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  • virtually_real 1w

    I had it all planned out and then she walked in.


  • virtually_real 8w

    This is from the POV of Naghma, wife of a famous Urdu poet Faraz and the mother of Ziniya and Zareena. Let's go with her a decade back in time.


    Winds whistled to me all sounds of joy the day I got heartbroken. If some files are stored in a harddrive, as I learnt in college, they can be viewed or manipulated by the user when they wish, if the file format allows it. Nonetheless most files can be easily deleted. But never had I learnt that a piece of information sprung up on display out of nowhere while a user couldn't stop thinking about this new window as everything else ceased to exist in their mind. Viruses caused such a thing to pop up on display, or ransom-wares did but that wasn't very common. Something similar was happening to me that day. My beautiful 7 year old Ziniya and her cute little sister Zareena were almost lost in their own worlds and for a moment I thought it was best because I needn't explain them everything right then and there. It always feels like the questions they asked later on were never really answered the way they deserved to be answered. Especially the questions Ziniya asked. Our answers were never enough to end all her questions. She was searching answers herself. She was gonna do that for a long time.

    Faraz, my husband, had met with an accident. It took me a long time to register that in my memory. I was numb like a needle after hearing he had serious injuries and thinking of it now I feel as if the most probable emotion should've been sadness but for me it was utter emptiness that flowed through my veins. As if the most beautiful voice I had fell for just dissolved in the wind. Poems he wrote rose up in air and I could hear syllables ringing through my heart but that voice broke in the middle, as if those poems couldn't breathe anymore. I loved him because it was impossible not to love him. But just like that window which springs up out of blue over a desktop, I was having other thoughts. I remembered far back in time when our dastarkhan was the happiest place to sit around and gossip. Days went by like a beautiful dream one might have and remember some of it while forget the most. Ziniya fought Faraz over Seek Alfam and Zareena munched on all delicacies she had always enjoyed.

    Faraz had a special bond with Ziniya. He read to her his ghazals and she corrected him more than any professional editor of that time would dare do. Well, how could someone critique Faraz? He was the best of his time and if time had allowed it, he'd have been the best of all times. I swear to God, I had married and loved the best person I could ever find. Ziniya went with him to everywhere he'd go. She'd sit on the stage with him as he narrated his poems and sung the songs he wrote while she interacted with everyone she could find around. His friends called her Zaheen. "You're wrong, it's gotta be written this way" she'd tell Faraz, "no, you don't know how to do it. I know! I know!" And Faraz would smile and chuckle. Would sometimes even write just the way she dictated. Only that she couldn't write whole pieces until then. Faraz completed everything. From the half verses to the family that we were a part of. He tied everything together in a thread of love and poetry.

    Anyways, personal computers were not so common in my graduation days. But I have a more vivid memory for recalling experiences than a computer does. It's not blank 0s and 1s and colours that they create but an image that's engraved in my mind with all its emotions intact. I wish I had learnt something better than computer science. Something that could've helped me with what life was gonna make me go through. But regretting hardly helps, that much I know. This image is of the time when I first heard him narrate a poem.

    He was far younger back then and so was I. It came back to me when I read a poem in his journal and something inside be asked - Do you remember? And with all my heart I answered - Yes. I do! I went to tell him I had heard him for the first time when I was a 6th grader and he reacted a lil shocked but then smiled casually. Maybe a part of me fell right there in that hall all those years ago. And doesn't destiny have a way of connecting all our broken parts together? In Faraz I found what happiness looks like. It was his face. The touch of his beard on my fingertips and those eyes in which a shipful of hearts could drown. These modern day maniacs running behind stupid beauty standards can hardly understand how someone becomes attractive by their personality and not just their looks.

    He looked to me like a person hailed down from heaven, just for me. Not to blame these kids, coz we were kids too once. But maybe what I saw in Faraz nobody else can ever see. I saw my definition of beauty getting personified in every breath that he took. I miss him a lot. And I know somewhere beyond this universe where Allah will only bestow peace, I'll meet him soon. He's still with us. Just not the way I remember him. Yet the old Faraz is still visible when I look into his eyes. He's still there, just as hopeful as me that we'll see one another the way we did for the first time. We used to have a lot of small arguments and also a few fights but it was always Faraz's heartfelt way of showing his love that made all parts of our relationship beautiful. Not just beautiful but memorable.

