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  • whizzdiva 9w

    Gentle reminder: Take a decision that can satisfy you not the society. Awaken your confidence level. Trust yourself. Don't think much. Don't stress too much. Listen to your instinct and you'll never regret.


  • whizzdiva 16w

    Expecting nothing from each other
    But always being there for each other

  • whizzdiva 17w

    We treat someone badly
    Still expect that
    their behavior should never change towards us
    It's so unfair


  • whizzdiva 20w


    When I think about my mom,
    I just can't help but smile;
    The beauty of her loving heart,
    The easy grace in her style.

    She taught me how to walk,
    And she taught me how to talk.
    She taught me morals and standards,
    The meanings of living and all about giving.

    She lovingly instilled in me,
    Those values that made me strong,
    And never stops being there,
    My best friend since I was young.

    She always seems to know,
    When things aren't going too well,
    Even when I try to pretend,
    Just a glance and she can tell.

    She's been an angel from the start,
    Gentle, wise and versatile.
    Her own troubles she'd set apart,
    To go for me an extra mile.

    She filled my days with rainbow lights,
    fairytales and sweet dream nights,
    A kiss to wipe away my tears,
    Gingerbread to ease my fears.

    I thank her for her tender care,
    for deep warm hugs and being there.
    I hope that when she thinks of me,
    A part of her, she’ll always see.

    Nikshita Mahakud

  • whizzdiva 21w

    A Complicated Girl

    When I look into the mirror
    I see a girl with smile in her lips..
    When I look again,
    I see a girl with so many problems,
    Who can never be loved with scars on her..
    I see a girl, she's full of mysteries..
    I see her fake smile and dull eyes..
    I can sense,
    a long story behind that face..
    She's a chronic overthinker
    She's very hard to please with so much intensity and passion..
    She fears the fire,
    but sometimes she becomes it..
    She isn't the best at being loved
    But she's pretty good at loving..
    She's hard to define..
    Her soul is too deep to explore..
    She's a complicated girl with simple needs..
    She can be a mess,
    Yet she's strangely beautiful...

    — Nikshita Mahakud

  • whizzdiva 21w

    Dear Bestfriend

    You're stupid, you're weird, you're Crazy, you're not perfect, but that's okay. I'm like that too....
    You've made my life happier and a lot easier..
    We laugh at the random things..
    I just love teasing you... Cause this is another level of happiness..
    You know my ugliest side and I know can't denied that..
    When I'm sad, you were always there to make sure I'm okay..
    A conversation with you works as the best healing power for me...
    You're my greatest treasure..
    The bond we are sharing is a bond of pure love and affection..
    This rollercoaster ride with you is always fun and this made our bond even stronger..
    It's been long years and we still stand strong and we always will..

    By Nikshita Mahakud

  • whizzdiva 21w


    I watch you pass by, but I don't want you to know that how much you've affected my heart and soul..

    Whenever I see you it takes my breath away and speeds up my heartbeat..

    Everytime I hear your name, butterflies attacked my stomach..

    I don't know for how long I've been stalking you, for a while I guess, actually all the time..

    Your eyes, your smile, your aura make me go crazy, you make me catch your attention..

    But I'm afraid that you would crush my love, or you would laugh at me..

    I wonder if you'll ever find out
    How I'm fighting to hide my feelings for you..

    Nikshita Mahakud

  • whizzdiva 21w

    If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.
    Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it's safe or certain. Because not taking risk is riskier..

  • whizzdiva 21w

    By unknown writer

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    That was about me...
    What I was feeling in that specific moment,
    But you shouldn't feel any pressure to feel the same or say it back to me...

  • whizzdiva 56w


    You know you can be successful
    If you have the guts in life
    You will reach your goal
    If you know what is your role
    Not everyone gets it
    Right the first time
    Success is difficult climb