Just an amateur writer insta -- wordbeats 22 #Poems # Feelings #UnspokenLove

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  • wordbeats 68w

    Her ❤️

    Then she smiled
    Wrinkles under her eyes, like a beautiful shell
    Shining, lying on a sunset beach
    Washed down by the sea.
    This isn't love, she said
    Or maybe I loved to too much
    To see, if it is...
    The winds howled in pain
    The waves rushing again
    Her smile got prettier
    But the sun could not be seen anymore,
    It was time for the moon
    To watch the tears rolling down her fragile cheeks
    Now the wrinkles were on her chapped lips
    So much water in sight
    But not a drop for Her.


  • wordbeats 79w

    Here I am

    I filled my lungs with the smoke of your presence
    To places forbidden in my heart
    I find you
    I tried to grab what was not there
    Now see my empty hands
    And Bruises in my lungs
    I tried to cry
    Now see my empty eyes
    Unloved love in my heart
    I tried to to run
    But here I am
    Looking for love.


  • wordbeats 113w

    Tum jo aaye ❤

    Rukhi si meri zindagi mai, jo teri khusbu ayi hai
    Lagta hai jese maa ne phir se pariyon ki kahani sunai hai
    Mai sukoon se jab tumhe dekhta hu
    Jab tumhe sunta hu
    Jab jo bhi tumhare sath krta hu
    Tumhare pas hone se lagta hai jese jannat si pie hai
    Hawa ka jhokaa jab bhi jahan bhi aye
    Mai yahin milunga mera hath tham lena
    Mene bhi apni zindagi hath dhundne mai gawai hai
    Iss bar mehsoos hota hai kuch lamho ke liye hi sahi
    Wo pariyo ki kahani sach hone ayi hai
    Jo tere labbo pe is lamha muskurahat ayi hai
    Sambhal ke rhkna usse, wo khuda se churai hai.


  • wordbeats 115w

    You ❤

    You in my arms
    The world spinning round
    Or maybe my head it is
    Or we must be dancing in bliss at the tune of love
    Round and round
    That everything seems blurry
    And maybe I'm lying on my bed with you by my side
    Cuz that's all same for me
    Cuz that's all it is there to do
    Cuz that's all what was worth waiting for
    Cuz that's you.


  • wordbeats 122w

    Let it go ❤

    And the fire will burn
    The water will flow
    Snow will fall
    The stars will glow
    They will come to love you for a while
    Some will stay, rest will go
    You might cry, you may feel low
    But that's what life is.
    Let it go,
    Just let it go,
    And let it come to you how it's supposed to be.
    Let the life flow.


  • wordbeats 143w

    Insane ❤

    Drain the whiskey out of my blood
    Take the blood out of my veins
    I'm living I'm dying
    Sky's dropping tears, people call it rain
    I'm sluggish, I'm dusted
    I'm crawling around in pain
    Breathe me back to life
    Fill my lungs with air
    Kiss me goodnight, tonight
    You love may keep me sane.


  • wordbeats 143w

    Tanha ❤

    Shaam ka sukuun mile teri panaah jo ho
    Taare bhi bhi dekh fanaah jo ho
    Sisak ke roo deti hai hawayen bhi
    Mohabbat sacchi lekin tanha jo ho.


  • wordbeats 144w

    Hiding Away ❤

    Darkness around
    Rainy days are love
    She slips away from my weak hands
    Everything falls
    She runs away hiding from me
    Why I bleed
    Trembling feet, crowded place
    I could not stand on my bed
    Closed my eyes, started to breathe
    Don't come to my dream, Now I plead.

    Rainy days are love
    But love days are rainy too
    Why do you love one and don't love the two.


  • wordbeats 145w

    Precious ❤

    Kissing the roses of your love
    Breathing the sunflowers of your mind
    I've found a precious soul
    You're one of a kind.


  • wordbeats 146w