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  • walkingshadow 3w


    I loved you so much..
    Yeah I did love you though you weren't my match..
    Not the kind that goes to church...
    Neither the kind that can take you for lunch...
    In your life, I was just a branch...
    I was more rich and gave so much...
    I am the one that did the search...

    You were addicted to something more...
    Your hunger and thirst it did quench...
    You couldn't spend a day without your daily dose...
    Not just seeing that thing could make us fight...
    No one could tell you that that wasn't right...

    The attention given to me was just after you took it...
    I did my level best that you would put me first...
    But to stop you would not....
    4:20 was your common phrase and "G bag" was your favourite....

    You never tried to start any business...
    You were extremely overprotective and dangerous....
    I lived with fear of being terminated if I had friends....
    My everything revolved around you...
    You were my friend, my colleague and my love....

    I can't tell how we met..
    But I can tell how I made a decision and left...
    Twas hard at first, I made it at last,to choose me first.
    #it was a mistake.

  • walkingshadow 3w


    The path was rugged and rough...
    Filled with every kind of dangerous stuff.
    God was all we got and He was always enough.
    He refined us and through his word we learnt to be tough.
    It was never easy but to make it we did.

    There are days we woke up excited and confident.
    Other days we felt discouraged from life content.
    There are times that life made no sense.
    We continued journeying and in prayers we were persistent.
    It was never easy but to make it we did.

    Along the way we lost the ones we loved most.
    We got hurt by those we treasured the most.
    Intimidations we received from those who in Christ were lost.
    In Christ we stood despite the sacrifices and the cost.
    it was never easy but to make it we did.

    Now it's time to exit.
    From this season to another season that we will fit.
    We are pressed but not crashed
    We are overcomers because we managed to bravely fight.
    God who made a way will make another way out there we believe.
    It was never easy but to make it we did.

    #Elders night poem.
    @Walkingshadowpoetry by Precious Owoko.

  • walkingshadow 3w

    I was almost believing you but i remembered you do the same things to everyone .
    Am not special.

    #You may be available but not important.
    © Walkingshadowpoetry

  • walkingshadow 4w

    Our children do not deserve our broken version.

    #lets heal.
    #make the world a better place.

  • walkingshadow 4w

    Life is like a wind.
    Sometimes it blows towards us.
    Other times it blows against us.


  • walkingshadow 6w

    Our children do not deserve our broken version.

    © Walkingshadowpoetry

  • walkingshadow 6w


    Here I stand before your presence.
    An imperfect vessel who needs your mercy.
    Am proudly an ambassador in chains.
    Ready to put into practice the bible verses.
    My wisdom you consider foolishness.
    You are powerful am amazed by your intelligence.
    Take control for alone I can't.

    You knew me even before I was born.
    You gladly made me your very own.
    God your love for me I fail to explain.
    Your own son for my sins he was slain.
    I therefore don't take it for granted.
    I belong to your Domain since serving you is never in vain.
    Take control for alone I
    I shall not offer myself to sin and wickedness.
    I shall not allow my life to be controlled by my weaknesses.
    I shall offer my life to God who is my source of happiness.
    Sin shall no longer be my master, I confess..
    Because am no longer under law but under grace.
    Am ready to experience His fullness and presence.
    Take control for alone I can't.

    God you always come through in a great way.
    My tomorrow you said will be greater than yesterday.
    Your know my end from my begining that why I chose to stay..
    You listen and answer whenever I pray.
    When I passed through the waters.
    They never swept me off.
    Take control for alone I can't.

    #Walkingshadowpoetry by Precious Owoko.

  • walkingshadow 6w


    Lord,Forgive us and help us.
    We walk kilometres and travel miles.
    Spreading Gospel to all Jews and Gentiles.
    To ensure they receive truth and stop living in lies.
    We focus on no one having qualifications and career files.
    We underestimate your power and ability through doubts.
    Forgetting it will not be in vain and we shall gain.
    We fail to acknowledge your grace.

    Lord,Forgive us and help us.
    We are close yet distant.
    We find ourselves talking about each other's weaknesses.
    We allow pride take over and forget about your presence.
    We forget about our existence and your mercy.
    We fight due to mere bitterness.
    We fail to acknowledge your grace.

    Lord ,Forgive us and help us.
    We have allowed addictions take over our emotion.
    Your word we take it for granted and no longer seriously take daily dose of devotion.
    We have been reaped off of our belief and salvation.
    Greed and anger is our most difficult tempetation.
    We fail to acknowledge your grace.

    Lord ,Forgive us and help us.
    Justice be our defender is no longer our slogan as a nation.
    Bless our land and nation is no longer our mortivation
    We are afraid of death more than your judgmentation
    We focus on physical affection more than divine intervention.
    We defend ourselves with so much misconception.
    To justify our immoral and selfish intention.
    We fail to acknowledge your grace.

    Lord ,Forgive us and help us.
    We are in need of your mercy and grace.
    in need of your compass direction.
    Towards our daily movement.
    You are our source of strength and salvation.
    Your word enable us to read, understand and implement.
    Help us Dear Lord.
    We need you more than ever.

    Walkingshadowpoetry by Precious Owoko .

  • walkingshadow 7w

    Stop focusing too much on others till you forget your own self.

    © Walkingshadowpoetry

  • walkingshadow 7w

    Some clothes fail to fit our bodies because we are growing, some people are like those clothes. Growth makes them fail to fit in our lives.

    #Change is Inevitable.
    © Walkingshadowpoetry