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  • yours_truely 59w

    She has the eyes those always look out for me even at my worst
    The eyes whom I can blindly trust
    She makes me familiar with every color and moral
    Yes she's none other than my mother

    She has the hands that work hard so that I can get all the power
    And also handles me with care like a flower
    As She makes sure my hands never have to suffer
    Yes she's none other than my mother

    She has the smile that can cure all my pain
    Her tears make me sad just like mid summer rain
    Maybe bond with her is hard to explain
    she takes all the grief and is always ready to face another
    Yes she's none other than my mother

    She has the heart that selflessly beats for me with every second
    And makes sure my heart never faces a dent
    She teaches me to fit into this world by making me tougher
    Yes she's none other than my mother

    She has the soul that's ready to sacrifice every now and then
    Just so it could see me win it all again and agian
    She gives me all the strength, will and love to survive. without her I can't walk any further
    Like her there is no other
    Yes she's none other than my mother

    She is where I get my strength from!♡

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  • yours_truely 59w

    To the boy I met at the philosophy class entrance today.....
    I don't know is this even legal to write but yayy ! I'm doing thisss. You were like idk you were someone I've never met before but always thought of meeting. You resembled me like bad me the personality of me that I always deny holding ( okay atleastthis is what I thought at first but you clearly don't I'm much worse !!!). You were like the thunder with flowers within. I know I seem stupid but that's what he was. So I met this boy today when I went to like give an entrance test for a philosophy class. So I was standing in the queue and there he was right behind me , he was talking to himself that's what I do when I'm sort of nervous so the thing was I asked him "are you nervous?" He immediately stopped his self convo and said "No absolutely not! " I was like okayy ! I asked coz I saw you having this small chat with your inner self . He said that's what intelligent people do . I laughed and looked away. Suddenly he said "ohh you seem nervous! Maybe that is why you are laughing " I said no I'm not nervous it's just I'm excited. And tbh I was excited coz my mom finally agreed for that class . So he says "ohh I see you are excited because you are nervous and you don't want to show it " I said "no I'm not I'm genuinely excited " he was like no you are in denial " then I stopped talking to him coz it was about to turn into an argument. So then he said again "you must be thinking of me as an idiot jerk " I was like no I don't judge people like that . Okayy tbh I did thought he was! . So he was stubborn and also confident about what he says (may it be right or absolutely wrong ��) so till this point I was pissed at him and least interested in what he was or what he wanted. what impressed me was when a boy in front of us fainted all of the sudden, people gathered around him and when they saw that Corona isolation stamp on his hand everyone took a step back but this boyyy who was like showcasing himself as a bad, stubborn, overconfident , rude idiot he rushed to pick that boy up without even thinking for a second he then called the ambulance and everything was back to normal. So after that he came to me and said "are you impressed?" I was like damn yesss I am. But I said No ! He said " yes you shouldn't be coz that was a phase of me that I don't show people and yes I'm an irresponsible, overconfident, self obsessed jerk. I didn't really say anything after that . I just want that guy to know that he has got a pure heart that he thinks this world will damage somehow. So to the boy I met today I hope I get to meet you someday just so I can tell you how much I felt connected to you (in a heart to heart friendly way tbh) and how you were one of the amazing people I've met till date . Hope you stay the way you are :p and hope I find you someday : ) ( In a hope that this reaches you coz yesss I trust myself to be dumb enough that I didn't even ask your nameee :/ )

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    To the boy I met today at the philosophy class entrance....


  • yours_truely 60w

    I wish you coz know what my heart knows! :(

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    I know

    I know I'm not your cup of tea
    But I hope some day I'll get you maybe

    I know with you I have zero chances
    But still I die for your dreamy glances

    I know you'll never be mine
    But that's fine coz from you I'm never gonna resign

    I know you don't feel the same for me
    and that you and me can never become we

    I know you'll always hold a special place in my heart
    But unfortunately I have no place in your life's chart

    I know you think I'm stupid for always chasing you
    But trust me that's what I can do

    I know you think I'm dumb and not your type
    But you are the one whose memories I can never wipe

    You know I can never unlove you
    And let you go
    Coz the things my heart knows I could also know

  • yours_truely 62w

    stop giving importance of Biryani
    To people like pulao ! <3

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    I'll stop ♡

    I'll stop
    wishing for the person dark like scar
    Whenever I see a shooting star
    I'll stop
    looking for the person who only brings gloom
    Whenever I'm in a crowded room
    I'll stop
    including the person into my prayers
    Who whenever I'm low , never cares
    I'll stop
    Being dependent on the person so shallow
    Who always tends to make me feel low
    I'll stop
    Stupidly Admiring the person I think is my sunshine
    But actually will never be mine
    I'll stop
    Whining over a person as far as the moon resides awhile
    Coz anyways , I was never a selenophile !

