Dur daraz ek seher mein Bas mai aur yaadein humari

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  • worddrug 10w


    She's like a tropical rainforest
    Intense, vivid and galore.
    If you endeavour to look closely
    She's timid like the forest floor.
    *Scared to prosper or say hampered*

    Her past is the dark understory and
    demons are philodendron and palm
    Creeping up on her mind every night
    Making her lose all the peace and calm
    *because the nooks are prone to become alcoves*

    Her refuge is like the upper canopy
    A cottage with a massive skylight
    Hope and love peeps in with the sun
    Making the days cosy and bright
    *and yet she's a warm and benign home*

    Her kindness is like the emergent
    Glorious and standing tall
    Making the rainforest magnanimous
    Awarding a shade of love to all
    *then how can you not adore love itself?*


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  • worddrug 10w

    How to upload our own illustrations in this new update?

  • worddrug 21w

    Your lips flutter
    and I kiss you
    But you're not near
    So I just miss you
    I wish sometimes
    I could hug you
    Hold you tight and
    Close and snug you
    I open my eyes and
    you're not the view
    But my heart still
    Wakes up next to you
    Wish I could keep us
    Intact like a tableau
    and at times steal
    a gaze like peek-a-boo
    Can't wait to meet and
    Feel the Déjà vu
    When your lips flutter
    and I rashly kiss you


  • worddrug 22w

    Hold me

    Hold me
    In your arms
    I don't want you gone
    Fold me
    In your arms
    till arrives the dawn

    I can feel you on my mind
    Tampering all my nerves
    I can feel you on my lips
    uncovering all your curves

    Oh, hold me (hold me)
    In your sight
    I won't dissipate
    Oh, fold me (and hold me)
    In your eyes
    You can captivate me

    Got me down on my knees
    You didn't have to tease
    The charm you unleash
    Is one heck of appease

    I'm slippin' to your grease
    Causing anomalies
    There are no casualties
    But baby will you please

    Hold me
    In your arms
    I don't wanna fall
    Fold me (and keep me)
    In your arms
    I wouldn't mind at all
    To be


  • worddrug 24w

    Jack & Jill ~ uphill

    Backpacked a bunch of
    Beer mugs
    Tapping to the beat
    As the car chugs
    Jackie has been cornering
    the trucks
    He's either mad or gone
    All bottoms up

    Jack is suited & Jill's
    in a gown
    On the top gear headed
    out of the town
    Jack gasps looking at his
    broken crown
    & Jill recalls how she
    tumbled down

    Wildfire on my mind
    Stand back
    Youth saga of
    Jill & jack
    Sitting on the hill
    Both on a crack
    Fetched a pail of beer
    with some snacks

  • worddrug 24w

    मैं तुम्हारा नहीं

    होती तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ गुफ़्तगू तो है
    तुझसे मिलने कि इस दिल में आरज़ू तो है
    तेरी नज़रो के मयखानों में
    मिला मुझे एक अर्से का सुकून तो है

    तुझे सोच कर रात भर बदलता हु करवटें
    तेरे हिस्से की चादर पे नही रहन देता मैं सिलवटें
    एक तेरे दीदार की खातिर
    भूला दूंगा मैं मेरी सारी हसरतें

    सिलबट्टे पे बांट रहा हु वक़्त जो हमारा नहीं
    मैं आसमा ना बनु हो जिसका तू सितारा नहीं
    मैं मांझी भटक तुझमे कहीं
    तू दरिया वो जिसका कोई किनारा नहीं

    हुआ फिर भी मैं तुम्हारा नहीं

  • worddrug 40w

    Mirakee homies where are you at?

  • worddrug 40w


    Just like Strangers
    We've been falling apart
    And now you don't
    Live in my heart

    I've been striving
    To be your home
    But now you don't
    Knock at my door

    How could
    you leave me alone
    & how would I
    live on my own
    But your loss is
    What I wouldn't mourn

    No more regrets
    Are left in your eyes
    And now I don't
    Suspect your lies

    Empty hallway
    Haunts me all night
    But now I don't
    See you as light

    now for a while
    What was home once
    Now feels exile
    & no wonder
    You don't beguile


  • worddrug 47w

    एक पैर कब्र में
    दूसरा बेसब्र है

  • worddrug 51w

    Repost is my birthright and I'll repost at any cost.