Let me color you blue.

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  • writtenbykg 46w


    #love #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Edit: omg thank you @writersnetwork for the repost! Omg ��❤

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    Coffee stained pages
    Bearing poems about your smiles
    Written carefully with lavender scented ink
    And a pressed rose aside
    With a word so unfamiliar and foreign
    Only your heart would understand.


  • writtenbykg 46w

    "Out of Love"

    If you fall out of love, just say it quick.
    #love #mirakee #writersnetwork #fallout

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    His empty rhetoric, I still take as gospel
    On his lips a faux smile form
    And I live for it, like a pathetic—

    For his eyes speak truths
    Of which his mouth couldn't enunciate
    He thinks it's kind, but I think it's cruel.


  • writtenbykg 47w

    It's when the night devoured the fading daylightーI found myself walking through a dark alleyway, finding my way back home. I tripped over a stone and fell on the cold cobbled ground. Still bleeding and in pain, I searched for light and strived to walk my way out of the dark.

    Reaching the border between darkness and light, I streched out a hand to the other side.

    Pale silver light spilling from above then gently touched my hand.

    I decided to look up and saw the full Moon smiling at me. I was astonishedーshe looked like a gleaming halo resting in the velvety night sky, illuminating the pitch-black streets with her soft shimmering glow.

    What a mesmerizing view, I thought.

    Starting that night, I tend to gaze at her in astonishment, like it's always my first time seeing her. Some nights she's half, some nights she's crescent. She did have many shapes, but still nothing changedーshe's the moon and she's always beautiful no matter what.

    Little by little I realized, it was her all along, lighting my dark path, like a beacon leading me home. Little by little I felt something was blooming inside my chestーsomething deeper than the night.

    But cloudy nights came, surrounding the sky with puffs of gray. Those gloomy nights where I couldn't even catch a glimpse of her made me realize, I didn't have the privilage to see her all the time.

    As I walked beneath a starless sky, still staring and hoping to see her one more time, I tripped and fell again. There wasn't a single wound, but an unbearable pain that I couldn't seem to find.

    The pain poured like frigid rain, waking me up to realityーshe'll always be up there; I'll be stuck down here forever.

    I should just be contented with her moonlight,

    but was it wrong wishing to be her Sun?

    That moment, I didn't know which one hurt the mostーthe pain from falling or the fact that,

    I'll never reach you, Moon.

    Uhm yah this isn't really a poem hehe

    #patheticfallacy #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod

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    Only Moonlight

  • writtenbykg 47w

    As I am not a native English speaker, can someone help me understand the meaning of this phrases please?
    "Where the light falls"
    "Yours is the skin where light falls"

    What does it mean? Can someone elaborate? Thank you sooo much in advance! ����

    #question #mirakee #help

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    Not a poem


  • writtenbykg 48w

    Cause some people's hobby is to judge.

    #diminishing #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Diminishing Confidence

    She doesn't know where to start
    They say she dresses like a tart
    But she's just expressing herself as an art.


  • writtenbykg 54w

    This one is close to my heart. I write this straightforward without a lot of metaphors. Because this prompt really speaks to me. I'm a frustrated artist and I can't help but compare myself to others. I know that's wrong, but seeing how well they are really makes me feel small. I'm sorry if I feel that way but, that's me being honest with myself.

    #wod #art #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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    Once An Artist

    She once thought she's a great painter
    Until she grew up and was exposed to the real world,
    Outside the four corners of her room.

    A lot of people are better than her, she thought
    Gazing at someone's piece of art
    And that's when she decided to leave her masterpiece alone.

    She's an unfinished artwork herself.
    Greatly missed by her mediums
    Hoping she'll find her motivation, one day.


  • writtenbykg 57w

    Writers write the most beautiful stories. They could make you realize how beautiful life is despite the ugly truth this world has.

    #writers #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #wod

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    Aren't they pretty?

    Those scars you hide underneath those blankets of metaphors
    You wrapped them well with lovely words
    Not to cover the ugly pain
    But to tell the world
    How a sad story could be written
    With such beautiful, aching words.


  • writtenbykg 57w

    Thoughts in her mind
    That couldn't be at ease,
    They kept on wandering,
    Some just wanted to cease.

    They go
    Round and round
    And round as they please.

    Until they found a sliver—an open wound.
    They escaped as words,
    Bleeding out from her soul.
    Hoping to find refuge in paper and ink.


  • writtenbykg 57w

    L I F E

    Like seasons we change
    Indefinite cycle
    For better, for worse
    Even the smallest thing we didn't know.


  • writtenbykg 57w

    Between the Stars and Me

    Three words I've kept from youー
    Words you'll never hear nor read
    No one will know, not even these words I write
    I just hope the moon didn't eavesdrop that night
    Cause it's a secret I only told the stars.


    #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #secrets

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    Three words I've kept from youー
    Words you'll never hear nor read
    No one will know, not even these words I write
    I just hope the moon didn't eavesdrop that night
    Cause it's a secret I only told the stars.