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  • work2rise 1d

    "It's easy to say too much but much too hard to say nothing at all."

    Just like actions, words have consequences. Say the wrong or impolite thing and it will create an unpleasant disaster or a stressful situation.


    I always had a personal issue with abandonment.
    When I felt abandoned, I use to react or overreact emotionally to regain control , now I don't because it's no such thing as having control over anyone staying or going . Its not easy, but I accept what is and not, even if that means I am confused , hurt, missing someone . It won't be heard from me, because I am probably emotionally guarding myself and actions for my protection, so that I am living pass the situation rather than within it. It's a sacrifice , but it's better than worrying, and being controlled by the fear of abandonment or loss. This is working for me now.

    Jungle - Casio

    Casio, playing on my heart just like a Casio
    Breaking it apart so you can let it go
    Wait another year that's not original, or cynical
    Alright, let's go now
    When all your dreams are gone
    And you're still holding on
    You waited far too long
    Don't say
    I know, you know it's over
    When all your dreams are gone
    And you're still holding on
    You waited far too long
    Don't say
    I know, you know it's over
    Don't think that my love is gone
    It's all up in your head now
    Don't think that my love is gone
    It's all up in your head now (Alright, let's go now)

    The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

    Oh, whoa, oh
    I got a love that keeps me waitin'
    Oh, whoa, oh
    I got a love that keeps me waitin'
    I'm a lonely boy
    I'm a lonely boy
    Oh, whoa, oh
    I got a love that keeps me waitin

    Artic Monkeys- Do I Wanna Know

    (Do I wanna know?)
    If this feeling flows both ways?
    (Sad to see you go)
    Was sort of hoping that you'd stay
    (Baby, we both know)
    That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day

    So have you got the guts?
    Been wondering if your heart's still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts

    JMSM : - Don't Make Me Change
    Is it crazy
    For me to hold on to the things that made me?
    All the things that I am it somehow gave me
    A chance to finally bеlieve that I'm not crazy
    So don't make mе change who I am
    Who I am
    Who I am
    So don't make me change who I am

    Could it be that I forgot the way it was?
    Back when nothing meant as much
    And if time is just a second hand of love
    Tell me why am I in rush? Yeah

    When it don't matter at all? (No)
    No, it don't matter at all (yeah, say)
    Said, it don't matter at all (it don't matter)
    It don't matter at all (it don't matter)
    It don't matter at all (it don't matter)
    It don't matter at all (i said it don't matter)
    No, it don't matter
    No, it don't matter
    No, it don't matter at all
    It's, it's really hard to-

  • work2rise 3d

    Stubbornness that denies out of fear or pride only continues to delay or keep the stubborn person away from the very thing that the stubborn person actually wants.

    ©work2rise Words for your wisdom/ Words4_ur.Wisdom


    Don't put all your energy into your stubbornness by holding back or pushing the things that you really want away.
    Because there will come a time that you'll never get what you want back again .

    Default - I'm Wasting My Time (again)

    Ariana Grande feat Macy Gray- Leave Me Lonely

  • work2rise 4d

    Past people are like memories of the dead, they just keep hauntingly showing up in places or the spaces of the corners of my mind that I was forced to (bury) to forget only to be reminded of what it took to heal, a void that I had to avoid refilling, reliving, recoloring my life with the walking Dead ( past).



    Revisiting the past has never really worked out for me. It fails, it fails till it's time again it fails, till the pain, drives me to heal away permanently.

  • work2rise 5d

    Moving forward is better than being stuck.

    Worrying doesn't really change the outcome but moving forward does.

  • work2rise 1w

    "We have to release our fears in order not to attract people and situations or patterns that materializes that fear ."- ALJ

    "Some people will compliment the fear that you need to get rid of."-ALJ

    To have certain fears is to often attract certain types of people that induces the very fear that we are afraid of . This is why we are constantly struggling with certain types of people, for their habits , actions, and behaviors are unique reminders (triggers) of the fear we carry deep inside.

    And the more we fear, the more their behavior starts to act out our fears , until we learn to get rid of them and sometimes that is both. But one way or another something will end, either that is fear, or the person that we seem to be struggling with . Yet when we become tired enough of living in fear and with it, something will change and it won't even matter what someone else does to us or doesn't do for us, for simply we'll just be done with living in fear and the people that it brings along. This is why we must learn to release our fears in order not to attract people and situations or patterns that often materializes those fears .

