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  • vikasyadav1 2w

    When does the pain end?
    Opps! I'm asking the wrong question.
    When does the pain become less ?
    The answer is when you stop touching your wounds.

  • vikasyadav1 4w

    A quiet love

    We loved
    so quietly
    but it felt
    oh so very loud

  • vikasyadav1 4w

    Greed is nothing but intensified desire while anger is frustrated desire .


  • vikasyadav1 16w

    शुभ वसन्त पंचमी

    Goddess Saraswati,who sanctifies, nourishes, intelligently bestows opulence, may make our sacrifice successful with knowledge and action.

  • vikasyadav1 17w

    Wish you all a happy Republic day

    Grate truthfulness, real knowledge , bravery, devotion to righteousness, efficiency, penance, power and sacrifice- these merits sustain the nation.

  • vikasyadav1 20w

    Self confidence is self respect

    When you don't believe in yourself,
    you lose your confidence.
    When you lose confidence
    you look for other's approval.
    When you look for other's approval

  • vikasyadav1 21w

    Happy new year

    In this New year that's about to begin
    I will be the person who is more of my self
    Who is more of the person that I'm
    And what i want to be .

  • vikasyadav1 26w

    There are thousand number of colour in this world but the colour she changed was something different


  • vikasyadav1 27w

    Holding a grudge is to allowing someone live rent free in your head .


  • vikasyadav1 27w

    Be someone who makes you happy.