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  • vivekr_27 151w

    "Life and death are mere illusions, for
    We are in a constant state of transformation."
    #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    A Muse Long Forgotten..

    In place of creases
    all stretched upwards,
    Lie traces of moistness
    on a lachrymose,
    Bright, clement dawns are now
    storm-lashed skies,
    With nights solely hinged on
    in an insomniatic dose.

    Desolate I am,
    'rendering to seclusion,
    These days; now they all feel
    bleak the same,
    Even dolour has lost
    its customary prickle,
    And my past ends up
    winning the blame-game.

    Oft, I ween,
    how onerous can it be,
    For those especial sensations
    to stay put and not flee,
    I'd rather be a mess-up
    but not missed out,
    Just an everyday lad
    laughing about in glee.

    But alas,
    life ends it all the same,
    With a muse long forgotten,
    full of regrets,
    And I, now in a
    realm of nihility,
    Have finally succumbed
    to my perpetual debts..


  • vivekr_27 151w

    D i s t o r t s
    Vision ©vivekr_27

    T r i g g e r s

    B r e e d s

    O b s c u r e s

    B u t c h e r s

    M a l i c i o u s l y

  • vivekr_27 166w

    " Peer into my soul, dear.
    What doth thou see? "

    " A crumbling bag of bones,
    Bathing hisself in sinful sea. "

    #myreflection #pod @writersnetwork

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    And here we go again,
    Every morning is the same,
    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Let us have our chat again.

    Of the promises, and the mistakes,
    You told me that they'll understand,
    Then why, pray tell, am I back here,
    Wishing an exit from this quicksand.

    Oh dear, now are you broken?
    It's another trait between us,
    That coincides, that dovetails,
    A subject yet to discuss.

    I wear an armour sturdy,
    Profoundly made up of my scars,
    Only for you to betray my thoughts,
    Stating it's yet another farce.

    The boy I saw once back then,
    With a silly, cheshire grin,
    Has now a frail man slouched,
    Oozing with tears full of sin.

    They say the eyes reveal all,
    They are mirrors to the soul,
    Then why, pray tell, in my reflection,
    Do I see nobbut a black hole?


  • vivekr_27 166w

    In the struggle to
    retain rationality,

    The bereft me heard
    Insanity whisper

    Assuasive melodies...


  • vivekr_27 166w

    The Ladder doesn't take you anywhere.
    For it is simply everywhere...

    #chaos #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    In the midst of chaos,
    I find eternal solace,
    A spice for life unlike any,
    A home thus hard to trace.

    In the veiled gist of life,
    We, being the highest expression of nature,
    Often indulge in primeval tumult.
    And I, too, am such a creature.

    The sublime beauty and the spiteful beast,
    The gawky living and the grateful dead,
    Are meant to stay in tandem together,
    Parallelly plunged in neutral reds.

    And in the midst of chaos,
    I seek wise apprehension,
    For chaos is indeed a ladder,
    And only the process is worth a mention.


  • vivekr_27 166w

    Intriguing challenge by @raven63. Check it out! ��

    ABABCDEDE format with 9-7-5-3-1-3-5-7-9 syllables.

    BG - Pinterest.

    #newhourglass #pod @writersnetwork

    "Cause she's moved on
    while I'm still grieving,
    And when a heart breaks
    no it don't breakeven even." ~Breakeven[The Script]

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    i traversed deep down your frigid core
    scoured; espied your callus scars
    i drank myself sore
    claiming farce
    countless failed
    attempts at revenge
    yet still i steer ships i sailed
    play victim, as sick joy I scavenge...


  • vivekr_27 166w

    And in the rare few moments
    when you do love me back,

    It hurts like hell. Burns like hell.

    Your touch is an acidic lance transpierced.
    And your angelic voice, a deadly lullaby.

    Now I'm ready. I accept.

    Death is the only reprieve I long for.


  • vivekr_27 167w

    Bright, serene Sunday,

    Scratch me, tickle me to death,

    Ain't gonna rise, mate!


  • vivekr_27 167w

    You are the past I wish to forget,
    the present I am ready to forgive,
    and the future I will forever fantasize...


  • vivekr_27 167w

    #shadowandrose @priya_ajp I know it sucks -_-"

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    A Letter to my Shadow...

    For every blatant lie that the world threw at me,
    For every praise spewed off to get into my good books,
    No amount of fake could ever enchant me,
    As you so credibly did.

    For only you saw the scars hidden beneath the veil of oblivion.
    Yet you never failed to accept my shortcomings.

    Only you provided the much needed cold,
    From the deceiving warmth of this world.

    My one "true" friend and constant companion,