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  • wannabecreative 66w

    Tried editing and decorating, wo alag baat h ki it turned out spooky ��

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  • wannabecreative 66w

    This is a rewrite of the song "Mirrorball" by Taylor Swift...if you know the song, read it in tune...if not, I hope you enjoy it as a poem as well
    (If you want to hear the original song, link is in bio)


    I already know, you are a mirrorball
    You can show me every version of myself tonight
    You're dancing on the floor
    Shimmering beautiful
    And if you break, I'll collect all your pieces

    Hush! When noone is around my dear,
    You can be who you want to
    Not worrying what they'll think about you, shining just so bright
    Hush! Even if the end is near,
    You can be who you want to
    Not worrying what they'll think about you, shining just so bright

    I already know, you are a mirrorball
    You can change everything about you to fit in
    You are the beauty I've never seen,
    Don't have to change anything
    Cause I've seen your every edge glisten



    (Note: this is not plagiarism, it's rewriting.....)

    I literally love her songs, and her songwriting skills are just amazing ��

    #mirrorball #taylorswift #rewrite #folklore

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    (Rewrite of "Mirrorball" by Taylor Swift)

  • wannabecreative 67w

    Yeh h part 2 "Aasu" poem ka... Part 1 padhne k liye

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    Mat Roko Inn Aasuo Ko, Inhe Behne Do
    Apni Vyatha Inhe Aaj Jee Bhar Kar Kehene Do

    Aapko Lagta Hoga, Rone Se Kaha Kuch Milta Hai
    Par Yakin Mane, Jab Dil Ka Bojh Pighalta Hai
    Aur Inn Aakhon se Tapakta Hai
    Toh Badi Rahat Pahuchata Hai

    Aasu Wo Shabd Hai Jo Dil Keh Nhi Pata Hai
    Akhir, Bojh Badhane Par Aasman Bhi Aasu Bahata Hai
    Aur Ped Bhi Bin Aasu K Rota Hai
    Patjhad Ka Mausam Yuhi Nhi Aata Hai
    Jate Jate Wo Bhi Yeh Sikhlata Hai

    Ki Apni Andar Ki Burai Ko Khone Do
    Beeti Bato Ko Apane Se Dur Hone Do

    Par Iske Liye Ek Madhyam Bhi Jaruri Hai
    Aur Wo Madhyam Hi Toh Aasuo Ki Jhari Hai

    Apne Iss Dukh Se Bhare Dil Ko Aaj Halka Hone Do
    Aaj Inn Komal Ankho Ko Mann Bhar K Rone Do

  • wannabecreative 68w

    Yeh poem maine Kareeb 2 saal pehle likhi thi...aur iss poem k karan hi mujhe laga ki thoda writing skill improve karna chahiye, aur isiliye mirakee par aai thi.... Toh, aap chronology samjhiye....

    P.s. yeh thodi badi poem h toh 2 parts mai hogi...
    P.p.s yeh pehle hindi scriptic mai type karne wali thi, par phir mujhe yaad aaya ki meri aur maatron ki banti nhi h�� har ek hindi teacher mujhe har baar bas spelling mistake aur handwriting k liye tokte the...vaise yeh sab batane wali baat toh h nhi, phir bhi bata rahi hu��

    #aasu #letyourtearsflow #tears #Mat_Roko_Inn_Aasuo_Ko
    "You cry not because you are weak, but because you were strong too long"
    ~someone wise

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    Mat Roko Inn Aasuo Ko, Inhe Behne Do
    Apni Vyatha Inhe Aaj Jee Bhar Kar Kehene Do

    Aisa Nhi Hai Ki Bas Kamzor Insan Rota Hai
    Rota Toh Wo Hai Dost, Jiske Paas Dil Hota Hai

