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  • writersnetwork101 177w

    My life may leave but my love for u will never change...

  • writersnetwork101 178w

    "You gonna be just fine"
    "I'm here for you"
    "You are not alone"
    Thats what they all say
    But they dont even know when we are hurting and breaking on the inside but smiling just so that they wont be pulled into our darkness also.
    I'm broken, hurt, betrayed.
    Where are you now?
    Those were just words, you gonna have to feel the pain to know what i feel...

  • writersnetwork101 178w


    Ask me how I'm doing, I say okay
    But ent that what they all say.
    They see me smiling , they think I'm fine but really I'm broken into a thousand peices on the inside.
    I'm scared of happiness because happiness is only temporary.
    But scars? Scars on your mind are forever...

  • writersnetwork101 181w

    I take life day by day
    But i want you in each of those days

  • writersnetwork101 182w

    I looked at the paper , pen in hand
    Blank paper opens endless possiblities
    But i feel clouded
    There is so much to write about
    So much to express
    I feel it all
    But i cant really seem to face it
    So many emotions and feelings built up
    No way to express it
    I just feel empty inside
    Someone help me fix this
    I'm trapped in my owm head
    Someone come set me free
    They say after every storm comes the rainbow
    But this storm is neverending

  • writersnetwork101 183w

    He is like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day
    Laughter to light up an entire room
    Reliable and understanding
    Strength and Laughter he shows for all
    Unable to know what is really going on in his mind
    Pillar of Strength that anyone can rely on
    With his Scruffy hairstyle
    Comic tshirts
    Broad smile
    Broad spectrum of light shining bright on a dark sky
    Supportive, Caring, Understanding, Determined and Talented
    All these qualities embibes Joshua

  • writersnetwork101 184w

    Self Growth

    I thought I needed you
    But all I needed was myself
    Sure you made me smile
    But I was the one who was forming the smile

  • writersnetwork101 185w


    I feel empty
    There is darkness everywhere
    Its like a black hole with no escape
    I would try to fight it
    But the darkness keeps coming back
    There is no way out
    But then you opened a window of possiblities
    You became my ray of sunshine in my storm
    When i thought i lost myself
    You found me
    You showed my the light
    My ray of hope, my sunshine, my light at the end of the tunnel
    All i ask is that you hold my hand and guide me into the sunshine and out of the storm

  • writersnetwork101 186w

    A Blessing

    When i think of you i am lost for words
    You were the perfect fit to all the mess in my life
    You came as a blessing in disguise
    You have a special talent to make me laugh when i feel like i would never laugh again
    You are like no other
    Unique and special

  • writersnetwork101 187w


    Like a flower u blossom
    To the beautiful young woman that u are
    Conquering the world it is!!
    Happy birthday
    Wishing u many more to come
    With the lords choicest blessings and may all your dreams come through
    Lots of love