Love ""Pakistan"" ���� A thing of beauty is a joy forever- John Keats

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  • voiletblackfire 2w

    Happy New Year

    Today will change into tomorrow
    Tomorrow is the new year
    Tomorrow many will happy again
    Tomorrow will bring change
    Tomorrow something impossible will be possible
    Hoping The New Year will Bright the hopes
    I wish you a

  • voiletblackfire 2w


    It was not the friendly year but I made wonderful friends
    It was not the easiest but I made recovery
    It was not the happiest but I made it
    It was not logical but so I made reasons
    So I will have a bitter goodbye to year 2021

  • voiletblackfire 12w

    Under the moon light
    On the long road
    Between the trees
    I travel my journey through....

  • voiletblackfire 14w

    Wild winter

    The wild winter is coming
    I see the trees getting cut for the fire cause the wild winter will come
    And sun will have no intensity and the ground will become frozen
    It's definitely the start of wild winter coming
    So beware
    And be warm
    The wild winter is here!!

  • voiletblackfire 17w

    I wished!

    Today is different
    My heart beats a little different
    It is dripped in fear of losing something
    It's keep sinking deep I can't control it can't stop it from falling down
    My chest feels heavy as the oxygen decease trying to grasp every ounce of it left
    Nothing happens
    Trying to understand the fear but it leads to more disperse
    Wish I could hide
    Wish I could run
    Wish there was some fight left inside
    I wish
    I really wished!

  • voiletblackfire 26w


    Happy Eid Mubarak to all families and may Allah bless all those who are not with us this Eid.

  • voiletblackfire 26w

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    The next step

  • voiletblackfire 33w

    Hello my fellow writes!
    It has always been said that pen is mighty then the sword and keeping that in mind I have written this for people of Palestine who are being slaughtered with no Mercy. Please share this ��

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    Palestine (part 1)

    Saw a bird far away on the sky
    It was coming towards the little girl in the window bay
    Calling her mother telling her to see
    the little girl never realized it was there last day
    Before the mother could take her daughter and hide
    There was a loud noise filling the air with sorrow and grief
    Miles away from the falling building was father praying it was not his home...

  • voiletblackfire 36w

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    With Anyone & Anywhere

  • voiletblackfire 39w

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    The plethora of emotion is sea