    Ziniya, Zareena, Yusuf and Habiba, all grew up. But a part of me is still left there in that day when everything changed. Some parts of Ziniya too are left there. A few of everyone else as well. But destiny has a way of tying broken threads together. I believe Allah has something better in store. I was told a lot of times to move on but people don't understand how love never leaves you once it truly begins. Faraz will always be for me the love of my life and it's impossible to think beyond that. Whatever life throws at me, I'll smile and read aloud - Aye sirfiri hawa tu bujha ke dikha usse. Wo nanha sa Chirag jo jugnu ke par me hai.

    If you can still hear me before I speak, my dearest Faraz, I'd say,

    "Let's dream for us a life so lovely,
    That nothing on earth could make us unhappy."

    That day when he left saying, "It's already too late! I must leave."

    I should've uttered, "My love, it's too late to let you go." But everything happens for a reason. I've loved a different side of him in all these years and I can't believe myself how much I loved him. It's beautiful. He's beautiful. And so are all the lives we created together. There's a poet in Ziniya, blooming just like her father. There's something of Faraz in all of our children. I find my love when I'm with them. They're all so lovely.

    - Zaid Khan


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    You'll always be with me
    In my eyes and in my heart

  • virtually_real 10w

    I've known love and I've known hatred. What I never knew was peace. Maybe that's why I fell for you. And that might be the reason why I guess love makes most sense to me while you are here. Right in the centre of my heart you're like a stone falling into an ocean and sending ripples all across it. Waves of beauty and bliss crash upon the shore of my endless longing to be with you. It floods my heart and overflows into eyes but I hold it back coz it tastes like you. Every drop of tear has your essense mixed in every molecule that it's made up of. And happiness flows into my bloodstream when a smile spreads across your lips.

    From the insides of my mind a sandstorm rises and whirls a thousand revolutions every second with just your picture at the centre of it. Roses die in hopes to be held by you. Periwinkles perish just thinking how beautiful it'd be to brush against your fingers. I don't know if my soul's a rose or a periwinkle but it longs to be dissolved into you. So much so that when I take in a breath your chest rises and when I exhale it goes down. Is it too much to ask for? I've loved you too much and to the ends of the world I've sent my ambassadors telling everyone how much you mean to me. These words, foolish yet forlorn ambassadors, have always given a medium to sound waves travelling in the depths of my conscience. I still find it hard to explain my words in words but if someone can feel dead words then I guess it turns them into poetry.

    You turn dead words into poetry. You breathe into them the soul of a seafarer searching home in an abyss. A desert hunter drinking eternal bliss from every mirage he sees in distance. I've found heaven in you and that's the end of all hopes I've ever had. For all that it means I'll ask you to hold my hand like a rose you'll kiss and keep safe in your diary. I'll ask you to know that if everything comes crumbling down, I'll build myself an imaginary world and die in there with you. It's beautiful how you're the centre of all eternity I've passed by. I lived a million lives in a moment with you. I've lived more with you in a day than I'll live in all years to come. Since you've given me eternal lives, I must give you something too. I give you my world. All of it. Every bit of it.

    In dusty space between planets which sing songs to one another, I've heard your name a countless times. You live upon clouds and staying up through the night you roam with stars across the dark canvas of peace. You're not just a thought that visits me all day long but also a dream I've caged my heart in for all eternity. You're the most beautiful page of my story. The one I never wanna turn. The one I wish to make into a book. This one page became the whole novel and I lost all reason to go beyond it because nothing beyond it is going to be just as beautiful as it is. I loved this page and I've loved you too. You're everything awesome and lovely as hell. You're all the meaning that exists. You're all the wonder that survives the end of magic. You're the magic that I'll always fall for. Your love is one thing I wish carrying with myself to my grave. Like a magical dust that'll live in my bones as I slowly become a part of earth. And when there would be nothing left of the body that I have, my grave will smell like you. And I'll come back to life. An endless life that's full of you. You'll become my true heaven. In this world and in what exists beyond it, I'll only crave to have you with me.

