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  • writersnetwork101 147w

    Love Stories

    Take me back to the night we met
    We were full of smiles
    Our hearts was full of joy
    We didnt know what heartbreak was like
    We were innocent and full of joy.

  • writersnetwork101 149w

    One Day

    I hope one day I have a daughter, so I can teach her how not to guard her heart, that its okay to love. Sure sometimes its gonna be hard, sometimes you might not even get love but love anyway...
    I hope one day I can have a son, so I can teach him how delicate a girls heart is, she can be broken forever if not loved the right way...

  • writersnetwork101 151w

    You are not alone

    Show me, show me how u feel
    Guide me into your thoughts
    And i will hold your hand and guide u into the light and out of the darkness
    You are not alone.
    Its sure does feel like it, knowing that you are broken on the inside and no one sees it.
    But hold it together and show the one u trust how u feel and they will guide u onto healing.
    You are not alone.
    You are needed in this world
    You are wanted in this world
    You are capable !
    You are beautiful !
    You are Loved!

  • writersnetwork101 152w


    She is fierce
    She is invincible
    She is breaking barriers
    She is making her dreams come through
    Cherish while you have her otherwise she is speeding onto higher heights of making her dreams a reality
    Those who had her, misses her now that she is gone.

  • writersnetwork101 152w

    Judgment Day

    Judgement Day, have they ever thought of judgment day?
    The ones who hurt us? Break our hearts, deceive us, make us shed tears after tears, did they think about judgment day?

  • writersnetwork101 152w

    MY MOM

    She is my ray of sunshine in a tunderstorm
    She is my hope
    She taught me that my current situation is not my final destination
    She taught me that i am a blossoming flower that will fight against all the battering to bloom in spring
    She taught me that a princess must fight for her crown

  • writersnetwork101 161w

    Why did u make a place in my heart,
    Break my heart to a million pieces,
    Then still refuse to leave my heart?

  • writersnetwork101 163w

    My feelings died and went to hell

  • writersnetwork101 165w


    She was being brave for everyone else
    She put on a brave face for everyone else
    But on the inside she was broken and torn apart
    From the one she loved, family and even society
    She was a torn flower wanting to blossom again
    But she was stuck, stuck in a hurricane of heartbreak, adversities and struggles
    Wanting to see just a sparkle of light at the end of the tunnel but asking for that seemed farfetched
    All she wanted was for it to end...

  • writersnetwork101 170w

    Life Goes on...

    The sun comes up everyday
    The sun goes down everyday
    Rain falls
    Waves meet the ocean every other minute
    Have u ever wondered what changes when u leave this world
    Who would it make a difference to?
    Whose day would pause and wish u were right there with them
    Nope it wont
    It will go on just like that will go on