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  • vixx1013 22w

    Down the hole I spin
    will I make it to the end
    will I be reborn?


  • vixx1013 27w


    Your loved one is gone but not forgotten.
    Leaving your mind forever haunted.
    They start taking over your dreams.
    Before you know it thats all you see,
    Even if its brief.
    Alls you ever feel is the grief.
    Its unbearable
    You will dig deeper,
    Sitting there waiting for the touch of the reaper.
    Just know that you dont have to carry this solely.
    You have someone you can console in.
    You will never be alone as long as i walk the earth.
    Reach out and hold my hand
    I will take some of your pain
    And pull you from the rain
    Though grief never ends
    The heart will eventually mend.
    Especially if you open up and find comfort in a friend.

  • vixx1013 27w


    My words are always flowing
    With fairytales and poems.
    Imagination is always roaming
    Until one day it ceases.
    Nothing comes together
    Words dont make sense
    Everything is in pieces.
    I happen across your writing
    And begin inquiring
    You give me more so dark
    So much passion
    Every word so inspiring.
    My words start filling the pages
    Exploding like a geyser
    No one being none the wiser
    That you lit the fuse
    You my dark winged muse.

  • vixx1013 34w


    Soul black as the nights sky
    Without even a glimmer in you eye

    Your whispers send chills down my spine.

    Every word is an ice cold lie.
    I turn around you are not there

    Voice carrying through the air.
    I will follow it until we are near.



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    Do Not Belong


  • vixx1013 35w

    Words spill from your lips, Like poison.
    Killing me slowly with every sip, Like venom.
    Seeping deep into my core
    Leaving nowhere for my love to be stored
    Making me cold and indisposed, Like a plague.
    It spreads if i go on.
    I refuse to enslave anyone into the VENOM in which i absorbed
    It will ne no more.......

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