    To the most beautiful place I've ever visited, I wish I had left a postcard in your heart. In it I'd write a verse or two, just telling how much I love you. But maybe it's better if all love doesn't find expression. Some love should always be felt without expressing. Just like I feel you through this distance and can do so for all eternity. Because it's not around "with me" but in "within" me that I find you. A part of me. A part I'll always cherish. A part I'll always keep safe.

    Upon the walls of my heart I've hung your portraits. Just like that, you made me beautiful too.

    - Zaid Khan


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    When it looks too dreamy in the morning
    I know I've slept in your arms all night


  • virtually_real 11w

    In the back of my head memories and dreams play hide and seek. From the sky rains down a plethora of blueberries which taste like honey. In the broad daylight a shepherd walks the streets of Devli to pick up what's left of the fallen blessings. It rains blueberries in autumn and cinnamon in summers. This part of the sky is broken and when one may look above there's something odd about the clouds. They say a hundred years ago one man fell down from there and he was nothing short of an Indian Michael Jackson. He danced in the rains and sang in the winters wearing a black cap and a fit coat. He talked to people in gestures and his steps were too simple yet his style too profound. No one could see the upper half of his face. Those who looked him into eye instantly died. His name was Flam and nobody had seen him correctly in past sixty years yet almost everyone had saw a figure of him in their backyards from time to time. Devli was a strange place but the one where the sky was open for things to fall down. Where from? Only the shepherd knows.

    The shepherd was my brother. His name was Harsh and the most memorable thing about him was his stoned left eye. It wasn't a thing someone put in there, just the fact that he saw something and his left eye turned rock hard like a stone. He could still see with that eye but only when there was something unusual to see. Like the fallen blueberries. Not everyone could see them but Harsh could. He brought them home and blended the invisible berries with milk and gave me a drink. I drank it thinking my brother was being kind to me but the forbidden fruit often makes one sick. It didn't make me throw up but for a moment the colors in front of me just merged into one another. The pink of bedsheets and the white of the marble floor just went deep into one another while the red of the ceiling overshadowed all colours I could see. In distance rang the bell of thunder and I woke up to the sound of his hysterical laugh. He smiled at me as I averted my gaze from his stoned eye. He said, "My brother, you'll see what I see from now on. This town is such is a beautiful town, isn't it? Haha!" He scoffed and in tints of sarcasm I could see through him a different world.

    I saw a silver bell dangling down a chain of thoughts in which every link shines with radiance of a memory long dead. It's of interest, passion, passing and pleasure. I see through him as he laughs. The wall behind him shows a vacuum tunnel. I extend my hand towards him and putting it on his shoulder I feel nothing. As if my sense of touch no longer exists. I try to shake him because in my mind I've held him. But he doesn't move one bit. The tunnel grows darker and colder as I keep staring into it. He takes out a moment from laughing and repeats, "Oh my brother, my beloved friend, why don't you want to see what I can see?" Goosebumps on my arms and feverish dilemma takes a toll on me. I make a bad choice. I crawl towards the wall. The vaccum tunnel sucks me in.

    It's cold as ice and I was sure I'd get frostbite from the moment I entered it. Darkness in that tunnel smelled like cardamom and air tasted sweet. Yes there was air in the vacuum tunnel just like all laws failed in the town we lived in. Falling straight ahead I got snowfall covering my hair and specks of it sticking to my face. Taking out my handkerchief I put it on my mouth. Still up in air with nothing to hold on to I was helpless. But snowflakes turned into petals and trees replaced the clouds above. Now petals, thorny and fragrant scratched my face and soothed my wounds. The tunnel ended as the handkerchief blew away with the wind. I was standing in a place where cherry blossoms held intact every stone to the ground beneath. The red of blossoms was maybe blood but I didn't know it right then.

    A loud thud before my descent into the tunnel finally stopped. It hurt really bad. My lower back must've snapped a little or maybe I wished it had. Receding into oblivion all my senses left me astray. For next few moments colours merged into one another. Then the music came on. The loud Beatles and Led Zeppelin played alongwith local folk. Opening my eyes I saw the winds blowing fallen leaves off the ground until the music slowed down. As it did, Flam appeared in distance, dancing with a stick in his hand. His cap drawn forward to hide the upper half of his face and his legs twisted from dancing from all those years in rain and heat. The Jazz halted in background and the blowing leaves disappeared in the wind.

