bad poet... I wrote of grotesque things to make them beautiful

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  • violentchemicals 143w

    Demon of My Heart

    The demon who stole my heart... he was....
    A dark and twisted yet beautiful disaster
    I was addicted to his jadedness, the darkness in his soul

  • violentchemicals 151w

    No Survivors

    Being with him was exhilarating
    Even with all that was wrong with him
    It was staring off a cliff as he dared me to jump...
    What was at the bottom was no matter us...
    We were never meant to survive the landing anyways

  • violentchemicals 151w

    Poetically Obscene

    Rage and homicide filled her green globes
    His kisses painful and biting
    A messy game nobody wants a part of
    It's a game, it's a waltz and its only for two
    Its mutual insanity, bloody brawls and screams
    Violence in every touch, bruises behind every fist
    Hes vicious but so is she and twice as mean
    Obsessive possessive ugly poetically beautiful and obscene

  • violentchemicals 156w

    Unlike You

    Why do you let him do it?
    Why keep going back?
    Why do you shower the man who destroys you with affection?
    They ask after every bruise, every cut...
    Its intense, it's a rush, it's psychotic and its obsessive
    It's falling off the ledge of society....
    Into the warm arms of insanity
    They're always open, always welcoming and unjudging
    Unlike yours

  • violentchemicals 156w


    Everything she does comes from within from impulse
    It's what makes her so dangerous so perfect
    So damn destructive

  • violentchemicals 156w

    You're Wrong

    You think I'm just a girl
    You are wrong.... very wrong
    What you think of me is only what I show to you
    I am dangerous, I am dark and I am deadly...
    I will show you just how dangerous I can be

  • violentchemicals 156w

    Warped Love

    A ghost of time, a dark impulse
    A twisted need, a destructive urge
    A tormented love, a wicked partner
    Two lost souls grasping at obsession
    Two cold hearts heated with lust
    The only warped version of love they know

  • violentchemicals 158w

    Successful Days

    After a life time of doctors, a laundry list of drugs
    After too many attempts and so many fails...
    Today is a special day, it's my last appointment
    It's a successful day with bullets in my hand.....
    I'll never go back to therapy again

  • violentchemicals 158w

    Generation Lost Cause

    We are the suicidal generation telling a new generation
    Suicide is not the answer
    Telling them life holds so much more meaning....
    Even when we don't believe it ourselves
    We cut our wrists and we sliced our legs
    To tell ourselves it's all okay
    Slowly our idols kill themselves....
    I was the biggest fan of a man with a gun in his hand
    Some how I just wasn't surprised the day I heard he died.....
    Generation lost cause, lost hope, forgotten notes

  • violentchemicals 158w


    I'm no angel, I'm no saint
    But you're not taking my soul
    My innocence lost so long ago
    Broken into pieces, shattered by a sinner
    Twisted by the devil inside him begging for release