    Mana Aapka Hosala Bada Majbut Hai,
    Itni Parishniya Seh Kar Bhi Atut Hai

    Par Khud Ko Hi Saza Do, Akhir Aisi Bhi Kya Majburi Hai
    Akhir Indradhanush K Liye Thodi Varsha Bhi Jaruri Hai

    Aur Uss Raat Nind Badi Acchi Aati Hai
    Jab Dil Ki Ranjh Aakho Se Beh Jati Hai

    Par Na Rona Tum Pichli Bekar Ki Baato Par
    Itna Kabu Toh Rakhna Apne Jasbato Par

    Mat Barbad Karna Tum Yeh Anmol Hire Yuhi
    Unpar Toh Kabhi Mat Karna Jinhe Inki Kadar Nahi

    Aaj Iss Dil Ko Aur Mat Sehne Do,
    Thoda Khush Isse Bhi Rehne Do

  • wannabecreative 69w

    Yeh kavita ek documentary (link description mai h) se prerit h...
    Agar koi yeh padhkar offend ho toh unse main kehna chahti hu... #jao_apni_soch_sudhar_kar_aao

    I read somewhere,
    "You are not ugly, you are just born in a judgemental world"

    #blackisbeautiful #stopspreadingbiasedjudgements #innerbeauty #changeyourperspective

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    समाज का 'काला' सच

    ये समाज खोखला है, यहाँ "सफ़ेद ही सुंदर है" सिखाया जाता है,
    यहाँ काले भगवान कृष्ण तक को सफेद करके दिखाया जाता है।

    ये समाज अंधा है, यहाँ अनुचित पाठ पढ़ाया जाता है,
    यहाँ गोरे को खूबसूरत और काले को बदसूरत बताया जाता है।

    ये समाज पक्षपाती है, यहाँ अन्याय प्रचारित किया जाता है,
    यहाँ रंग के आधार पर अमानवीय भेदभाव को बढ़ाया जाता है।

    ये समाज झूठा है, यहाँ गलत संस्कार फ़ैलाया जाता है,
    यहाँ बचपन से ही बच्चो को अधूरा ज्ञान दिलवाया जाता है।

    ये समाज क्रूर है, यहाँ अपने आप से घृणा करवाया जाता है,
    यहाँ अपने रंग को बदलने का अर्थहीन तरीका समझाया जाता है।

    पर तुम ना सुनना इस समाज की कभी,
    हो तुम निष्कलंक वैसे ही जैसे हो अभी।

  • wannabecreative 70w

    Aaj ek bahut special insan, oh sorry sorry, bhoot... Ek bahut special bhoot ka birthday h!
    A very special happy birthday to a very special person ��

    Dikhne mai h chhutki si,
    Par baatein bado bado se badi
    Dusro k aage chup chup si,
    Par mere aage badbadi
    Bahadur bhi h, sherni si
    H wo thodi pagal par pyari bhi
    Pehle din se hi Dil mai jo bas gai,
    Wo h meri chutki oishee ��

    Ahhh.....meri chutki badi ho gai re���� Haaye yeh nostalgia �� mano kal ki hi baat thi ki apan wo "swimming" wale post par mile the...

    Welcome to teenageship! Let me warn you, it is a helllll of a journey but I know you'll handle it just as gracefully and maturely as you are!

    I still remember humari har ek pagalpanti, aur har baar unhen yaad karke hasti hu... Tujhse baat karke mera mood accha ho jata h sacchi��
    I wish teri har wish puri ho ✨

    Tujhe pata h? Main tujhe kafi admire karti hu.... Teri soch, tera attitude, tera point of view, teri strength...sab kuch!
    Sachmai badi strong h yr tu❤️ #Bengal_ki_Sherni
    Always stay strong chutki ❣️
    Enjoy everyday aur life ki har problem Ko haskar, datkar jawab dena!