    Flam stood tall in front of me with his round hat casting an illusionary shadow onto his face. He gestured me to get up from the ground and I did as he said. Then holding his stick in both of his hands he broke the stick in two. Where the stick broke I could see sharp edges. Just as shocked I was to see him I was also baffled thinking what to do next. Before my thoughts could breed actions, Flam threw the broken pieces of the stick from the opposite of the pointy end at me. I dodged one piece but the second hit my arm and pierced through it. There was no pain. My sense of pain had long left me. There was only weakness.

    Flam started dancing as soon I became delirious again. But this time, not to the music but to a voice. The voice I knew deep in my heart as Flam's own. The voice echoed, "If a place in my heart could keep secrets safe then I don't think I'd know myself any better than others. Yes I've lost my way back home but the home I've lost was never mine. I dance to the tune of happiness that's eternal and endless. Yet everything without ending can never be a happy thing. There are only happy endings, not beginnings. This eternity makes me sick. Can you end it for me? I need one more eye to go back. Just one more eye and I'll be home."

    I blurted out, "B...Buut..but, out of so many people why only me? And why only Harsh? Why do you need eyes only for us?" Flam stopped moving. He said, "Because I found the most trustworthy of eyes in your family. Your father was my friend. He died right here. And if you don't listen to me, so will you. Your brother traded your eyes for his life. And now I'll have your eyes or either you'll die."

    "I won't lose to you. You're just an illusion. You're not real. You're just a story."

    As I said it the stick pierced deeper into my arm and this time blood started dripping down my bicep. It was agonising after a while. In between all this, Flam kept dancing. As if no agony could deter his passion, he kept dancing wildly. In the pain of all that I said, "Listen to me, will you?" He stopped.

    "I'll look into your eyes and give my eye to you. But there's something you must do for me before I come near."

    "And what's that?"

    "You should remove this out of my arm. Only then I'll do as you say."

    He nodded and took the stick out of my arm. It felt better to have that thing taken out. He took off his hat and I prepared myself to look him into eye. As soon I looked up I was pushed aside. It was Harsh. He was back with me. He had his hands on Flam's neck. He shouted, "Get out of here, get out! Take that hat and get out of here. He doesn't need eyes to go home but he needs them to stay here!! Go away, go right now and he'll die." I watched helplessly as Harsh held him down. I had heard Flam couldn't think without his hat on. I took the hat and saw my brother hold down the great mystical monster. I held the other end of the cap in front of the tunnel's opening and the vacuum sucked me in. This time there was nothing in there. No snow, no leaves, not even air. I was suffocating before I was thrown out of the wall into my room. The hat was intact but something was not. I had lost him. The shepherd gave his life for the most undeserving of all his loved ones. I lost him.

    - Zaid Khan

    @afira_albab @sumiinked

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    If a place in my heart could keep secrets safe then I don't think I'd know myself any better than others.


  • virtually_real 14w

    Tell me if those shackles meant peace
    Why wasn't I born wearing them?
    I was so very peaceful back then
    When only horror I knew was hunger
    Only desire I had was for food
    No words could make me bleed
    No comments could change my mood
    Tied to this pole of promises
    I feel so miserably alone
    Responsibilities weighing me down
    Like an ocean gulps in a stone
    Waves crashing upon my heart
    Yet I ain't allowed to frown
    Is there something more beautiful
    Than a part of you that you wanna disown?
    I wanna tear apart from me
    All that makes me such a rebel
    I wanna make peace with this world
    Yet nothing about it one can foretell
    So people look into their pasts
    Bring it out for next generations
    To see how the world was made
    With no place for fair designations
    "It is what it is and that's how we must live
    For all that you don't like - just be passive
    Can you change the whole world by yourself?
    You really think you don't need no help?
    Think again and think WISELY
    Measure your emotions too precisely
    Then betray them all for prejudices
    Become wise my friend. Stop dreaming."
    And I listen to them
    Because they're brutally sensible
    Yet a part of me cries all night
    How can we live a life so logical?
    Where all decisions depend on logistics
    Where everything has a reason
    And rationality kills all hope that exists
    I know all I believe isn't true
    My beliefs don't have empirical proofs
    But for all that it means
    I just wanna dream
    I wanna live in my dreams and die in them
    For there's no life in me out of dreams
    I believe my dreams will come true
    And I know
    If logic shows the way home
    Faith tells what home feels like

