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  • you2blog 16w

    hurtful words will always
    reflect the speaker
    more than the victim

  • you2blog 16w

    we see happiness in others
    and assume it’s their home
    we see it in ourselves
    and know it’s just a visit

  • you2blog 16w

    someday we’ll look back
    at these wounds
    and see nothing
    but faded scars
    of unsaid words

  • you2blog 17w

    you judge these words
    without knowing all the ones
    that came before them

  • you2blog 18w

    my world became yours
    the moment I saw the stars
    in your eyes

  • you2blog 18w

    when life meets turmoil
    the soul is first to know
    as the wind blows
    we grasp tighter
    afraid to let it go

    yet the soul craves
    the fresh air
    we fight against
    a breeze in which
    the lungs will always grow

  • you2blog 24w

    you knew every piece of me
    and shoved them all away

    but then I learned
    I only need one
    pair of hands
    to form a new structure
    out of the remains

  • you2blog 25w

    not reaching out
    to touch your hand
    when it’s but inches away

    hurts the most

  • you2blog 25w

    sometimes all we need
    is someone that lifts us
    just enough
    so we can stand

    ~we’ll take it from here

  • you2blog 25w

    our actions speak a language
    no words could ever say