    Tend - Avoid Things

    " I try to resolve things, involve you, but you don't want to be sorry
    And it's all on you
    now it's onto you, now it's onto you
    Now it's onto you, now it's onto you

    Marzz - Countless Times
    To worry 'bout
    You are no help
    But I cannot keep stressing myself
    'Bout what you are doin'
    You are confusing my mental health, yeah
    With this weight on my chest
    You don't understand
    I'm reachin' out, so where is your hand?
    Living' in motion
    No helping hand
    Can I oppose you?
    I stand within

    What if I give up on us, us, us?
    What if I say fuck love, love, love?
    What if I played you like a fool?
    What if I said fuck you?
    What if I miss everything you do?
    I am done tryin' to love you
    You in the way, I cannot stay
    'Cause I got my own thing

    I'm the piece of your mind that's been missin'

    Rick James - She Blew My Mind 69 times

    JMSM - Don't Make Me Change

    Remy Shane - Take A Message

    Remy Shand- Burning Bridges

    "You know that things are getting hard, when we see them as they are .."

  • work2rise 1w

    "And you lose by doing everything in investing in an physically and emotionally unavailable person or relationship."

    You have to decide whether it's time to be effective or affected because it's you who'll lose by doing everything in an emotionally and physically unavailable relationship. Here's how to be effective and to preserve your time, by learning the signs of emotionally unavailable connections. From source:

    1.They're inconsistent with communication

    --When you're trying to form a connection with someone who's emotionally unavailable, you may notice that communication is rarely timely or consistent.--

    --You never know when you'll hear from them--

    2. They have trouble committing to plans

    --When potential plans are near, they might leave everything up in the air, which keeps you wondering and waiting around...When someone likes you and is emotionally available, they will make sure that you know it with consistent communication and by showing their enthusiasm for planning future activities with you--

    3. They send you mixed messages

    --They may come on strong then become distant... a big indicator that they aren't truly ready for a healthy serious relationship.--

    4. They pull away when things get deep

    -- closeness and intimacy =hurt/ they tend to pull away the more you try to connect with them.--

    5. They don't reciprocate your emotional efforts

    --One way they protect themselves is to not make the same effort as you in the relationship.--

    6. They become defensive surrounding emotional intimacy

    --pushing to get them to open up more can backfire."This is typically met with even more resistance and can result in greater defensiveness, rudeness or even anger.--

    7.They won't be direct about their emotions

    --If an emotionally available person likes you, it will be clear to you. However, emotionally unavailable people will likely leave you feeling uncertain or confused on where you stand. --

    8. They make you feel like you're the problem

    The way an emotionally unavailable person acts towards you can make you feel unwanted, frustrated, or "wrong,"

    --you may get vulnerable and open up to them about something deeply personal, and they might have no empathetic response,---

    An emotionally or physically unavailable person inconsistent actions, deeply and truly shows lack of interest, (commitment), investment, or involvement, especially when fear is the reason contributing to their actions or decisions. Yet fear is no excuse for an emotional unavailable person, when the other person has shown them emotional consistency and trustworthiness. However, for the sake of another's emotional well-being who actually wants a physical and emotional healthy connection is to have less to no interaction with an emotionally/physically unavailable person.

    "Give the energy you want to receive "

  • work2rise 1w

    " The energy you give, is the energy you receive."

    ©work2rise #LetGoOrLetIn

    "You have to know yourself to improve yourself." Iyanla Vanzant

    Peaches - Make Me

    Boys Noise Feat Rico Nasty- Girl Crush

  • work2rise 2w

    "Give the energy you want to receive." #Today

  • work2rise 2w

    "You didn't hold on because you felt you needed to prove anything . You held on because you felt you had a little bit more to learn from them but once the lesson was over, change took you forward."



    "Freely come, freely go, nothing will ever stop me
    from letting you leave once more."

    Abandonment my biggest fear, yet my greatest teacher .

    "It's the one's that leave you, that have the most to prove ."

  • work2rise 2w

    "It's the people that left you that have to prove themselves the most."


    Change is not impossible, when you want to be happy. #Balance