success for you !!!

  • vikas115 34w

    If he shares his dream with you

    He will share his family too ahead ❤️

  • vikas115 35w

    Your hard times will reveal real people

  • vikas115 37w

    I wish my mom was here to support me while I was going through the toughest times of my life ❣️

  • vikas115 38w

    Telling your deepest darkest secret to someone is a sign that you do not want to loose them and you are owe them your life forever ❣️

  • vikas115 39w

    You do not see Self respect when you are deeply in love with someone..

    Their presence in your life is important enough to know how much you mean to them

    Make your investment worth the wait!!

  • vikas115 44w

    If I choose you, it's a lifetime committment.
    No cheating, no giving up, no false promises.

    I'll be there for the rest of my life.
    Just stay loyal towards me.

  • vikas115 46w

    A Woman like you is precious
    and hard to find.
    Wishing you a day as
    beautiful as you are ❤️

  • vikas115 58w

    If another man steals your women,there is no better revenge than letting him keep her.

    Real women can't be stolen.

  • vikas115 58w

    Be in someone's heart not in their DM. ❤️