    - Zaid Khan

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @afira_albab @sumiinked

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    The road I've walked was stained red
    Some must've died, more must've fled
    Deep in the burrows hid aspirations
    Of going to several destinations
    Yet in the midst of madness
    Dreams died a million deaths
    Hopelessness covered the sky
    And daffodils danced on blue beds
    Out of nowhere bloomed a rainbow
    Came fragrance of flowers we didn't know
    It didn't rain that day, neither did it snow
    One could only see a rainbow
    How did it happen?
    Should happiness care to know?
    It shouldn't.


  • virtually_real 18w

    Before we talk I always undress my heart. Not all of it is beautiful but in the nakedness of those moments I'm as flawed as a man can be. Still you find me beautiful. Still you say my name as if you're calling out the most wonderful person in the world. I go back to our chats and wonder how come you never say how stupid I am. I wonder how come my stretch marks, pimples, wrinkles and just plain untidiness doesn't stop you from loving me. I wonder how you talk about my flaws and make them look like they're just adding more to my charm. I wonder how everyday you make me fall in love with you and in doing so a little more in love with myself. I wonder but I also stop wondering in a few moments knowing that you're the best person I've ever met and nobody else can do this but only you. No wonder I love you to pieces. No wonder my heart beats out your name. No wonder my dreams are lit by your radiant smiles. And believe me love, you're a God's masterpiece. You're ineffable and you're beautiful. And more than anything you're my love. You're my zehnasheen.

    - Zaid Khan

    @afira_albab To you with love and all that it means❤️

    A star in distant sky
    Twinkles in your shade
    Showing all the words
    We've wrote and said

    #twinkle #wod #pod
    @sumiinked @daunting_phoenix @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A life

    I place my hand on ground
    In hopes to feel your footsteps
    Eavesdropping on every corner
    To my ghosts I pay respects
    They've all gone to their graves
    Since the day I heard your voice
    God smiled at me when I saw you smile
    You laughed once, I fell thrice
    Thousands of homes around me
    But none feels like my own
    Then there's your heart in the wild
    And love that brews in my bone
    There's you flowing in my veins
    Becoming a thought sometimes
    But an heartbeat mostly
    All beats my heart skipped
    Had your name engraved
    And the deeper they all dipped
    To only find your pieces saved
    Saved in a pocket close-lipped
    For an eternity we'd never see
    I've placed you in my heart
    What you want you can be
    To hold and love you're free
    But forever as a part of me
    I've loved you for an eternity
    An eternity we can never see

    I believe in dreams
    I've my faith in prayers
    I've craved you endlessly
    Through all my invisible layers
    I've dreamt you all night and
    Have killed all those naysayers
    Who lived as a different part of me
    And always asked who cares
    I told them 'I' care
    I told them 'You' do
    I've told them all I wanted
    Was a beautiful life with you
    My doubts have died in your charm
    My fears have vanished in your words
    My insecurities perished in your smiles
    And flew away all heartaches like birds
    You're the loveliest person on earth
    You're the beauty of my existence
    There's no me without you
    You're my painting
    And you're my essence
    You're the sense of all my world
    You're the meaning of my life

    I wanna share with you a life
    A life so incomplete without you
    Like a part of my soul too dreamy
    You colored me all anew
    My mind's a floor you dance upon
    My heart's a home you decorated
    Thinking of you makes me happy
    Falling for you I feel elated
    Those stars far up in the sky
    Look into your eyes and twinkle
    You smile at them and shy away
    Your beauty heals sky's every wrinkle
    You're a person so beautiful
    That one might mistake you for a dream
    Yet again for me you're a dream come true
    I've prayed endlessly to just meet you
    My world's white today and yours is blue
    I wanna share with you a life
    A life so incomplete without you.