    Yr, tere liye likhna toh bahut kuch chahti hu, par shabd hi kam pad ja rahe h..... Bas dil se tere liye best wishes h❤️

    I just want to say....
    আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি ��
    শুভ জন্মদিন! তোমার দিন উপভোগ কর �� সর্বদা সুখী থাকুন...আবার জন্মদিনের শুভেচ্ছা আমার প্রিয় ❣️

    #happy_boothday_bhootu #chutki #cheenikichutki #alwaysbewhoyouare #loveyouittttttttttttttttttasara

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  • wannabecreative 71w

    Note: It's a long post...

    �� Uses of Mirakee Bio ! ��

    Believe it or not, the purpose of bio is more than you thought...
    First things first, let's see what Google has to say about it :
    "The definition of a bio is a short story written about a person's life."

    But do we use it in that way only?
    Ofcourse not! We are mirakeeans!
    How can we limit the usage of the thing for which it is made?! ��

    Just like how mirakee is supposed to be a writing app and not a datti------
    Nevermind that ��

    For example:-
    1) The comment section is supposed to be used appreciating the work of writer...but do we stop there? No! We made it chat section! And infact, we made it a WhatsApp group chat ��

    2) The caption, yes the caption is meant for hashtags and foreplay of writeup... And we all know how we use it (including this very post) ��

    3) The 'body of post', the 'image' is supposed to contain the writeup...not only a dot or "read the caption" (including this very post) (Ik ik...i am also guilty ��)

    (Yeah, maybe you won't believe... but yeah, that's the actual purposes of them)

    Similarly, the use of bio is exploited by us... But we never felt ashamed...yeah, we are shameless ��

    So, what you are about to witness is....

    "Different ways to use a Mirakee Bio"

    a) As a bio ~
    Pretty self explanatory....
    (Not gonna explain this cause I have to maintain the length of this post cause you guys are lazy�� oops�� that wasn't meant to come out loud��)

    b) Wishing Happy Birthday ~
    Too lazy to explain this... You guys are smart enough to understand this...maybe....

    c) Informing that the user in on break ~
    C'mon guys....this is self explanatory too

    P.s. Don't always trust this bio
    (issued in public interest)

    d) Showing off how cool you are ~
    Yes, you read it right, some people deliberately put some "cool" stuff in their bio to make them look cool
    (Don't ask me about this one, I am not in a friendly basis with coolness...we don't get along at all ��)

    e) Giving personal message ~
    Read this one carefully, sometimes, some intellectuals give personal message on their bio... I know, I know, it's weird. BUT! It's true!
    So generally, it's in some "code language" that others don't know... But sometimes it's loud and clear.... They even tag the person in bio (although I don't think that tag is useful ��)

    f) Threatening unfollowers ~
    Don't act all innocent, you know very well what I am talking about! ��
    True mirakeeans will get this point...
    (Although I don't think this threat works, what do you think?)

    g) Telling high quality nonsense ~
    How to make nonsense fun? Simple! Just wrap it with some fancy words that doesn't make any sense and put it up on bio and Viola! Your nonsense is not a high quality nonsense which some people even take seriously sometimes...

    h) Putting up nonsense ~
    This one's not even high quality, it's just plain, simple, raw, unadulterated, unedited nonsense
    P.s. this one is trending right now

    i) Writing previous username ~
    Well, this is for people who change their usernames approximately 28189 times a day... So, it's a necessity for them to write previous ID or real name in bios so that people can recognise them

    j) Writing a quote ~
    It's a safe bet, when you don't have anything to write in bio, just write any quote.... Pretty simple and easy!

    k) Writing your unfinished drafts ~
    This one is less of an observation and more of just a feeling... I feel that when some one-liners can't make it through the supreme level screening test of some profound writers, they end up in the lowers version of a post i.e. the bio

    l) Using it as a notice board ~
    When you have to tell everyone something, just put it up on bio and bio will convert into a notice board, no matter if people see it or not...

