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  • wifey_suicide 4w

    Dear beloved

    Dear beloved, how dare you fall asleep?
    Without me in your arms, like how it's suppose to be.
    I gave you flowers and you push me to the streets.
    What's that suppose to mean?

    Dear beloved, how do you dream?
    I made us breakfast and all you do is scream.
    I'm not good enough, and I smell like feet.
    Oh why do you say such things beloved?
    You don't understand how I feel, but the second I give you the same attitude, you cry and make me feel like the bad guy.

    Dear beloved, I don't understand it.
    I can't leave you, but you can leave me.
    I can't talk to anyone else, but you can talk to anyone that breathes.
    I'm losing my mind, I have anger built up.
    I can feel it in my stinky feet.
    Everytime I stand up, all I want to do is leave.
    Bust down the door, while you cry on the floor.
    But we all know that's not me, so I'll just sit here calmly as you scream at me.
    Spit hitting my face, as you pace.
    Angry at nothing, but it's always something.

    Dear beloved, are you finally at peace?
    All I want to do is love you, but you're always in the way.
    I just hope one day, you finally lose it and leave me one day.


  • wifey_suicide 9w

    I'm Sorry

    I hear you keep blaming yourself
    The way I treated you wasn't fair
    You shouldn't eat yourself up like a full plate
    My actions are emotions
    I know you still hate me and I hate myself too
    The things I put you through, just for me to miss you
    You were a great person, I wish I can show you how much I am sorry
    At the end of the day, I still messed up anyway
    I just hope you finally get treated fairly
    I was wrong, I shouldn't have traded you
    They're not with me
    A lessoned learned
    While I let a ship burn
    The pain that I feel now, should've been felt yesterday
    The sorry and sorrow, but you don't need it now
    I waited too long to say anything
    I'm not perfect like everyone else, but I knew better
    You could've been the one to buy me a ring
    The tears that are covering my sweater
    Doesn't even matter
    Why I'm I crying when I knew exactly what I was doing
    Just for wishing you were here with me
    The silence echos the air
    While you're out hopefully having fun
    I'm sorry that I wasn't the one

  • wifey_suicide 13w

    I'm about to puke up this liquor, then I gotta go tip the stripper.

  • wifey_suicide 13w

    Looking into the River

    I take a look into the water and see my reflection.
    Just a broken person with no cares to give out.
    As I look at me while me stares back, a silent wind brushes over, a gentle breeze as the liquid gently moves to its own rhythm.
    Turning into streams.
    As I look away, my reflection disappears as I start to walk away.

  • wifey_suicide 23w

    Playing With My Head

    When I think about you, so many words pop in my head
    You hurt me in so many ways.
    The smile on your face is just pain in my eyes.
    When you paint your toes, something just dies .
    Curling up your toes in our bed, with somebody else...
    No, I can't forget that!
    Winning the I love you more game, is just stuck in my head.
    Wasting my time, wasting my air.
    Oh how I wish you never entered my life, because all you do is play with my head.
    You say you're sorry, as your notifications are your motivations.
    I thought we had a whole creation.
    Just to find out it was just waste of time, on a art project that is now ripped into pieces...
    I just can't wait for this lease to end.
    When you look at me and I look at you, all I see is the devil telling me it'll be okay to be alone.
    Which I know.
    I've done that before, I just hate going backwards.
    The pain in my eyes wasn't enough for you, to step away from temptations.
    Remember when you told me you wanted something faithful?
    You still won't tell me the name of the person who slept with you...
    ...You're playing with my head, anytime I ask you.
    Acting like I didn't catch you.

  • wifey_suicide 28w

    Car Radio

    I turn on the radio and start switching stations.
    So many things to play, as if music was God's true creation.
    As cars pass me by, different artist play.
    We all completely stop and obey the traffic light.
    Vehicles vibrating from bass.
    While others have their windows up for more of classical taste.
    As I still try to figure out what to play,
    I listen to the car next to me, by now the song fully played.
    Commercial break...
    My radio breaks from silence to a symphony of rhythm!
    I turn my volume up just a little...
    As the light turns green, the singer starts to sing.
    Words that are written on paper, jump to life, into the microphone, onto the radio.
    The bass drops, as adrenaline kicks in.
    The auto crawls up my spine.
    It's now fun to drive!
    Nothing like poetry staying alive.

  • wifey_suicide 30w

    Happy early Halloween everyone
    #halloween #horror #spooky #scary #nightmare #writing

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    Haunting Nightmare

    This nightmare is haunting
    Each person is chasing me around
    Myers and Jason
    Super frightening
    Jump scares got me screaming
    Trapped in a room with a time limit
    Dodging knifes and chainsaws
    This isn't my blood
    Where did my ring finger go

    Help me, I can't wake up
    Even if you shake me
    I think I just herd Freddy
    Please awake me
    Even if I hide they can hear me breathing
    What happened to just dreaming

    A doll just tried to hex me
    I don't want to kill anybody
    Who's this tiny man on a tricycle
    How is this all possible

  • wifey_suicide 34w

    Horror Story

    The chains start to shake, while the walls begin to shrink. I shake my legs loose. The chains refuse to let me be free. As I'm grabbing the chains with my hands, screaming with tears. Sweat drenching down my face. Finally the chains break open. I gain strength and balance into my feet, as I start to run down a long deep hallway. I am set free, but freedom is another price I need to pay.

    As I'm running down this hall, it has seems to not has ended or even shows signs of the next room. I hope for a door. Is it even worth running? Do I stop running? I keep running, full speed as if something was chasing me. As my feet hit the floor, the more I realize that not piece of cloth is on me. Hair in the wind. Air breathing onto my torso.

    I collapse.

    Lower right side of my rib cage is in flame. As I whine and whimper in pain. I feel so faint, as if something or someone has stabbed me.

    I should've stayed home today.

  • wifey_suicide 36w

    I got hoes sitting on tinder...

  • wifey_suicide 36w

    Return to sender

    Look I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you, it's just been a busy summer, and I know I just disappeared into thin air. Without a body to trace.
    Just sometimes I just got caught up in the things I wanted to grab in life. If I knew bettering my life would actually harm you, do you really think I would've just left?
    Alright look, I know nobody knows the whole story between us and I don't fully understand it either. But what can I exactly say? Because saying sorry can't fix what a bandaid can't heal.