  • virtually_real 20w

    An essay on why you should fall in love. Interesting, isn't it?

    @zer_e_aab ❤️

    @the_muted_voice @uikeysuman @daunting_phoenix

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    I've walked the stairs that led nowhere. I've climbed a mountain that wasn't too tall. I've bled in battles that were fought for no reason. Should I bother for a reason to fall in love? Of all futility I've poured in my autobiography I guess none has anything to do with love. It always taught me something. It always found me a home. Yes, it shatters you at times just the same as it mends but it stays in your heart when people ought to leave. If your feelings are true in the moment then future doesn't hold much relevance. It is important but not quite relevant when it comes to the matters of heart.

    Oh yes, I don't believe in compartmentalising one's life and reserving a few years for career, a few for work, a few for studies and a few to search a solace. I guess it all goes well together. I've grown up watching animes and have always found them interesting. Most of the stories show how someone found a passion and a solace and then things worked out well later on. It wasn't about running away from home and correcting all wrongs that exist on earth but all about knowing what one wants and to what extent is one willing to go for it, in a positive sense.

    But I've never been a fan of stories where love drives people crazy and makes them do worst things possible. Is such kind of love even deserving of being called love? Songs like, "Thukra ke mera pyaar, mera intekam dekhegi" (You'll face my revenge after rejecting my love) are so stupid the moment you think about them. Is all your existence about proving something to other people? Can't your personality speak for itself? Why do you need titles and honours to prove that people who rejected you were wrong? Well, they had their reasons and believe me it had nothing to do with you. People fall in love for utterly marvellous reasons and most of them don't even know what they mean by love or want to achieve out of it. It wasn't your mistake and even if it was then as well all of it is in past and we might find a way to travel into future but travelling back into past and altering it is a thought only good enough for creating paradoxes. And we all have made mistakes but the best of us are those who've learnt something from them. Perfection only exists in illusions and buying an illusion for reality often lands one in arms of discontent.

    If you were true, honest and genuine then if it doesn't work out well it's not your fault or essentially nobody's for that matter. Experiences have taught me that we may very well use words to define who we are but no words are enough to tell who we actually are. I'm a muslim, a male, an indian, a writer, a humanities student, blah blah blah. But does any of these titles serve a better purpose than giving other people a frame of reference to understand me? I don't think it does. People often hide themselves behind their faith, nationality, race, caste and titles or achievements. It's easy that way. But when you were born you knew nothing about any of this. You just EXISTED. On your own and in supervision of those who had you. We are all born alone and we'll die alone, not with the title we associate with our names but with the sense of who we really are. We all are gonna die with our embarassingly beautiful stories.

    If I tell you my story you'll have more than enough reasons to judge me. More than enough to conclude I'm not the kind of person you'd want to be around. But if you told me yours then I'll only listen and try my best to let you speak more. Maybe you're a good listener too but just that I haven't found many good listeners until now - only a select few and all of them writers - so I'm gonna use a genralistic approach in conveying my thoughts. My love always listened to me and that's why I love her. I love her more than how much love exists in the world. And since no book says "Generalizing is a sin and thou shall be made into a living meme for committing it" I'm not really afraid of committing it this once.

    Listening to someone's story teaches you a lot about yourself. Do you cringe when you listen how someone made love to a person of same sex? Do you feel like hating somone when they tell you how they made other people's life miserable only to get things they wanted for themselves and deemed good? Do you wish to go away from someone because they've just begun betraying your first impressions of them? Answers to these questions tell a lot about you. They say the way you treat people tells everything about you and nothing can be truer than that. Sometimes people are being a little too kind or merely trying to be so and that's just so pathetic and annoying. Be kind in a way that doesn't make a show of your values. In subtlety lies your truest intention.

