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  • whiskey_whispers 1w

    Stay real or stay away.

  • whiskey_whispers 3w

    New year!

    This year, 2021
    It basically covered everything. From my lowest points to my highest. Either happiness or my cry sessions at 3 am, it left nothing. From calling vani and sana that neet clear ni hua to texting them the provisional admission mail from manipal university. This year has been a roller coaster ride. I couldn't be more grateful to this year. Handling myself in those tough covid times for those 14 days felt tough but the happiness for offline college neutralized it. Met so many of amazing people. Yes, 2021 gave me some really good frnds like i m really thankful for you all.
    While i felt bad for not studying in those online classes, i learnt my life lessons. Moved to a whole new city like really far away from my home to make my dreams come true. Hostel sucks but at the same time ppl like my mates makes me homely here. I learnt to fight for myself. I learnt to overcome those annoying people. Finally i learnt to fight those nights which brought anxiety and darkkk days. Though not completely, but still this year made me start that journey for myself.
    With each and every passing day, i hope I become stronger, be a better version of me and reach those heights of self love that people don't bother my anymore. I would love to see a complete different version of me in dec 2022- "Stronger, Hustler, calm and organised."
    And, i feel so grateful that i m entering this another year of my life with the one i loved since 2020.
    I m so grateful and thankful to each on of you who helped me improve myself and loved me at my worst. I would never like to loose you. Doesn't matter i wanted you mentally and physically, thanks for existing and thanks for standing beside me to keep me up with this insane journey.
    Cheers to those fuckin 365 days.
    Here we go, 2022


  • whiskey_whispers 9w

    Sometimes its okay to not be okay.
    Days are harsh on you
    Very harsh, sometimes unstable
    That feeling of fear,
    probably turning you into a coward
    Gradually or eventually
    Either ways!
    You are running from your own self
    In a fit of being the real you
    You probably felt awkward.
    Isn't it?
    Aren't you just hiding
    from all those who showed uh mirror
    And from everything which reflected the right.
    Among all those chaotic things we do
    Occassionally, you loose yourself
    Much behind the expected stage.
    All those stages
    Which you felt, you are loosing
    Stand up, stay calm, redirect yourself


  • whiskey_whispers 12w

    I know breakup hurts,
    But family problems are still under rated.


  • whiskey_whispers 31w

    Being a girl is expensive

  • whiskey_whispers 32w

    Do tell me in the comments section��

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    Do you also hate those people who mimic your words when they don't have a better comeback or are you normal?


  • whiskey_whispers 35w

    Some friendship goes out.
    They are like the favourite tshirt you always wanted but not fits anymore.
    Keep the memories alive❣️

  • whiskey_whispers 35w

    Not every bond lasts long.
    Never ever feel worthless just because the other person didn't gave you the importance you deserved.
    They gonna regret this one day.


  • whiskey_whispers 36w

    Loving you has become my priority.
    Whatever it takes to get your attention,
    It takes nothing for uh to just spare me 10 mins
    not only brings smile to my face
    But carry love along,
    All the way from your messages to my heart.
    Besides these morning and night texts,
    There is something really serious about you
    Which makes me fall each day
    Even /harder/ than ever before.
    That (ly) gives more feel than (fu) these days.
    That little things have become so noticable.
    Understanding you, i have overcome the type of love you present.
    Of course - non presentable. Lol♥️


  • whiskey_whispers 37w

    Bg : drawing by me

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    .Where there is ganesh, there is no fear❤️