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  • whisp3rs 121w

    I could recognize
    that look anywhere;
    soft eyes glazed over
    like milky hope.
    That meandering,
    longing stare,
    haunted by
    hollow memories
    and stale dreams
    that don't quite
    play out
    the way they
    used to.

    They tell me
    I have kind eyes,
    but I could recognize
    that look anywhere.

  • whisp3rs 149w


  • whisp3rs 172w

    Forever and Always, Window

    Your eyes see right through me,
    into fathoms, and beyond the trees.
    I have always done my best
    to be transparent and honest,
    and let you see how much of this world
    I'm truly protecting you from.
    Sometimes I let in the tiniest of drafts,
    whispers of forever winds
    meant to rouse and stir your soul.
    I do not resent you
    for closing the curtains;
    today the rains are heavy,
    and tomorrow the sun too bright.
    We can turn a blind eye together,
    while you carve hearts into hot breath.
    I will be your pane.

  • whisp3rs 173w

    We bathe in slate grays of melancholy spring,
    and try to coax the gentle wind
    into forgetting our names for just a bit.
    We tiptoe on the harmonies
    between our breaths,
    and sleep in hammocks made of sighs.
    We lay here in the roaring hush of pitter-pats;
    letting our fingertips dance
    in alternating circles of want and need.
    You, me, forever.

    The best dream I've ever had.

  • whisp3rs 174w

    Love Always, Mirror

    I see the ways you look at me,
    and sometimes it hurts.
    I only show you what you want to see,
    Whether you believe it or not.
    Both those eyes, they've been so cold;
    unblinking, tear stained, heavy.
    I reflect often, when you're not around,
    On all of the thoughts behind your stares,
    But I just don't understand
    Just what it is you see in me.
    I've never let you down.
    I've never walked away.
    I've never been anything but honest.
    See me for what I am, my darling.
    I am everything you wish to be,
    And nothing you've never seen before.
    I've watched you grow, watched you fall,
    Watched you wonder what today will hold;
    See me for who I am, my dearest,
    The wholesome, unbroken you.

  • whisp3rs 174w

    Sincerely, Bed

    You rose again today.
    I've stopped counting,
    stopped hoping really,
    that eventually you'd stop.
    I love holding you, your body,
    your aches and writhing groans.
    Your perfected rolls and somersaults
    Are wonders to behold,
    all the while, with eyes closed
    and thoughts elsewhere.
    And so I lay with you,
    comforting, cacooning, caressing.
    I want your warmth back, your love.
    I need your skin to entangle
    every crease of my reach.
    Please don't ever leave me.
    Please don't turn on the light.
    But if you do, don't fret, my love.
    I'll be here, waiting for our next embrace,
    to keep you, until light comes again.

  • whisp3rs 174w

    Yours Truly, Pillow

    You've laid your somber mind upon me
    And though I've done my best to soften the landing
    The weight of your thoughts has grown
    Far too vast to hold.
    I've whispered dreams into your ears,
    Soft lullabies and tempered memories
    Of days when being awake
    Offered more than breathless nightmares.
    I have held your head aloft
    For countless nights, and endless days
    And I've let you hold me
    As tight as grips could muster.
    I will always be here,
    Laying, waiting, holding your fears while you slumber
    And I will never them go.

  • whisp3rs 174w


    You are the moon in my sky,
    I said.

    What I meant was,
    you are my light in the dark,
    a heavenly body adrift
    in unworthy skies.
    You are the pull of my tides,
    keeping me balanced
    between harsh lows
    and fevered highs.
    You are perpetual, stoic beauty,
    and I will follow you into eternity.

  • whisp3rs 177w


    Wax and wane, my little moon;
    I will watch you rise to heights
    that set my broken heart.
    Grow and catch the light that burns
    with twinkles, flares and warmth.
    Wear the dawn like golden robes,
    and settle into peace.
    Triumph in the edgless dark
    where desperation bites at fingers,
    and I will linger just a bit more
    to watch you while you slumber.

  • whisp3rs 178w

    Being brave isn't a lifestyle;
    it is a single moment of defiance,
    where doubtless hope
    shines a hole
    through the ceaseless dark,
    just long enough
    to take another step.

    |Single Moment|