    Kindness is a virtue but being kind always is not. How? Sometimes you got to raise your voice because if you don't then the kid in your house might someday find enough guts to raise their hand at someone for no reason. It's kind to talk back to people when respectfully so they're murdering sense in a conversation. But in case you add a little sarcasm and humour to your arguments then the person you're debating against will take a moment to laugh too and in that moment you'll win. The greatest act of kindness is being true and forgiving to yourself and understanding to others. If the need be, shout at yourself for all mistakes you've made and make of list of reasons that compelled you into making those in first place. But then stop for a moment and analyse. It takes a great lot of strength to look within and God forbid if you're too traumatized because of some reason to do it by yourself then professional help is a good option to go with.

    Yet most of us are so mentally fatigued because of the same thoughts that keep running through our minds that we're not in the mental shape to do something good for ourselves let alone making the world better for others. Most of our problems are just too small but in our heads they're bigger than planets or solar systems. And we do need someone at times to sort this mess out for us or at least help us in doing it for ourselves. There's nothing wrong in asking for helping and being helpful to others. That's what makes us human. This fatigue can make one boorish and eventually nihilistic. Is a life worth living if it ain't interesting at all? This thought takes away the rarest of talents and the best of dreamers. Only and only if people knew how they should correctly talk to themselves or had someone to talk to them then their lives could've been far better. It's not always suicide that takes lives; some people die with their hearts still upbeat.

    And society gives no crap about that. It shames you for doing what you know is best for you but never takes any ownership for all things it made you do which weren't even remotely in your interests. If you're thinking that being respected in the society is a feat you should aspire to achieve then think again and this time with your brain. Oh sorry, I meant the part of your brain that takes more observations into account than bland information. It's true that people opting for STEM fields have a higher chance of making more money than those opting for humanities but that doesn't mean you can't study both or choose the latter because it better suits your aspirations. That's a cliched example but the one that stands true and can be replaced with any other scenarios and will still be just as true. Fulfilling societal norms is just too dumb an idea to bless your story with chapters completely unique to who you are. Anyone can a write a good story but it takes something special to write an unique one. A story that doesn't fit into a genre or can't be made into a blockbuster movie. An Odyssey of your life.

    Jordan Peterson and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum but in this matter at least we stand the same ground - find the one who makes you better. When asked if Jordan Peterson would go back in time and still make the decision of falling for the girl who lived across the street and would want to spend all his life with her, his answer was - Yes. Hell yes! And that's what I say. It's not easy finding the right person to love but sometimes you need to take a few wrong turns before reaching home. Don't be afraid of falling in love because you always rise from it if you're loving someone for right reasons and with a correct mindset. Love will always make you a better person if you're ready to learn from your relationships. It's not about perfection and hardly about creating an iconic story for the rest of the world but all about writing your story the best way you can. Have you ever read a story in which the events don't make you really curious about knowing what happens next but the narrative is breathtakingly beautiful so you just flow into the stream of that page turner? Live your life like that book. Events don't have to be too great and story doesn't need to have a wonderful ending if at all, but if every day of your life is well spent then the driving force of narrative will make your life interesting enough to not only enjoy but cherish.

    Having a good listening ear, being kind in the right way and at the right time, speaking up for yourself, understanding your past, facing your insecurities can all be learnt just by falling in love. Not the bollywood style - I always say this because most of us have the bollywood style expectations from a relationship and you can decide for yourself how intellectual a mindset that is - but by understanding someone a little more with every passing day and in that process understanding yourself too. Take your time and go slow but believe in your heart that being good to others will often bring you goodness. Don't spend your life chasing stars which don't exist but look at the fireflies around you and fly with them while you can.


  • virtually_real 20w

    Long forgotten on the benches where once sat a poet scribbling gibberish are few sensible verses he left behind. In those verses stays a reflection of what his lovelorn eyes saw in the smile of the one who invaded his heart and conquered it. So swiftly she did so that there was no time for him to hold himself back and his armies of self control laid down arms right when they were supposed to resist. One smile she put on his mind and it whirled in the pool of her thoughts in an endless loop. She danced to the tune of pop in his mind and he sang for her the classical in background. They both didn't hear any words but the music of vibes and gestures made them open a door to one another's world. Her world was the most interesting he ever visited. He felt like it was his world while he knew it wasn't. Yet he always felt he belonged there, somewhere in her world. He was ready to stand on the sidelines just to be a part of it. And as wonderful as her mind and as beautiful as her heart, her decisions always made him feel like the luckiest person on earth. She placed him right in the centre and he got all he ever wanted in life. There are things that happen to you and make you lose all your fears. She was something that took away every fear that haunted his heart. She brought him peace and love and everything he thought he'd never get. In her world he found himself. In her world he knew the life will always be beautiful, just like her. He is me and she is you. My world, you mean everything to me