    That should be enough for today... Hope you enjoyed this (idk what to call it)

    I have tried something new�� for the first time, it's a complete English observation type of post.... do tell me if I did justice with it��

    Now, I hope WN will read it���� just kidding.... I know they are busy fellas ��

    *Shameless self-promotion* : If you like reading Mirakee related content, you can check #types_of_people_on_mirakee

    Ahhhh, now I am tried of using so much English.... so, bye-bye!

    #mirakee #uses_of_mirakee_bio #mirakeeans

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  • wannabecreative 72w

    �������� Suniye Suniye Suniye! ��������

    Deviyon aur sajjanon (and everyone in between), Aaj mere paas ek special announcement h... kripya dhakka mukki na kare aur shanti se sune ��

    Aaj mujhe bahut bada eilan karna h!

    Aaj ka din, i.e. 10 September, aaj se manaya jayega as
    �� "The Mirakeial Pagalpanti Diwas" ��
    *Taliya* ����������������������

    Aap sabhi ko Mirakeial Pagalpanti Diwas ki hardik shubhkamnaye! ❤️��

    Kya kaha aapne? Aaj hi ka din kyu? Arre... Kyuki aaj hi k din janam hua tha iss sadi k sabse mahan pagal ka��
    Kya kaha aapne? Wo koun h? Arre... Wo aur koi nhi balki @malhar_ h! ��
    *Taliya taliya* ����������������

    Ab aap mai se jin mahapraniyon ko iss mahaprani k baare mai nhi pata, unke liye,

    Yeh wo ladka h jo bas khushiyan batta h
    Apni problems share nhi karta, par tumhari problem samjhta h
    Yeh ladka sabse alag h,
    Yeh dikhawa nhi, dosti karta h
    Aapke aasuon ko bina dekhte hi hasi mai badal deta h
    Bin kahe hi sari firak dikha deta h
    Yeh ladka sabse alag h,
    Yeh gum nhi, muskan failata h
    (Chal tune jo jo bola tha likha di... rokda paytm kar diyo��)

    Yeh wo pagal h, jo sabko pagal banata h... Matlab pagalpanti ka aisa namuna aur kahi dekhne nhi milega aapko yeh meri guarantee h��
    Kabhi kabhi lagta h ki serious ho hi nhi sakta yeh prani.... Par kabhi kabhi hum sabko shock karke samjhdari ki baat kar deta h (ab meri sangati ka asar toh hona hi tha��) aur kabhi kabhi toh ekdam dil-o-dimag hila dene wale posts karta h...
    Ek khaas baat aur h iski, yeh trend follow nhi karta, heart follow karta h... Jo yaha bahut kam dekhne milta h.... Iska apna alag genre h.... #malharism
    Aur iski sabse badi khaas baat, iske friends �� Matlab iske dost itne achhe...itne acche...itne acche h ki kya hi bataye! �� Matlab ek se badhakar ek guni logo ko friend banaya h isne...yeh bada mast kaam kiya h!

    To malhar ~
    Vaise toh kai kisam k log mile mujhe...par teri breed ka bail pehli Baar dekha h, jisse baat karte karte sadness apne aap side ho jati h
    Kehne ko toh ek dusre ko nhi jante hum, ek dusre ki life k baare mai bhi kuch nhi pata, par baat karte time lagta h ki sacchi mai teri behen hu...
    Aur yeh sach h ki aaj tak hum dono ne ek dusre ka naam tak nhi pucha h, par aisa lagta h tujhe saalo se janti hu
    Mirakee par, mirakee kya shayad life mai tu pehla insan h jisne mujhe sikhaya h ki dosti mai formalities nhi hoti, bas tang khichai hoti h
    Jitni free tere saath hu, shayad hi kisi aur k saath hu main yaha....
    Tune mujhe dosti ka naya matlab sikhaya h...
    (Bas bas, ab ro mat dena itni tarif sunkar��)

