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  • yaduom 7w

    You won’t succeed. This is your monkey mind trying to protect you because it is allergic to change, it can’t help you because neither of you have taken the journey, do it anyway, you are not a monkey.

  • yaduom 8w

    Growth is powerful!!

    You know you're healed when looking into the past doesn't hurt anymore! You know you're matured when you're more focused on your life than anything else!

    You don't wish things were different, you don't miss the past or have any interest in what could have been because you've come to understand that everything that happened, made you who you've become. If you haven't gotten there yet, I truly wish you do.

    Growth is powerful!!

  • yaduom 8w

    Our brain will always, always, always find a problem.

    Have you ever wondered why when one problem resolves, another one takes its place? It’s not that the world that is against you – it’s your brain.

  • yaduom 12w

    Whenever we are afraid of our present or do not have the courage to face it, then we hide ourselves in the good moments of our past.And we want that we should be settled in those good moments forever.We are building palaces of those good moments, only then big waves of the present come and destroy those palaces.No matter how hard we try to escape from the present, but we can never save ourselves from the truth of the present under any circumstances.We can neither improve ourselves by living in the future nor living in the past. We have to stand up and face the present with all our power.It will hurt us, we will fall, we will break but in the end we will win.

  • yaduom 18w

    When you do something noble and beautiful
    And nobody noticed, do not be sad.
    For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle
    And yet most of the audience still sleeps.✨

  • yaduom 19w


    Always keep your mind open. In all things, always keep your mind open. Everything is possible. Especially things you know nothing about.

  • yaduom 20w

    If I am successful and you are not, don't get mad at me. We all have the same 24 hours. What are you doing that's different ?

  • yaduom 20w

    If you are always trying to be normal
    You will never know how amazing you can be.

  • yaduom 20w


    I’m constantly evolving and expanding and leveling up my mindset, so don't think for a minute that you know me if you just knew me at a point in time

  • yaduom 20w

    This new year I hope u will not break your own heart. I hope u will make yourself happy often without feeling guilty about it. I hope u will treat yourself with kindness even on the days when you don't understand yourself. I hope you will allow yourself to bloom unapologetically.