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  • yayinology 21w

    I shifted to my new room!
    It was fun... I cursed the whole time!
    I knew my words hurt
    I too wish I could afford kindness
    Or at least silence
    But I'm overwhelmed
    Struggling to breathe again
    I wanted to scream
    Right at their face
    That I hate this house and
    this stupid fucking room
    That I hate them all and myself too
    I have to unpack every fucking thing
    It feels like hell, suffocating
    I'm once again wondering
    Why tf I just can't stop breathing?
    Now I'm on my bed crying my eyes out
    I don't really know, would I ever make it out?
    Could someone please come and take me home?
    This place makes me sick and I'm all alone
    How do we cope when all is gone?
    Wonder if it's the pills I'm on
    Inside I feel my demons spawn
    Idk whether I'd make it to the dawn
    Been holding on for ages now my hope is gone
    Could someone please come and take me home?
    I'm scared of myself when I'm all alone

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    New room same me

  • yayinology 43w

    She found him with puffy eyes
    And tear-stained cheeks
    He was weeping cause his dad
    Kept on smashing the castles he built
    With love, hope, and hard work
    He was hurt & Oh so lonely
    She took his hand in hers
    She walked him away from his dad
    His pain and his past
    They built a castle together
    She brought bread &
    He brought jelly & peanut butter
    Together they made jelly & peanut butter
    sandwiches to eat
    He made her a beautiful flower crown
    She pinned gorgeous flowers on his hair
    He painted their nails with grapes
    She painted their lips with beetroot
    Whenever they have to leave they
    exchanged their toys
    In heart, they were 10 & 12
    He felt safe in her arms
    She felt loved in his warmth
    He loved the gap between her teeth
    She loved his crooked smile
    People said, "This isn't love!! This is childish!!!"
    But they were happy, they were laughing
    Their laughter drowned out all the hate
    They were in love &
    Their love warmed the cold world

    #ace #acelove #platoniclove #innocentlove #lovestory #summerlove

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    Summer love

  • yayinology 45w

    We're building home
    Nobody likes the plan
    We're building home
    With money that we can't afford
    We're building home
    Every day ends with a fight
    We're building home
    We might kill each other
    before it's finished
    We're building home
    To live with people we hate the most
    We're building home
    I'm gonna be feeling unsafe and caged in a bigger room
    We're building home
    To impress people who dgaf
    We're building home
    Which will become an asylum
    when we move in

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    Home Sweet Home

  • yayinology 47w

    There is so much to learn
    In so little time
    And I terribly want someone
    To want to learn me
    To find me worth their while
    To listen to my demons &
    To dance with my angels
    Can you relate?
    To this desire to be understood
    To be touched & to be seen
    To feel home in someone's arms

  • yayinology 48w

    Thoughts.. thoughts... thoughts...
    Millions rise and nothing lasts
    They come crashing hard and fast
    My mind is flooded, vision got blurred
    My heart's drained & I feel chained
    Some friends think I'm on meth
    Just a guy who's counting his breath
    One of these days
    I'm gonna think myself to death

  • yayinology 48w

    I feel this intense urge to
    Shave my head
    Pour yellow paint on myself
    Decorate my body with scars &
    To stab my own heart
    Then I lay myself down, take a deep breath
    Imagine someone huggin' away all the pain
    I've been ripped into pieces
    And I yearn to be sewn back together

  • yayinology 49w

    Like a rat running on a wheel
    Inside its cage
    Hoping to get free
    I take one breath after the other
    Pop up one pill after the other
    Hoping to escape my mind
    It's stupid and I'm tired
    There's too much... Too little...
    Too late to matter

  • yayinology 49w


    @jaya___ Ma'am this week's assignment

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    A tortured soul
    Half cruel half gold
    Finding salvation through sin
    A tortured soul
    An insatiable saint
    A morally disciplined fiend
    A tortured soul
    Half cruel half gold

  • yayinology 50w

    For a very long time
    I thought that something was wrong with me
    I've never felt connected to my mortal sh(c)ell
    I find women more fascinating than any existence
    My desires are anything but sexual
    I've never learned to scream out my love
    Speaking love is never easy
    I wrap it in tiny gestures and deliver them silently
    I paint them as silly poems and rarely dare to send them directly
    Loneliness is my daily visitor
    We are a love story
    I take their hand and wrap them around like a blanket
    I surrender to my madness happily
    Though new experiences are the only thing I find worth wanting
    I am happiest when I'm in bed, bundled up in a freshly washed blanket, doing nothing
    Sleep is my fav and most times the only escape
    Darkness and sadness brings comfort to me
    I've never felt the need to be noticed
    And will never understand the need to procreate
    Most people make no sense
    Believing in always and forever appears stupid and scary
    As stupid as trusting Gods and Laws we created
    And as scary as letting myself be loved
    I wanna dip fries in a milkshake next time
    But with time I've accepted being me
    Because I'm a lazy fucker


    #lazyfucker #lazyfuck #lazy #lazypoetry #iamsloth #toolazytogiveafuck

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    Because I'm lazy

  • yayinology 51w

    My purpose?

    Ig to see
    How much I can take
    How far I can go
    How mad I can get &
    How fun life could be