  • virtually_real 21w

    Deep in me
    A dream descends
    Hollowed from within
    Myself a fading grin
    Nothing to drink
    Deeper I do sink
    Cyan my mattress
    Halcyon on a branch
    Soaked in happiness
    My heart a sponge
    Winter around the corner
    Drizzling yet perpetual
    How's snow so white?
    A love so natural
    Hiding in the burrows
    A rabbit pricks its ears
    Crawls up from beneath
    All my clumsy fears
    They walk around my bed
    And sleep under my pillow
    I kiss the pillow in your name
    I hug your words so you know
    I keep you closest on cold nights
    Even closer on the warm ones
    As soon I put out all lights
    Deep in my mind your dreams run
    They travel from one edge to the other
    They embrace me like a brother
    I only watch them pass by
    Dream of you and down I lie
    In your embrace that feels like forever
    I can't help but wish to die
    It's so beautiful a dream, my love
    I can't resist no matter how hard I try
    With you in my heart
    I breathe in the sky
    With you in my mind
    I begin to fly
    With you in my life
    I feel I'm always home

    @zer_e_aab ��

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    This noise in my head
    Uneasiness in my bed
    On the edge of my chair
    I tie thoughts in a thread
    Trading it for a reality
    A little far from obscurity
    Where lies in my vision
    Your beautiful city
    On bridges of which
    We walk and cry
    On waters on which
    We laugh and die
    I hug you till moon leaves the sky
    We live in clouds
    And the night turns shy
    In your eyes I paint my movies
    On my palms you write your history
    In pages of a novel too flimsy
    We live for eternity in a beautiful story
    I read you aloud like a poem
    Letting the world know how much
    I've loved you in this world
    And how much
    I'll love you hereafter
    All eyes would see us
    As eternal lovers


  • virtually_real 22w

    My sophistication comes undone
    When you pass in haste by me
    I drown myself in imaginations
    Of all loveliness I couldn't foresee
    Like frost in the eyes of a dead man
    Light enters my head and never leaves
    It's too cold out around my burning home
    I've heard no birds lately sing upon trees
    Skies have held clouds like I hold you
    Free to move, free to rise
    Free to be, free to rain
    Yet so close are clouds to the sky
    That some say they'll never die
    I think they're parts of something whole
    Something that's not a body but soul
    They're so much of one another
    More alike than birds of the same feather
    They breathe life into one another
    Both make the other better

    I climb a wall and look around
    If I can find you beyond the curve
    Like a sun you'll rise in my life
    And to you I'll open my arms and run
    Suns set and stars shine
    Curve becomes a dark line
    I await your eyes in distance
    I see them again and I'm fine
    Everytime I meet you I feel like
    I'm meeting you for the first time
    My words get lost into one other
    My verses lose their sense of rhyme
    I stitch my heart to a paper plane
    Yeet it away from the topmost hill
    It falls down endlessly to the ground
    And I feel it's flying to your ������
    In bleak of dawn and silence of dusk
    I crave to find you like a needle in husk
    It's so much a world full of contradictions
    So I place my spirits in your reflections
    I see you smiling through the screen
    I kiss it as one might kiss a dream

    I've not come to you with words today
    They've all been yours ever since
    Today I've come with feelings
    Only of which are most intense
    I've loved you like my favourite book
    The one that forever stayed in my heart
    For all its beauty and its flaws
    I've loved its twists from the start
    I don't wanna end this poem
    But words ain't what I've come up with
    Lemme leave you with just feelings
    In strings of which I mend and stitch

    My broken parts somehow work together
    When you tie them up with your smile

    - Zaid Khan

    @zer_e_aab ❤️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @daunting_phoenix

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    A poem so beautiful that she can only be sung
    In voices and in words she shines forever