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  • wamboo 2w

    just between us ,
    did the love affair maim you too?

  • wamboo 2w

    I said I wouldn't call
    We said we wouldn't talk at all,
    because it always ends bad.
    But I'm looking at my phone,
    And if you're not alone,
    God I don't think I could take that!
    Cause I'm drunk in my bed at  2:00 a.m.
    And I just wanna talk to my best friend.
    Drink some wine and talk about the past
    And not go ten steps back
    but oh No sorry Esther!
    But breakups don't work like that.

  • wamboo 4w

    One more whiskey sip,
    and this bottle turns into a phone call.
    One more freaking blunt!
    and my over you turns into am coming over.
    God! why won't this heart turn to stone?
    Why won't this fire grow cold?
    You have moved on and you're okay,
    But I can't even find a way to say goodbye.
    and every time I try,
    I always feel the same damn thing!
    And it'll change to anything but love,❣
    God! why can't it be anything but love?

  • wamboo 6w

    This house of cards that we made,
    You can't even see the lines anymore.
    It's just rocks and dirt and a little of what used to be.
    But that conner bar,
    Is where you said I love you
    And my whole world stopped
    The moment that I kissed you!
    and that old grass field,
    Is where you laid that blanket down,
    And made me feel like,
    I was a woman now.
    and sad thing is I knew,
    I'd never get the piece of myself back that you got.
    so why won't these memories disappear,
    If there's nothing to see here?
    and f**k this whole damn town!
    Cause all it does is reminds me of you baby

  • wamboo 7w

    I remember when you caught me,
    with that first boy I liked,
    If you could have heard what I called you!
    You would have  washed my mouth out with soap
    I remember that curfew,
    You said, don't you come home a minute late!
    I told my friends all about you,
    And how you were just so lame.
    I called you all the names I could think of,
    That painted you in the most colorful light,
    I called you controlling,
    I called you mean,
    I called you everything in between.
    I couldn't wait to break your chains,
    So I called you names!
    Now I'm here in this little one bedroom apartment,
    And I call you wondering,
    If this hurt am feeling will last forever.
    And we talk for an a hours,
    About my heart, the rent, and the rain,
    But what I'm really trying to say,
    Is sorry for the hell I raised.
    Now I call you all the names,
    I can think of,
    That paint you in the most beautiful light:
    I call you mama, my best friend,
    My everything til the end.
    I call you my angel,
    I call you a saint
     I call you names,

  • wamboo 7w

    Pretty little thing,
    Sometimes you gotta look up!
    And let the world see.
    All the beauty that you're made of
    'Cause you hang your head like Virginia bluebells
    And just like Virginia bluebells
    girl you are so cool.


  • wamboo 13w

    The sun is always gonna set in the west,
    Lipstick and good wine are better in red
    and the best poems are made of whiskey and the truth
    but that ain't nothing new!
    Nothing dies as hard as a bad habit,
    I should have known that when I picked up that smoke
    and you shouldn't get drunk in high heels shoes
    but that ain't nothing new.
    It seems ever since the beginning,
    since the world start spinning,
    girls want boys who don't want them back
    it don't matter how I feel it,
    the sun still shines
    the sky is still blue
    you don't want me and I love you
    but that ain't nothing new.

  • wamboo 16w

    If you know me,
    am half way through a cheap label bottle!
    and I have convinced myself maybe this will be the one to fix it
    but all the whiskey in the world,
    won't burn out your memory
    You right back on my mind when the morning sun shoots up
    and I can drink this damn country dry
    trying to drown out your love
    but all the whiskey in the world
    won't burn out your memory.


  • wamboo 18w

    friends break up,
    and friends get married.
    Strangers get born,
    and strangers get buried.
    Ttrans change and rumours fly through new sky
    but am right where you left me.
    Matches burn after each other,
    pages turn and stick to each other,
    wages earned and lessons learned,
    but am right where you left me.
    I have sat here,
    dust collecting on my pinned up hair.
    They expected me to find somewhere,
    some perceptive but I have sat and stared,
    Just right where you left me.
    Did you ever hear about the girl who got frozen?
    Time went on for everybody else,
    But She's still 23 inside her fantasy.
    How it was supposed to be!
    Did you hear about the girl who lives in delusion?
    Breakups happen every day, you don't have to lose it.
    But am still 23 inside my fantasy!
    I can't bear witness that our love died young,
    and I know its been so long,
    but if you ever think you got it wrong,
    am right where you left me.

  • wamboo 24w

    By unknown writer

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    Slowly, why's does the morning come so slowly,
    When I got no one to hold me through the dark?
    Patient, they tell me that love is patient,
    But it never wants to wait on my drunk heart
    So I'll take all of my wasted love
    And turn it into wine in my cup,
    Dear August!
    tell me that there's light,
    At the end of all this starless night
    Oh, Dear August!
    please don't let me fall,
    Cause I don't know where this road is headed anymore