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  • yinkaa 1w


    Why does life have to be chaotic at times
    Jumping from one hurdle to another
    Fighting battles upon battles
    Why does it have to be this way?
    So much so that one would conclude
    That it is indeed not a bed of roses

  • yinkaa 2w

    One thing I've observed with life
    Is the fact that
    Most time we live through life, without letting life live through us
    We go through situations
    Both the sad and happy ones
    Forgetting to live in the moment of those joys and happiness
    We pray for the sad days to fade away
    And forget how it felt when we were happy
    We don't live in the moment
    Our thoughts always almost tilt to the future
    The thought of our future scares us
    And we wonder what it will be like
    Forgetting to enjoy this moment

  • yinkaa 3w

    Her beauty, captivating like a magnet
    His bodies, built to perfection
    What better match he thought
    A match indeed made from heaven
    The angels would sing sweet songs at their union
    And melodious echos would be heard round the hall
    What a blissful sight to behold
    And an unforgettable day

  • yinkaa 3w

    We live
    We breath
    We walk
    We talk
    We feel things we shouldn't
    And endure pain in ways we never imagined
    We love as though it's our last
    And life is still like a mirage to some of us
    All pointing towards an end we don't know

  • yinkaa 5w

    If the universe indeed revolved
    Then maybe we won't be stuck to painful situations, having to endure it all
    Even when it hurts us in ways unimaginable
    It should fade away with the tides of the rotating universe
    We shouldn't have to live through it

  • yinkaa 11w


    On this road which we've chosen
    Without knowing where it would lead us to
    This path which leads to an unknown future
    A future, we hope would be filled with love and laughter
    This route mapped out in our head
    A map drawing out all the lines and dotes connecting to this happy ending
    We keep going through this paths through life
    Hopeful that one day we get to the happy ending

  • yinkaa 12w

    My fear has always being missing out on life
    While watching others enjoy and live through life

    Sitting at a corner of my room
    Several thoughts begins to flip through my head
    Anxiety and panic becomes the order of the day

    Being constantly worried about where life would lead me to
    The panic of growing older begins to set in

    Most say, there shouldn't be any reason to panic, so far as one still has life
    But what happens when one's hopes keep dashing
    The dreams and aspirations one had long waited for, keeps pending
    How does one get to enjoy life without any worries?

  • yinkaa 15w

    He stared at me
    Our eyes clicked
    His gaze were so intense
    I could see myself through his eyes
    This intense stare, causing shivers to run down my spine
    Nothing seemed to matter at that point

  • yinkaa 20w

    I see myself through you
    Like a mirror the reflection keeps getting stronger
    You're no longer with me but I still see you
    Your shadows moves alongside mine
    I'm constantly in reminder of your presence
    How do I get pass this
    This picture of you I keep seeing

  • yinkaa 20w


    The perfect summer to celebrate their beautiful love
    Age which has shown it's face but their love which keeps on waxing stronger
    They tell the tales of their unending and undying love as though it was yesterday
    Their laughter of all the moments they have shared echoes through the room
    The joy and happiness that radiates on their faces each passing day
    This kind of love which is hard to come by
    This kind of love which I hope for
    A kind that time has no effect on