I embrace the Art of feelings.

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  • writingislove__ 4w

    I really dont want to burden you with my sadness anymore.
    I really dont want to make sad poem out of you anymore.
    I want to make a language out of you, which only you'll understand.
    Is it too much?
    Because yesterday i heard my daity screaming out of pain.

  • writingislove__ 5w

    I don't want to be written anymore in your diary.
    Forget the way syllabus find its was in haiku.

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    Can I write more?
    Will words always follow my lead?
    Are my words even enough?
    No wait, the rhyming wont follow my lead because once it did.
    It did.. and my poetries bled to the death. :)

  • writingislove__ 5w

    Its okay to not be enough for everyone.

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    I used to close my ears and sit in the dark
    I used to blame myself for the things happening around me
    Then I met her shadow who taught me to hold my head up and see the aftermath
    Then I realised there were other reasons to be blame on.

  • writingislove__ 6w

    Its that time of the day where I am self doubting to that extend that I feel like drowing here on the railway station itself.
    But then this one little hope of blooming is still inside me.
    But what to do?
    I feel empty and alone.
    I need something to lie on.
    You shall be fine, art of words replied.

  • writingislove__ 10w

    Waiting for love for decades
    Waiting to love for decades
    Waiting for the desired respect for decades
    Running into both now
    But feeling guilty to be loved and to love
    Only because it was her way out?
    Or you saw yourself shattering?

  • writingislove__ 11w

    As the night reaches my nostrils I get hit by a flood of blues. But I get hung up on a sharp edge of memoirs in between the sea. Dusking my head with the darkness. I drown deeper and deeper.

  • writingislove__ 11w

    I wouldn't mind putting behind the puppy face,
    I wouldn't mind pretending nothing happened,
    But, don't you ask me to go silent.
    If I do so, I am afraid I could scare you away by my thousands of unheard symphony.

  • writingislove__ 98w

    I see my every single poetry
    very clearly
    On the wall
    Waiting to rhyme
    Waiting for the feels
    But oh
    It was already happening
    Beneath the lights
    Resides the darkness
    An empty hall
    Filled with so many

  • writingislove__ 115w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Loyalty

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    Heavely sin of his eye and my heart.

  • writingislove__ 133w

    My friend, would you keep that aside for a second?
    And just wander that she can be 100 times more beautiful without her dimple and with her black naked soul. Her feelings are much more flawless than her skin.

    #flawless #feelings #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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