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  • yoitsleohere 85w

    Sorry I was gone for so long but I’m back now!!!

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  • yoitsleohere 93w

    Ok this is my attempt on making a short horror story!! Feel free to comment your opinion and if you have any ideas on how I could improve it!!! All likes, comments and reposts are appreciated!!!!
    The broken mask

    By @yoitsleohere

    Ok so I live basically in the middle of nowhere, the closest house from ours is 3 miles away. So the only thing around our house are fields. I live in a bungalow and my room is the last room on the right. Just above my window is a motion censored light so whenever a car drives by it will turn on.

    Now on to the story, I was 18 years old, it was a cold November night, I was in my bedroom working on some documents I had to finish for work. I finished at around 11pm. I was about to get into bed when I saw the motion censored light come on. I thought it was weird because I didn't hear anything go past, so I.went up to my window and opened the curtain slightly. What I saw shocked me. There was a figure staring back at me wearing a black mask.

    The person ran as soon as we made eye contact, I ran and grabbed my phone and called the police. The police arrived 15 minutes later and never fount who was outside my window. All they found was a broken black mask.
    #depressed_bean #yoitsleohere #horror #scary #story #stories #broken #mask #Halloween #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee

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    The broken mask


  • yoitsleohere 94w


    I wish there was something
    I could say
    to make the sun shine,
    and to make the rain go away.

    I wish there was something
    that I could do-
    it hurts me to know
    that you are feeling so blue.

    But I'll be your umbrella
    together we'll stand
    Throughout the storm,
    I'll keep holding your hand.


  • yoitsleohere 94w

    Congratulations @emily_wilson !!!!
    For your poem or story just tell me what want you it to be about and I'll start right away. ✨✨

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    1st place


  • yoitsleohere 94w

    Congratulations to @pearl_pari @loving_heart @junestars !!!! ✨✨

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    2nd places


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    3rd places


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    Sorry for not being on yesterday, imma do the raffle today so on my next post I'm going to announce 3rd place winners

  • yoitsleohere 94w

    Hey guys I'm selling a bag, for more information read my latest post on instagram

  • yoitsleohere 94w

    The Real Ghost Story Of Kate Morgan, The Beautiful Stranger

    Kate Morgan, otherwise known as the “beautiful stranger.”

    It was 1892 and Kate Morgan was a grown and capable 24-year-old woman. According to California’s notorious Hotel del Coronado, she checked in to the resort on Thanksgiving Day.

    Some say she never checked out.

    Employees recalled that Morgan said she was waiting for a gentleman to join her. After five days as a guest, the ghost story goes, nobody showed and Morgan shot herself in the head. With nothing was found at the scene to identify her, police telegraphed her description to authorities around the country.

    The media dubbed her the “beautiful stranger” for her description and it was soon discovered she had an estranged husband. Her gentleman caller, it was presumed, was a lover. Morgan was also reportedly pregnant when she killed herself.

    The Hotel del Coronado where Kate Morgan committed suicide.

    Before her suicide, Morgan worked as a household caretaker in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles. During her travel to the hotel, onlookers saw her verbally spar with an unidentified male. He got off mid-route and abandoned her, leaving Morgan melancholy upon her arrival.

    Though unclear whether this figure was her husband or not, Morgan sorrowfully wandered into town and procured a pistol.

    According to Beautiful Stranger: The Ghost of Kate Morgan and the Hotel del Coronado, there’s no shortage of people who’ve reported paranormal activity in the hotel.

    Guests have experienced flickering lights, a rogue television, and a change in temperature that appears out of nowhere and vanishes just as inexplicably. Doors have opened and shut on their own, footsteps and voices have been heard but no people have been seen.

    A paranormal investigation team stays in room 3327 of Hotel del Coronado, where the famous ghost of Kate Morgan is said to haunt.

    Because human curiosity knows no bounds, Morgan’s room has been the most requested room of them all at the hotel. Even a group of independent paranormal researchers stayed there to document the so-called hauntings.

    The team employed infrared cameras, night vision goggles, radiation sensors, indicators for toxic chemicals, microwave imaging systems, and high-frequency sound detectors.

    Though Morgan stayed in Room 3327 (formerly 302), her apparition has appeared elsewhere. There have been several sightings in room 3519 (formerly 3502 and intended for maids), for instance. Guests have reported objects moving independently. Stranger still, the hotel owner’s mistress also killed herself at the resort after discovering she was pregnant.

    Of course, countless guests had already reported seeing her, both in the hallways and by the beach.

    The hotel gift shop, too, has seen unexplained phenomena, with items flying off shelves and often landing right-side up. Ultimately, it’s unclear what exactly is going on at the hotel. An elaborate ruse by management? Buyer’s remorse on behalf of guests? Or, possibly, real paranormal activity in plain sight

    #depressed_bean #yoitsleohere #notmine #scary #horror #ghost story #stories #true #Kate #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee

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    The real ghost story of Kate Morgan - The beautiful stranger

  • yoitsleohere 94w

    Sometimes, some true scary stories do not involve an attack at all. This terrifying true tale is of a woman who often experienced strange apparitions and premonitions. Her husband was at work one day when his wife called and told him to check on his friend, Danny. She told her husband that he needed to call and ask him if he and his family were alright. When her husband asked why he needed to call his friend, his wife replied that she had had a bad dream about them, but could not recall what had taken place in said dream.

    After they hung up, her husband called his friend Danny and told him about his wife’s bad dream. Slightly amused, Danny told his friend to thank his wife for her concern, but that he and his family were just fine. When the woman’s husband called and told her this, she seemed disinclined to believe him.

    The following day, Danny called his friend, clearly very upset. It turned out that a half hour after speaking with him about his wife’s dream, Danny’s uncle who lived in Florida had called him. His uncle informed him that Danny’s son had hung himself

    #depressed_bean #yoitsleohere #notmine #scary #horror #story #stories #phone #call #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee

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    The phone call