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  • yadavarun 71w

    Sushants case

    We All our puting our views on social media , lets not be judgmental, some will support your view and some will not and thats completely ok. Final judgment is yet to come from court and agency's sides. Let's not make it a kind of outrage , where person is being targeted for having a different view from others.

  • yadavarun 74w

    Tujhe buri na lag jaay koi baat,
    Main us baat se darta hu.

    Tujhe buri na lag jaay koi baat ,
    Main us baat se darta hu.

    Dabaay huye hain jo maine
    Dil ke andar,
    Main us jazbaat se darta hu.

    Tu sahi hai , main sahi
    Apni jagah,
    Ek dusre me galatfemi na paida karde,
    Main ese haalat se darta hu .

    Main yun tera intezar to karta hu ,
    Jiska koi mol nahi ,
    Kaash esa koi tarika mil jaay ,
    Jisse takleef nahi,
    Magar kahi akela na reh jaau
    Is safar me,
    Me us intezaar se darta hu.

    Kahaani aayegi zarur ek din
    Ese mode par ,
    Jaha raaste alag hongr,
    Aage haalat alag honge,
    Bayaan karne ko jazbaat alag honge

    Agar is safar me kahaani ka tum
    Akhiri panna na likh paay ,

    To haa , me us khayalat se darta hu ,
    Haa me is khayalaat se darta hu .

    Tujhe buri na lag jaay koi baat ,
    Main us baat se darta hu

    Tujhe buri na lag jaay koi baat ,
    Main us baat se darta hu

  • yadavarun 94w

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    Dear crush

    I'm hearing around
    Your beautiful sound
    That one medical kit
    That can heal my wound.

    The more stupid may it
    When you'll go through it
    I can assure you one thing
    That you'll be wearing the crown.

    You are that beautiful girl
    My one special friend
    That can lift me all up
    If i am feeling it down.

    There are millions in town
    Who will make you look down
    But, you are a queen my girl
    Do not let them put you down.

    Don't know why you are the one
    My one special crush
    May be your beautiful eyes
    That can make me melt down.

    That's all I've written for you
    Cause i am run out of words
    But i will be writing again
    If you can walk , with, me , along.

  • yadavarun 97w


    Its a complex set of emotions, behaviors and beliefs associated with the feelings of affection,
    Protectiveness , warmth and respect for another person.

  • yadavarun 102w

    Need an answer

    So that's it.
    I may have reached a level where i have started to feel nothing to some kind of situations and to kind of feelings and acts . It holds no value to me, maybe these are the things that will be so important to some people but to me it holds no value , and its quite dangerous, as you don't feel need to react , behave or to show any response to a certain things on which some people will do their best keep that thing to themselves. But i don't understand what should i do which can me feel more alive like i was .
    Dont know .

  • yadavarun 108w

    Happy new year

    Here comes the new year guys , what change this can bring into your life ? Well you can try think or you can start to see how you can make yourself happy by doing the things you truly enjoy when you are alone with yourself, because this is a fact that all people you think gonna stay with you forever will leave or you may be the one who may leave first,your parents , friends and etc , so you should started to enjoy the things you do , why ?
    because the people around yourself will feel the same , if you feel the same thing about yourself , ok ?


  • yadavarun 163w

    Just think about it

    Well to my some friends, they think they are losing their worth among there groups and friends circle , i just want to say one thing ,
    Group is formed with person by person connected with each other , but if some people don't want to stick to the unity of the circle ,
    To group ko complete krne ki zarurat ni h , khud ko divide krke ,
    You will loose yourself in finding some friends who don't care about you .
    step aside from friends who don't value your presence .

  • yadavarun 163w

    Dear crush

    Vo jo pal zara tham jata
    To acha tha ,
    Waqt thoda or mil jata
    To acha tha ,
    Bechaini jo mili h , aapko dekh kar us khoobsurat libaz me
    Ab lagta h , k agar tum na hi milte
    To acha tha.

  • yadavarun 163w

    Little effort

    Little effort of selfless help can bring a entire change in someones perspective

  • yadavarun 164w

    A letter to myself

    Sometimes it is too much for my mind to handle it properly, something that i need to stop doing, thinking, practicing and repeating and then all the process repeat itself after i get wake up in the morning thats how failed myself everytime i try so hard to myself