My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellation.

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    Introduction of the Antagonist. @shrry_hurry @pranavsundar #tale #wod

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    Preface #4

    Brahma was so indulged in the veena music and heard a sound of wings fluttering. His left head recites verses unaware of the sound. He removed the crown and created the invulnerable dome around him and his love wielding a trident. There showed up a man with height not more than 5'11 and dusky. Could Brahma ever happen to meet a stranger? Yet it seemed impossible for him to believe. 

    "Who are you" asked Brahma. 

    "My name is Pusundan, Lord" said the man keeping the gentle smile on his face still. 

    Brahma was speechless on seeing a man he never created and in his place too. He was shocked to see a life form that he never created. 

    "O Lord, pardon me for my entry. Once there was celebration in Kailash and all the creatures were abliss having soma drinks. That's when Goddess Sakthi's pet swan mated with an earthly bird on a river bank of Ganga. I can't remember how long I've been alive half bird and half man for a very long time. " Said the man. 

    "Long time? " asked Brahma. 

    "Yes, Lord. Long enough to have seen Shiva incarnate as Smith doing crazy stuffs in metallurgy and destroy Daksha's yagna thrice and Thirumal as Raman who is just born eleventh time and later planning to incarnate as Krishnan in Vasudevan family. Yes technically all yugas"

    Brahma was in oblivion "How come you don't die? Every life is bound to dissipate in the end?"

    Pusundan: Yes Lord, I'm bound to dissipate too after seeing the beauty of the three forces bind into one in the end. And come into life form again after yugas repeat themselves. I've seen it like thousand times"

    Brahma: What's it you want now? 

    " I've had more wishes granted by you and Shiva and Vishnu than I care to remember. Its just that there's no chance you'd remember anything and it's completely normal.  I want you to give me the earthly life, Lord. I wanna savor all the earthly pleasures and return to my old form. 

    Brahma thought for a sec and said " I can't give you eternal life, it's out of my hand" 

    "Im myself tired of the eternity, Lord" said Pusundan.

         *Vishnu dissolves the screen*

    " A'ight tell me you didn't send him to earth" Vishnu said

    Brahma looked worrily at him

    " You dumb, Shiva is gon be sooo mad at you"

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    Preface #3

    Vishnu entered Brahmalog greeting Saraswati.
    Brahma looked worried being levitated on a white lotus.
    Vishnu: I've no time to listen to the reason behind your long face
    Brahma looked at him indifferently and said " You know why ppl on earth don't build a temple
    for me most? "
    Vishnu looked annoyed and said " It's because you've pre-destined every story that includes
    not building you a temple, dumb"
    Three faces of him looked worried equally and said " No, it's because I'm worthless"
    Vishnu was shocked on hearing the words from the Creator himself.
    Brahma operated the film explaining

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    Preface #2

    Everyone was in celebratory mood in mount Kailash. It was Shiva's birthday. But he was lil
    sad. His beloved wife went upto him and ask "What is eating my precious"?
    He let out a sigh" Every species in the universe will end up enlightened within me, where will I
    end up"?
    Sakthi: seriously? on your birthday?
    Shiva: Cmon this is not even my real bir"
    Naradhar interrupts
    "Narayana Narayana! I heard everything, Devi"
    He said coolly making a dramatic entry.
    Shiva: yea I'm not surprised.
    Naradhar: There's this creepy raven around that might know the answer, Lord.
    Shiva rubbed his head and said " If there's one thing I ask you is to SHUT UP'

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    Preface #1

    The Raven flies past Vishnu seeing him lying down tired with his chakra spinning.
    Vishnu be like: how does this creep even manage to see me? I speed up eons in my chakra
    and this creep just fly past me smiling.

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    She: who the *** Sarah Tonin
    He: You're so dope and mine.
    She:*blocks him*

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    It was an interesting first date.

    "What's your spirit animal?" The trainee asked the CEO, starry-eyed, nervously trying to woo her.
    "You can call me an Arctic Panda, frigid in the boardroom, the opposite in the bedroom", she replied with a wink.

    "It was an interesting first date", he answered the brow-wigglers as they stared back in disbelief.


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    I guess, i can
    never write about
    her, atleast, in depth.
    I think, the very
    thought of her
    dries away the
    ink in my pen.
    My hands stop
    moving, paralysed,
    as if, never to
    move at the
    thought of her.
    That is what
    she did to me,
    swearing never to
    leave my mind,
    she haunts me,


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    The Ghost.

    "Hi my name is Guru" said the man in his black tuxedo, with his height implied not more than 5'5 by his sitting posture, offering his hand.
    The bar manager saw to that the ac had been well regulated due to winter.
    John took his seat and said "See I don't like introducing to a stranger formally.
    It was just a stupid post on Facebook that I shouldn't have commented on in disbelief of the supernatural stuffs and you don't have to call everyone and prove your nonsensical theory" sullenly.
    "John John John Joh" being interrupted by the bar server Guru ordered one more shot of tequila.

    "John" he continued "emotions are the keys to eternity whereas the thoughts serve its purpose"
    "What's that got to do with your supernatural stuffs?" looking as irritated as he was when he appeared.
    "We're the result of the evolution that took billion years.
    Human minds have the ability to see how both the earthly and spacial dimensions, which are interconnected with each other,
    flow with the temporal one"
    Guru lit his apple flavoured mond cigarette with his exotic lighter as the server brought his order.
    "So you do magic with that ability. Do you?"
    John asked in his sarcastic tone. "Haha magic? People envelope the uncertainty into words but they remain uncertain"
    Guru preached like a boring monk.
    With all his patience lost John yelled "Now I get it.
    You're a stoner.
    I can see your red chlorined-like eyes.
    You should start consulting a psychiatrist and stop wasting everyone's time.
    "No it's not that. I've hardly slept for four days in a row.
    I'm not a stoner" as though he found it shameful Guru protested.
    John stood up scooping up his car key "by the way it was nice to mee"

    "I'm not a fucking stoner"
    Guru banged his right fist on the table and the exotic lighter went
    on air and floated still defying the gravity.
    John witnessed the floating lighter and the man who was behind it.

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    What if Mirakee was an alien tool that receives human thoughts in words and turns them into frequencies again and sends them to another dimension through a mysterious portal?!

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    Red slaver trickled down the deadly fangs as the attacked hyena limped to the other side.
    The Greywolf growled and controlled her racing heart adjusting her strong and skinny legs for an incredible bound.
    She lost her pack many moons ago. Her howls in vain haunted the wood and the nights themselves.
    Rangers named the lone wolf Nina after they found the missing Rottweiler, what was remained, 's head with the backbones alone clinging.
    She savaged the dog and dined in one sitting.
    Nina struck her paw at another hyena's neck.
    Pushing it grounded, the strong muzzle took a firm grip at the rib bones tearing the flesh apart as the prey laughed in pain shuddering. The third hyena bolted away in terror with the limping one struggling and stumbling, yet following.
    Her wind stalking pace kept the fur hunters at alert in her territory.
    As years sped up, there spread a legend that she could see human spirits when they discovered a tribal child who led the tribe into the wood claiming that she had been to the Wolf's territory and touched the thick grey fur in her dreams.