    Oops �� happy birthday toh bola hi nhi maine ��

    ✨Happy wala birthday bhai, chhotu, chhoti, malhar, bakri, guruji, Vaibhav (yahi naam h n tera?��), Vaibhavi ��(for me), [aur bhi kai saare naamo se janti hu par wo sabke saamne kehna thik nhi hoga��]✨
    Tera gift →���������� (ja, aish kar ��)
    Bhagwan tujhe wo sab de jiske tu kabil ho aur wo bhi de jiske kabil nhi h...
    Kaash tu humesha hasta rhe, hasata rhe, aur yuhi bakaiti karta rhe❤️
    Ab aur nhi likh sakti main, but dil se wishes h tere liye...bas heart to heart feel kar lena ab main jyada nhi bolugi�� (vaise bhi main kam bolti hu��)

    P.s. Chal chal...ab jyada udd mat��

    #chhoteterabirthdayaaya #aajkipartyteritarafse #tumeratumeratumerabhainhihnhihbehenh #chalabenjoykariyoaajkadinaurbaakiksaaeredinbhi #happyborndaydhartikbhoj #mujhedarrhkitujhediabeticsnahojayeitnipyaripyaribaateinpadhkar #jobhihoyrtuapunkabhaih

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  • wannabecreative 72w

    Hello, what you are about to read our (Team Pen Pals) submission for naani maa's and daadi maa's Fun Task 7 (Thank you naani, daadi for arranging this ��)

    The prompt we were given was seasons with 3 words (marked by **) we had to include inbetween

    The writers are :- @nitsparkle_ , @harshittt and @wannabecreative

    We hope you enjoy reading this ��
    (By Team Pen Pals)

    // Rain with its composition //

    Whenever i see falling rain drops,
    It feels like, nature is ready with its props..
    Organising its own "symphony",
    To plug, environment with its cacophony..
    Where rain is playing, Rainstick,
    Making my attention to stick..
    Feeble rustling of leaves,
    Fading all your grieves...
    Instant banging of the cloud,
    Corroborate its wound, in the shroud..
    Nature hypnotise everything,
    Filling petrichor, in breathing..
    Even bough starts bouncing around,
    Dancing with the nature's sound..
    Slowly *Eunoia* starts taking place,
    Complimenting the nature's grace...❤️

    // Autumn with its teachings //

    Whenever I see the falling autumn leaves,
    I wonder, is this how the nature grieves?
    Do the leaves represent the nature's tears?
    Is the nature shading all the agony it bears?
    Maybe it isn't about an ending,
    Maybe there's a message autumn is sending...
    That every end symoblizes a new start,
    That ups and downs are just the life's part
    Maybe it's teaching us how to relish the down fall
    How to celebrate both, the *zephyr* and the squall
    Or maybe it's just a natural phenomenon
    And not the life's mystery to ponder upon
    Well, who really knows the answer of all these maybes?
    So, let's just recline for a bit under the autumn trees and adore the autumn breeze

    // Winter with its peace //

    Whenever I think about you my winter,
    I can't surrender to slumber,
    In the morning,
    the light mist from the mouth,
    Neither vehicles nor people's shout.
    It feels awesome Whenever sun rays fall on my face,
    For whom People run towards to chase.
    In the noon,
    The *apricity* of sun is nothing less than a boon,
    When those rays fall on the skin,
    We try to capture that heat within.
    In the night,
    When the sky is dark and the ground is white.
    When cold on its peak,
    Never make us weak,
    In those nights,
    The hot tea, warm blanket
    Snow falling, palm in pocket.
    Ah winter
    The world is so peaceful yet better,
    In the season of winter.

    #daadisbae #seasons #mahacollab #funtask

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  • wannabecreative 72w

    Hum unke baare mai kya likhe jinhone likhna sikhaya h.... Par ek koshish ki h��

    #teachersdayacrostic #mirakee #teachersday #aajkoibadehashtagsnhi #chupchapbaspostpadho

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