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  • yamirajam 1w

    Bleeding scars

    Living the life of a
    autumn leaves
    Drying with time
    Falling in ground
    People think
    She is beautiful
    And scars remain
    Unnoticed by them
    Always and you think
    She was filled with love

    Can someone kiss her
    With those bleeding scars..


  • yamirajam 4w

    The bus stop
    Candy friends

    The bus stop story

    It's like a usual day
    I'm always late for my college
    Packing my bag
    Bread in mouth
    Wearing slippers by mistake in rush we act like idiot

    I hope you heard and read this statement somewhere

    "We met some story and some people by chance and they create something more special bond "
    I love this lines

    Actually it's my thought but I hope you felt it

    God know
    About this (6:00 to 9:30 am) time rush
    Why we all have same timing to reach office , college and school and other stuff too??

    So Near to our old bus stop , there are Many small quarter sharing goods and shops of textile, ice cream and for kids candy shop
    heaven fall in street.
    While waiting for bus ,
    I watch different people crossing same roads all my life, yup life become too busy to rest in one place .
    All of a sudden , a loud but cute voice screaming for candy
    "Give me candy", "give me a candy " It's really so sweet
    A kid telling his mother to buy one candy for him
    But she (mother)refuse to give him any, he ate five candies already
    his face turned red
    And anger in his nose I see
    that beautiful action ,
    Let me think about someone
    Who lost in adulthood now.
    I can't hold myself back
    To buy something for him
    I went in candy shop for
    One sweet, then in rushing
    Way our bus came
    I got seat
    He is sitting next to me
    With his red nose
    I see
    "Let's play a game ,
    I hold both my hands together "
    Tell me what is in my hand? I said
    With his curious eyes
    He looking me back
    My face then my hands
    "just try to open it"
    "Candy "he smiled with his loud voice ,
    "yes" we smile together in bus
    We talked till his school came
    "Didi, tomorrow we buy two candies one for you and one from me
    Ok byeee di "
    He was too happy with one candy
    That day was best ,
    "Smiling is the only answer for happiness"
    I met a boy at bus stop
    his name is abhi, 5 years old school kid, requesting for candy
    We meet each day now
    A new brother for me
    His red nose make me smile again, we play together
    Sharing candy with each other
    We are "candy friends"

  • yamirajam 4w


    Your mute past
    Dried eyes without
    Connecting my face
    Reveal the pain
    You suffer
    By self
    Let me know you
    One by one
    in silence to
    I want to be
    A part of you
    Holding half heart


  • yamirajam 4w

    The Burning skull calling me

    Burning Skull calling me

    A story consist of nightmares and fantasy but I feel it's too realistic
    I know it common between us to see nightmares, we all experience something that frighten deep
    But ...
    Have you ever saw same nightmares repetitively 1 day, 1 week, 15days, 1 month or I say 1 year or more?
    Yup now it turn shocking
    So this story is about a nightmare that hit me more than one year and I never understand why that dream only come all that damn nights?
    Why it's not changing with days?
    Why it's not changing and
    remain same for one year?

    In short I start this story with 15 nights experience with same nightmares "The burning Skull calling me"
    I leave the real world at night
    Turning myself unconscious travelling in dreams of nightmares , reaching a deserted road alone where mist, smoke and darkness follow, I see no one around
    And complete silence but
    feel safe because no one here to harm .
    Then a sudden sensation of heat that burning my outer skin , i encounter lake of fire in front of me and a house lacking it's front frame open , no windows no doors just
    Only one chair in room in which unholy burning Skull is sitting.
    Watching me back with hollow eyes , I fear he like to see my action all times
    But we are in distances of the lake of fire and a magical barricade in dreams
    13th nights I crossed that same road, he always sit in same chair watching each my action again and again with attention ,

    Last Second night was bit little different , now I have two killers in road with one knife and one gun in hands of other
    The victim target was choose by my unconscious mind that's "ME" I have to die,a game of death , they were coming near and I'm still I can't move one bit, holding my hands tight they grab me
    And knife cutting ,piercing a hole in centre of my body .
    I see the burning Skull is sitting quiet .
    entertained by my moribund,
    Enjoying my cuts and bleeding I awoke up in real world with a deep breathe "I'm alive, not death" Yet one night left to face something more Cruel ,
    Last night came , this time
    I sleep with a determination
    I will change the end, fight back is the only option left
    So I fight hard to kill all bad .
    Again I'm standing in the same road, front of me lake of fire and burning house but
    Chair is empty.
    I come near to barricade to find burning skull
    I hear a whisper from back that " You are free now" I move back to see who was that, the skull just vanish in smoke of immense, I can't find killers who want to kill me last time.

    I left alone in my nightmare
    , questioning myself
    That burning skull was my enemy or my fairy god demon
    His last words "I'm free now"
    What was that about ?

    "He watched me till my fear of death eating my soul and making me worry why I'm afraid of the dark end, and the day I content courage to face all bad he just disappear like never existed"


  • yamirajam 4w

    Aimless of target

    Following stars
    In search of treasure
    We are not pirates
    Crave for gold coin is same
    We are lost wanderer
    Aimless of target
    Living life in path
    End remain unknown
    For us

  • yamirajam 4w

    When you are too bad in facing the person of our interest
    We just feel cool with friends and buddies and opposite of that we turn too clumsy in front of...
    You know love or something more than love
    I don't know


  • yamirajam 4w

    5 years ago
    I remember

    Just a story
    but real life incidents make a man

    I met him in street
    5 year ago he use to draw
    Nature ,landscape in his notes
    To naughty I remember
    He throw mud on everyone
    Who cross the road
    His smile create
    Vibrant atmosphere always
    Then he went defence school
    Our street lacking life
    Each day, one by one
    People moving different places
    After 2 years of numbness
    In neighborhood
    Finally he came back
    With a sudden shock
    He lost his parents
    With dry eyes, his old naughtiness
    Change into maturity
    discipline behaviour
    He hold hand of elders
    For making them know
    Give all their responsibility to him
    He is strong enough

    I see him each day
    Sitting near window
    Looking for infinite
    Number of question
    In mind
    I ask him one day
    Do you miss your parents?
    He said yes I do, each day
    Each night, I cry, I cry hard
    But I promised them
    I will take care of all
    Fighting in border for mother land
    All are my family now
    I see my parents
    In each soul I met in life
    So his thought let me
    Pen this
    I met a boy 5 years ago
    Now he is a man
    With more kindness

  • yamirajam 4w

    You ask to see my core
    And touch each part
    You felt love, pain, selfishness
    Possessiveness in me
    Still I remain unnoticed because
    You turn a blind eye


  • yamirajam 4w

    Two things are eating my soul

    the curiosity of knowing you
    And your kindness forcing me to
    Love you


  • yamirajam 4w

    Inner demon

    Inner demon
    I want to see you
    I seek you
    in mirror
    I see my own
    You glow up
    Each time
    Whenever I call
    Your name
    Because you
    Know we exist
    And we are