fun should be the way that's what i can say if you love creativity you're in my team because that's only my dream��

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  • writing_hub_123 18w


    Sometimes what you need is just a talk
    When it starts everyone forgets to see the clock
    But my favorite is love walk

    Sometimes it's beautiful when there's cuteness between us
    Because of that we don't even need anything to discuss
    We are plus

    Sometimes i wish to dance with you in world of dream
    Me wearing a red dress with you in black coat is extreme

  • writing_hub_123 19w

    Just like that

    Hey anyone seen my mind
    No? Then please help me find

    Because i've decided to stop cry
    And always just throw a try
    Then if it passes then get ready to fly

    Whatever happened just saying them bye
    Stop wasting my time to ask god why
    Enough of listening to everyone's lie

    Till my success bye...
    Then i'll comeback to say Hiii

  • writing_hub_123 19w

    My Love

    With you the world hits different
    Dear partner, my love
    I promise to always keep you above
    With you my heart always stays happy
    Nights also becomes peaceful
    Your smell is wonderful
    I love the way you always make me smile
    The roads are long but with you it's always short
    With you your small rooms are also resort
    I wish Just you and you always near
    Being away from you is only my fear

    The fact that still you're in my imagination
    But still we have a wonderful relation

  • writing_hub_123 20w

    You're enough

    There are millions of people in this world but your smile heals my heart i hope you didn't heard

    Everyone has heart ❤
    But your heart dear, seeing it for me it's very good start

    You know your dimple takes me in the water flow
    When i start staring at you time goes slow

    Your eyes are uff
    You know what leave everything just remember that for me you're enough

  • writing_hub_123 20w


    I lost me
    Please someone come and make me free

    My days are bad
    Day by day I'm going mad

    I lost me
    I want to go somewhere to find me like a big happiness sea

    My heart is tired
    From my job i want to get fired

    I lost me
    I want to relive every old memory

  • writing_hub_123 20w

    I don't know....

    I don't know how i felt in love with you
    I only knew the the sky turned blue
    I view became new
    I got into you

    I don't know why am I like this
    I only know you're not near i really miss
    Because you're only my friend and my sis

    I love you today i confess
    I want to be with you that's only my success

  • writing_hub_123 20w

    New year ✨

    Happy new year
    I hope good news only you hear
    Your problems be clear
    Your anxiety disappear
    And this year brings satisfaction severe

  • writing_hub_123 21w


    You're my love my heart
    So don't worry i'll always be there for you
    Just forget what everyone say because i know you're smart
    You just complete you work i'm there up where the sky is blue
    Baby i don't like tears in your eyes
    Trust me You're good that should only be any advise
    I love you That's for sure
    Because i'm that god who always be in the one who's kindly pure

  • writing_hub_123 21w


    If your heart is clean meet me in flower plot
    If your intentions are hardworking uff you're too hot
    If your pain is real i'll remove that slot
    If you're goals are clear you might never say not If you're interested in me meet me meet me in the left slot
    Because i'm desperately waiting for that shot

  • writing_hub_123 21w

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