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  • walishaz 185w

    All Apology

    There are plenty of moments to be alone
    Plenty of time at your shore.
    You chose the one'th that cracks your bone
    And lingers with a tear of the one you've known.

    A crossbow to the other side of hope
    A shot in the darkness where faith grows.
    So Renaissance of a kind I pray
    As I remember her final say;
    "Whatever is bothering you, just pray about it"

    So I bend my knees and close my eyes
    Softly a sorry giigles out of my voice
    And I repeat it and repeat it till it's everywhere, echoing with my guilt and my mistakes of last night.
    I say sorry again for one last time
    And with that tear of the one I've known
    I again pass by
    to that other side of hope
    Where faith grows ,
    Where faith grows.


  • walishaz 203w

    Be tender, you!
    They will hurt
    They will leave you shattered
    A broken piece of shame.
    Names will be given,,
    But I still say be tender, you!

    He is still whom I wanted to be,
    A little rough or rude
    Not exactly the prince Charming
    Or a knight but,,
    Exactly who he has to be
    Then in that moment just for you.

    Don't break in front of them but
    Smile always...
    Cry whenever you want
    But love always.

    How else will the world know,,
    The beauty of this life
    For whom I lived
    Shall always be You!

    Dressed up like a nightmare
    Will pick you up from your dreams
    You being recluse yet heart gives the affirmation,,
    Likely to get killed,,
    your attire as suggests.
    You taste the last kiss,
    With a Breath of boldness you hug.
    Feel that feeling ,,
    That's yours to catch
    And only in return I ask,,
    Be tender, you!

    Said he,,
    in a dusky voice from the other side
    Till the voice fainted
    And all that was left was the soft tenderness of the kisses you felt and the truths you heard
    That weren't told before or the touches of his fingers that no one ever explored before,
    How the sound of the silence was deafening you,,
    How the eyelashes were flushing the tears aside,,
    How you couldn't remember the lifetime of conversations,
    Yet remembered the last word,,
    Be tender , YOU!

    "And with the wind them sailed
    Waived their goodbye's,
    You Passersby."

  • walishaz 210w

    One of those nights

    The winter was here,,
    Cold as always yet there was something else too this time.
    And I was wondering while lying on my bed about how little we really are and how our existence is next to nothing in comparison to this city, this country, this world, this universe, this multiverse and this Galaxy.
    Where do we actually stand a chance to be great or to be known?
    You know one of those nights where bizzare​ thoughts come knocking and you kind of flow with it.
    Well, Yes it was one of those nights.
    Repeatedly I kept wondering what is that one thing that can make us feel important amidst this gigantic astronomy.
    Thought thought thought and Bam! Soon I was snoring like a panda.

    Next morning the sun stroke my hair just fine.
    Lit a ciggerte, sat up and woooh, it's cold.
    And in search of warmth,
    found a poem while scrolling down my emotions.
    That poem was named
    "Brown Bread".
    It ended with the lines..

    "But destinies they breathe
    And like you, I'll be freed,,
    For she's the one, the one
    For whom ,,
    I shall come
    I shall come."

    Quickly rewinded my thoughts from the previous night about the gigantic Galaxy of nameless creatures and I realized,
    That we can't be great or be loved by everyone and become everyone's favorite.
    One person just one person for whom if we are the whole gigantic Galaxy then that is it!
    We did achieve and we'll be immortal from then on. No matter then what Alien arrives from what multiverse, you can just stand up with a pumped chest in front of it and while shivering (it's -2) you'll mark your existence then and there.

    Because in the end we all need only one fire to keep up warm.

  • walishaz 229w


  • walishaz 233w

    ''Tis the mistaken night of all to adore
    Calmness inside for forgotten love
    And amidst the calmness, the demons roared
    Ah, Pity called a faithful voice
    As I hung my head towards the ashes I sowed

    ''Tis the mistaken night of all to adore

    Fawning the darkness whilst tethered to my bed
    I assaulted my deepest drowning core
    Picking the residue of my deeds just like before
    Yet, aloof I laid unshaken rather alive dead
    'coz them eyes, lies I behold

    ''Tis the mistaken night of all to adore

    Tat tap tapping and whistling called for more
    Species I murmured, but why at this hour of night
    Rascals must be again fighting up my shore
    Appraising the quality of sound, more like alteration
    I gathered later the winds actually knocked up my door

    ''Tis the mistaken night of all to adore

    Now I stood as steady as the wooden boy, Pinocchio
    Drilling my eyes through the papers stuck on my wall, I explore
    Where, has the audacity to take them legs alone
    Only if how, was the answer I could pour
    Yet again in delusion now I lit my smoke

    ''Tis the mistaken night of all to adore

    I see now me, glancing at me through the reflecting glass
    Brewing the reality with the lies I wore
    Darkness is blue boldly he assured
    Causing me to crawl back into my bed
    And close my eyes just to open No more

    ''Tis surely the mistaken night of all to adore


  • walishaz 243w

    I'm a denial....

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  • walishaz 250w

    " Perhaps it's better I stay flusk
    'coz you can't fathom me no more.
    Venom of your words
    Spark an ecstasy
    Which makes me
    High to my core."

    - Shaz

  • walishaz 256w


    When will this road end ??
    I've been walking for too long now
    Sorounded by all these skyscrapers around
    Saturated by the dilusion of a better future.
    I'm tired ,, I just don't want to walk anymore.
    Seems ages that I took a step back
    Back to the time where it all began.

    Where will this road lead ??
    I've been thinking for too long now
    Amidst the crowd I find myself
    In a place where there's more of me,
    But that's a hallucination
    A hocorus of mine I would say I've kept.
    Everyday when I die
    I live again ,, at this very place of mine.

    Sometimes there are no answers,
    Sometimes there are no alternatives
    But sometimes there is hope though,
    So far you've come , so far you've to go
    That's all that matters and that's all the air you need to blow.


  • walishaz 257w

    Say it out loud ,,
    The throttling of the ignition beneath your naked chest and the pumping of where and what forsaken to the roots of your beloved crest.
    Say it out loud ,,
    When the world doesn't makes sense and your will leaves you broken, then just then feel blessed, for what is, will always be and what not will never be. Regardless of what you feel, change will occur at it's own way but the journey will be extremely pleasing.
    Always Say it out loud


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  • walishaz 262w