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  • writers_space 31w

    Tag the Mirakeens you miss spending time with.

  • writers_space 33w

    Suppose,you're given an anywhere door.
    Where will you go and with whom?

    Happy birthday @daffodilpearlzz ❤️

    She was surrounded by pinkish hues
    Of scarfs, jackets,hairclips and a pair of shoe.
    A bouquet in my hand, I knocked at her door.
    I saw her scarlet briefcase on the floor.

    "So you're ready to go?"


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    Tag the mirakeens you wanna go with!

    Happy birthday Bhavya ❤️

  • writers_space 33w

    Food is an emotion!

    @zoya_charmz you're Chocolate ��
    @squared you're Rosogolla
    @/writersnetwork you're Vegetables (For I rarely eat it)
    Phew: I'm sorry:))

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    Tag your favourite mirakeen with your favourite food !


  • writers_space 34w

    Happy birthday Siddharth ❤️

    I remember making you a Cinderella!
    Well, so today is my hour of rectification prince!
    You are Prince Surefire Mirakee!

    //Applause~ Congratulations! With Chrysanthemum//

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you,
    Flexing armours and crew.
    You're prince,and princesses must be roaming around you!

    Happy birthday @surefire ❤️


    ~Greetings Asmita

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    Coronation Ceremony!

    Happy birthday Siddharth ❤️

    Tag your friends to invite them to the ceremony.


  • writers_space 35w

    Happy birthday @anshuman_mishra flowers and chocolates your way ❤️

    Let's plan for the day.

    (I could only imagine myself bumping on @squared, I love you,Holding hands and walking through the corridors with @zoya_charmz got a family vibe in her, hugging @fromwitchpen in absolute heavenly delicacy,for I actually met an angel, Giggling with @love_whispererr by the pool side, for she is the captain of my imaginary ship)
    This was mine❤️

    What's yours?

    *Things that are completely fictional ��

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    Mirakee arranging a Get-together*

    Wanna meet?
    Tag the mirakeens you long to meet.

  • writers_space 35w

    Use #writers_space for the notification box is already filled with comments. It's very hard to differentiate! ❤️
    I'll try my best.You all with me?

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    I thought of sharing a few words with you all here. It's not that long that I have been here, but there were several ups and downs,to and fros.

    There were many who left,many who stayed and many who returned. When I came up here, I was completely alone,there wasn't anyone to support, neither was I sure,if what I write made enough sense.

    There were times when I too wanted to leave, there were failures succeedingly, but there are good souls here,who can pick you up from any mess. I was mentioning all the names but thought not to make it so personal.

    This post aims at reaching out to more people.I don't want anyone to feel forlorn or detached. I believe everyone here is ready to help. Don't feel miserable.Do not judge yourselves.No creation is less worthy, everything that has your thoughts reflects on the inner you, which is rich. Trust me!

    Any newbie or anyone who feels the need to connect better with the community must feel free to tag me. I'll lend my best possible ways to support you.

    I don't want anyone of you to feel alone.
    I might not be able to read all the posts,so self- volunteers are extremely welcome. Please nominate yourselves here. I'll tag you guys in the posts, for genuine feedback is very much required by a writer to grow.

    Happy Writing ❤️

  • writers_space 36w

    Today let's give names to our friends here!

    Happy belated birthday @squared ❤️
    You are my Unicorn(Rare, imaginative(for I don't think I'll meet you ever in reality ��), Colourful)

    @zoya_charmz you are MINE ❤️

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    Tag your friends with a name !

    Happy belated birthday @squared ❤️


  • writers_space 36w

    Happy birthday @anush18 ❤️

    In these platform of myraid mixes
    We have endured a little princess
    Anush is her name!
    Born on this day.
    A little soul so enchanting
    Living and so caring.


    So today, let's tag all prince and princesses here!

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    Tag all princes and princesses you met here !

    Happy birthday @anush ❤️

  • writers_space 36w

    At these unhappy times of stress, anxiety, heartaches,boredom, and studies.
    Let's spread love !
    And make good wishes for your loved ones and their families.

    I love you all ❤️ Happy writing ��

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    Tag the souls you love

    Take Love !


  • writers_space 37w

    Happy birthday darlin' siso!
    Have a blast!
    May the year ahead bring eminent joy and love.
    Take care!
    Cakes and chocolates your way !

    P.s:Sorry for such a late wish.

    take love @taekook_maknae ❤️

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    Tag the most adorable mirakeens here!

    Happy birthday @taekook_maknae ❤️