Experimenting with writing. Trying to develop a long forgotten dream.

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  • writerwithin 32w

    O lord of Sea!!!

    Into the deep blue vast sea,
    an extreme infinity I can See.
    The gushing waves are pretty clear,
    oozing with enthusiasm I can Hear.
    Cool breeze casts an enchanting spell,
    with a misty aroma which I can Smell.
    The ocean yields a briny zest,
    droplets filled with salt I can Taste.
    As tide converts to ebb at my heel,
    the strong force of nature I can Feel.
    Oscillating between mild & intense,
    O Posedion, you flood my every Sense.

  • writerwithin 40w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #Twilight #Rose #Coffee #Poem #Fragrance #Eyes #Pink #Lavender #Waves #Shore
    #love #wod #pod

    Lame attempt to use all the words in the bracket
    Perhaps that's why my longest poem till date. Still less than 15 lines. Poetic after a long time.

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    Saranghae : I love you (Korean)

    Mon Amour, today I walk with thee,
    Reminiscing our first cup of coffee,

    My heart flutters as our hands slightly brush,
    Your pink countenance displays a slight blush.

    Lavender curls highlight the beauty of your face,
    Your fragrance incites me to take you into embrace.

    As I stare into the depth of your eyes,
    I become certain where my happiness lies.

    Away from the shore, the waves and sky unite,
    Let's take vows together on this romantic twilight,

    I got you neither diamond nor chocolate,
    A rose or a teddy cannot express my sentiment,

    So, I have written this small poem to profess my love,
    Even the almighty is giving us His blessings from above.


  • writerwithin 45w

    #wod #combination #you #selfworth
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Set A: I 'm nobody! Who are you?
    Set B: Bright

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    The mirror smiled as I was enjoying the view,
    I 'm nobody! Who are you?

    Perhaps someone I once knew?
    Yes I am the little girl inside you.

    Who dazzled before up she grew.
    Bright with confidence that was you.

    Now, recollect the goals that together we drew,
    And break the shackles binding you.

    Change the being that's dull & blue.
    Into the wonder that's really you.


  • writerwithin 50w


    How can one expect to have an everlasting love story,
    when even the tiniest cell of our body cannot last more than a decade
    & has to regenerate to sustain?

  • writerwithin 60w

    Superstition & Me

    Some superstitions are really amusing,
    Might be absurd, but the belief is our choosing.
    Closing my eyes, blowing away the cilium is my favorite one.
    Using my fallen eyelash to wish is of course fun,
    If the strand remains on my dorsal, I get sad,
    I lose my hope, just because my pulmonary function is bad.
    Most of the times, i am able to blow it away,
    Fulfilling the dream as I tread on that pathway.
    I dont adhere to any such practices because there is no logic in magic,
    But some faiths strengthens us, when the surrounding seems tragic.

  • writerwithin 60w

    ::Love Actually::

    How do you define love?
    A feeling, An emotion,
    A thought, an expression?
    Is it the goosebump you get when he speaks?
    Or the butterflies in stomach when you see him?
    Is it the missed heartbeat when he comes near?
    Or the constant longing when he isn't around?
    The attraction, The affection?
    Is it just a habit of caring about him?
    Or the fact that he is centre of your universe?
    So what is love actually?


  • writerwithin 61w

    What if?

    If there was no Hate,
    Could Love hold so much weight?
    If there was no Success,
    Would Failure cause utmost stress?
    If there was no Melodrama,
    Was Humor needed to mitigate trauma?
    All extremes hold their respective positions,
    Life wouldn't be worthwhile in ordinary conditions.


  • writerwithin 61w


    Success & Failure define our life.
    4 wheeler, 3 BHK, 2 kids & 1 wife.
    What if we don't follow the stereotype?
    Avoid this rat race, success might be a myth.


  • writerwithin 61w


    We say masks aid in hiding emotion,
    But when eyes speak,
    they express feelings worth an ocean.


  • writerwithin 61w

    Just a piece of clothing

    A stole, a dupatta, an odhani, a shawl,
    It is upto you, what you want to call.
    I have different names and different sizes,
    But I come to use as and when the need arises.
    Mommy uses me to wipe away her child's tears,
    Dadi pulls me over her head when she says her prayers.
    Didi flaunts my vivid colors while covering her bosom,
    Bablu falls asleep on the chair utilizing me as a cushion.
    Babli covers her face with me trying to protect herself from sun,
    But her intention is to secretly meet her lover & have some fun.
    My multi use personality makes me proud,
    These days I even serve as a mask to protect you in crowd.