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  • whitewings0 23w


    storms teach me
    that not everything
    should be held on to
    the clouds let go
    when it becomes too
    much to carry
    and still create
    something beautiful

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    It doesn't matter where you were planted
    Or in which way you grow.
    All that matters is you bloom.


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    वो बचपन मैं कहते थे ना, कि अच्छे बच्चे
    'चाय' नहीं पीते....
    बस हम तभी से बुरे हैं ...!!


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    I have been roaming around for most of my life, searching for doors, looking through windows, longing for a place or a person I could call home. Running in circles that never belonged to me, getting lost on paths lit up with nothing more than maybes. I was always going the wrong way, moving backwards instead forward.
    Until one day I took a long hard look at myself and knew I had been homesick for the person staring back at me. I am not lost anymore. I am found.
    Home is me.
    Home is you.
    Home is your own heart.
    Don't forget to look there first.

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    Being Strong

    Means refusing to tolerate people and things that wound your soul. It means practising self-care when you're hurting. It means honouring your feelings by actually allowing yourself to feel and express them.
    It means treating yourself with compassion and kindness, even when you feel like you don't deserve any. It means doing what makes you happy and being with people who make you feel good about yourself, regardless of outside judgements.
    It means asking for help when the weight of the world has become too much. It means giving yourself permission to get your needs met by setting boundaries and using your own voice. It means forgiving yourself on the days that you're struggling and can't be brave.
    And that is what it means being brave.

  • whitewings0 36w

    Growing up gets hard when you start to realize you're losing friends. And when you're an extrovert with many friends it becomes more harder. Since childhood, I had a huge number of friends. Even my parents thought they were too many to remember. And I kinda liked it. Being in people having new friends. But when you pass out of your college, move to other city and start a full-time job, it hard to make friends who are not your colleagues and even harder to keep a track of your old friends.
    Making friends once you grow up is very difficult. Finding people with the same mindset, hobby or any other common ground expect for work is hard. I have been in this new city for over six months and I can count my friends using my fingers of one hand.
    But I have realized one thing, I can be OKAY alone. I have my old friends who check on me or are important to me. I also have friends who don't check on me and I don't check on them and still, our bond remains the same.
    But the greatest thing that ever happened to me was moving in to another city. I have learned so many things in the past six months that I might have not learned all of my college years. I made new friends here, lost them, and I am still okay. I have few friends here who can be mean and usually call when they need me, and I am okay with that as well.
    But the one important lesson I have learned remains more than this. And know what's real. You might feel alone. But being alone rather than being with the wrong people is always better. Be in touch with the people who you actually love. Make new friends, but if you don't find any be Okay with that as well. Don't change yourself to fit in with your new friends. You have yourself and that is more than enough.

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    Be with yourself

    You have yourself
    That is more than enough.

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    Yeh aansu bhi ek alag
    Pareshani hai,
    Khushi aur gam dono ki
    Nishani hai.
    Samajhane wale ke liye to
    Anmol hai,
    Aur jo na samjh paye
    Uske liye to sirf paani hai!

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    That kind of love, that's "I was scared until I met you". That kind of love which makes you try romance again. The "fuck I'll try some cheesy pickup lines if it makes you smile" that kind of love. Red roses and cute love notes, that kind of love. The twinkling light love, that "staring into each others eyes until you fall into each others souls" kind of love. That "you make me smile way too much to the point it makes my soul happy and I don't know how you do it" kind of love. That "I trust you, I understand you and I miss you so much" kind of love. That "I called randomly because I was missing tone of your voice" kind of love. That "you're the first person I think when my world is falling apart and when my world feels whole" kind of love. That "bestfriends before lovers and I'll always be here by your side" kind of love. That "you're the one I go to when I'm feeling down" kind of love. That "you don't have to explain yourself, I understand you" kind of love. That "you know me inside out like your favorite book" kind of love. That "I wish for your success everytime I talk to god" kind of love. That "as long as I'm alive, I'll never give up on you" kind of love. That "you are the first person whose thoughts I wake up to and the last person whose thoughts I sleep to" kind of love. That "I had my brick walls up high but you went right through them into my heart" kind of love. That "I was hurt before and had given up but then I found you" kind of love. That ' incredulous in-awe and wonders' kind of love. That "are you actually real or I'm I dreaming you" kind of love. That "I was scared until I found you" kind of love. That "I never thought of someone so perfect to be my partner for life" kind of love.
    That "Holding onto you forever and hugging you to my heart"
    That kind of Love❤

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    Holding onto you forever and hugging you to my heart
    That kind of Love❤

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    I hope you find a love that gives you the strength to love yourself. A love that not only heals you but allows you to help heal others. A love that doesn't question you and breaks down every uncertainty you had about yourself. A love that teaches you that your worth living and you should never think otherwise. I hope you find a love that guides you as you walk towards your dreams, a love that holds you as you cross each others barrier in your life. I hope you find a love that makes you stronger, wiser and kinder. A love that only brings you down to build you up in ways you never imagined. A love that guides you, becomes the light and the reason for which you shine. I hope you find a lover who is your best friend, your companion and your equal in every way. A lover who will never leave you. They will teach you that you are not incomplete without them. A lover who makes you feel whole but doesn't weaken you. A lover who shows your worth and teaches you to put yourself first. A lover who cherishes your soul instead of your body.
    A lover as kind as wind
    As soft as a feathers and
    As bright as sunlight.
    I hope you find a love within this lover and I hope one day they will find You! #love #friendship #poetry #diary #thoughts #nature

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    A lover as kind as Wind,
    As soft as feathers and
    As bright as sunlight.

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    Maybe happiness is not about us, as an single person. Maybe it's not something that comes to us. Maybe happiness is all about spreading out, and not in. Maybe happiness is not about getting it because we think we are worth it. Maybe happiness is never about what we can get. Maybe happiness is about what we already have. Maybe happiness is all about what we can give. Maybe happiness isn't bond to a certain thing. Maybe happiness doesn't always mean having something new. Maybe there isn't a particular way of being happy. There are many maybes and whatifs about happiness.
    As said by Emily Dickinson - ' Forever is composed of Now's ' maybe it consists of maybes and whatifs.
    Maybe the point of living a happy life is to enjoy it's beautiful uncertainty about happiness.