july 22, 1993 - april 9, 2022

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  • yanagi 17w

    departure (not clickbait)

    hey guys
    i genuinely apologize
    for being absent for some days now
    i was just trying to find myself
    amidst the chaos and confusion
    miraquill is my first and foremost
    i got my start here
    and i'm eternally grateful
    for all this app has done for me
    as far as exposure
    as well as introducing me
    to very talented poets
    (some of them are god-tier!)
    but in a person's life
    there are seasons
    and my season for contributing here
    has ran it's course unfortunately
    i will still be posting my poetry
    but it will be on a different app
    called 'poetizer'
    on there my handle is the same
    just search for 'TheWeepingYanagi' under users
    and if you already have an account with them
    that's even better!
    again, thank you all for supporting me
    during my time here!

    much love,


  • yanagi 17w

    yanagi tree/my origin story

    i'm vilified
    i'm treated as if i chose to be this way
    the world made me this way
    all of you kids bullied me
    because i thought like an adult!
    all of you adults ridiculed me
    and told me to stay in a child's place!
    you all left a trauma wound so deep
    i put blades within
    to see if they could reach the bottom
    all these voices both imagined and realistic
    whispering words of hate and sabotage
    i'm torn
    i'm broken
    i'm deteriorated.

  • yanagi 17w

    born a hero/turned into a villain

    is it possible for me
    to have been doomed from the very start?
    from the moment i had been born into this world
    i was destined to prematurely
    find my way into a grave
    because no one likes me
    because everyone wants to drag me down
    because they all want me dead
    and because of these things
    over time
    i've become the sort of monster
    i feared stayed in my closet or hid under my bed
    i've become the sort of monster
    they portray in horror movies
    and i just want to murder myself.

  • yanagi 17w

    holding on to imagined sanity/starting again

    i live in a reality that rejects itself
    a reality where colors murder
    those they captivate for a high
    they themselves
    refuse to explain
    and me;
    an abstract soul watching intently
    with everything that i come into contact with
    because everything i touch

  • yanagi 17w

    not all fire is created/to be beautiful

    whatever remains of me is unmoving
    after i became the fire
    the fire of pain
    the fire of anger
    the fire of isolation
    the fire of suicide
    i became the fire that burned down the entire world
    just because i wanted to.

  • yanagi 17w

    i could be god/just slightly better

    my ears echo with the revulsion of the world
    and sends reverberations through my bones
    is this why i'm so methodically detached
    from everyone and everything?
    have i truly made the entire world suffer
    due to the ignorance of a few?
    then call me god
    because just like we're suffering their sins
    there are those who did absolutely nothing to me
    who have to suffer as well.

  • yanagi 18w

    21 club/do they have open membership?

    defile my grave
    if you love me
    defile my grave
    if you dare
    no lightning will strike you
    if you stand right there
    because god doesn't like me
    because god doesn't care
    sometimes i wonder why i'm alive
    what the hell am i doing here?
    i just want to see the northern lights
    before i cut my own out
    i'll die at 21
    does anyone
    think i'm saying this for clout?
    well let's find out!

  • yanagi 18w

    my depression wants to victimize me/the perspective

    my eyes terrify her
    but she can't help not looking away
    while she'll never openly say
    that being a victim isn't what she wants
    she knows what i know
    but her pride won't allow her to admit it;
    she doesn't have a choice
    she doesn't get to choose
    she wants to run
    as she feels me stalking her mind
    run as far away as your legs can possibly take you
    for when i catch you i will surely take you
    to places you've always wanted to go
    deep down in your pretty guts
    you've always wanted to be ripped into pieces
    you've always wanted to be torn into shreds
    i will scour this city until i hunt you down
    until i make you believe me
    until i make you believe in me
    until i make you mine.

  • yanagi 18w

    demonic butterflies/angelic moths

    look at me
    relishing the thoughts of my downfall
    floating around in my mind
    like demonic butterflies and angelic moths
    i can't banish them
    i don't know how to banish them
    i won't banish them
    the vital gear inside of me
    producing that will to persevere
    ran it's last course long ago
    and in a terrifying way
    i've enjoyed it.

  • yanagi 18w

    undesirable girl/becomes missing

    someone could come for me
    rationale tells me this
    it screams it at me
    but my anxiety tells quite a different story
    convincing me in more than one way
    that i'll never be desired
    beyond this scarred and burned flesh
    for pleasure
    for lust
    not promise
    nor 'us'
    and i've always felt it
    that eternal isolation hanging over me
    an uncomfortable fog that leaves me powerless.