  • yours_truely 63w

    Hahaha 'US' 'WE' mission impossible :/

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    You know what !

    You know what
    I always try to let you go ! For a better cause
    But nahh my love isn't less, it never was
    I'll always adore you, even your flaws
    But I know we'll never fit into nature's laws

    You know what
    Let's just make it crystal clear
    I don't crave for you , nor far neither near
    Yet ! Loosing you is my worst fear
    Never mind I won't shed a tear

    You know what
    We're like parallel lines
    To be optimistic eternity is what this implies
    You being the moon , I'm the brightest star that shines
    But alas! Moon has many more stars around to be aligned

    You know what
    If you are heaven somehow, I'm basically hell obscure
    We just can't get along, never everrr
    But I know one day we'll be together
    In dreams indeed ! Yet forever

  • yours_truely 64w

    I don't even know where this came from��‍♀️��

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    It's fine how ♡

    It's fine how
    You have to be good enough always
    For the people who never walk you ways

    It's fine how
    You have to make even those souls pure
    Who when you're hurt never tend to cure

    It's fine how
    Your feelings are always a mess
    For even those ones whom you count on in your worst phase

    It's fine how
    Someday all your decisions can seem worst
    To the hearts whom you thought you could trust

    It's fine how
    You do so much for the people you value
    Without them even taking the smallest of clue

    It's fine how
    When you grow you loose friends
    And relations with them hold a loose end

    It's fine how
    Bravely you face the process of growing
    With pain , loneliness, joy without even showing

  • yours_truely 64w

    Its raining!
    And it's a vibeee :)

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    Its raining ♡

    Its raining
    And I miss you yes ! Again
    yesterday I passed walking your lane
    With my heart just beating without you in pain

    Its raining
    And just as the droplets I'm in tears
    Wondering how you made me face my worst fears
    But now your memories are what my heart bears

    Its raining
    And my soul feels free yet caged
    Wondering how our love hasn't even aged
    Despite of how tables turned and fate has changed

    Its raining
    And I'm thinking where did it all go wrong
    Maybe I was a fool to think 'we' would last long
    And that our connection was strong

    Still, its raining
    And I'm no longer the person I was
    Coz just like you made me better you even made me realize my flaws
    And so this song of 'you' has to pause

  • yours_truely 65w

    Idk maybe it'll help you through ��❤

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    Just what I think! :)

    So ! Letting some deep shit out today.
    First of let me tell y'all that I over think a lottt it's like my favourite hobby to carry on with in my leisure so today when I was enjoying my hobby I just got hit by a huge thought of how we should always be grateful to god and how we think he gives us everything we don't want instead of the things we really want but yeahh the truth is he gives us everything we deserve but we think we don't
    Like yes we all should admit that we underestimate ourselves at times ! For example when we're hurt we blame our own feelings and also when we aren't able to do certain things we blame our capabilities so basically the attitude we have is both yes, it is optimistic as well as shady for our soul selves. So when we want certain things to happen and god isn't letting it happen we start thinking in an opposite manner we think about how that one particular thing won't happen so that it happens by doing this we make things happen which incase is good as well as bad. But God on the other hand always gives us what we deserve so ultimately the things we think we don't want are basically the good things that we deserve but as we underestimate ourselves we think we don't deserve them . So have faith in your fate coz God has got no hate :)

  • yours_truely 66w

    Yeahh are y'all in for raising a toast!.. :)

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    Let's raise a toast to.....

    To the eyes those will never look out for me
    Wherever I'll be
    They'll never adore me
    To the hands those will never hold mine
    Without me they'll be completely fine
    I'll never get them as love's sign
    To the smile
    That will never shine for me not even a while
    To my moon it'll never be the selenophile
    To the feelings
    Those will never flow for me
    They'll never set him free in my love's sea
    And lastly to the heart
    That will never love me whatever I do
    It will never allow me through
    Knowing how my feelings were always true

  • yours_truely 67w

    3rd feb

    Happiest birthday to the prince of my hopeless fairy tales. To the friend I unintentionally fell for the one I've senselessly loved for years. To the one with whom I've always pictured happy joyful endings. To the one I've danced with on typical Bollywood romantic songs whole time in my mind. To the one I've always seen as the lead character of all my imaginary romance novels. To the little stubborn kidd who has always had my back whenever needed to the dumb clingy creature who has always made me laugh and cry at the same time ... lol uk why !. To the boy who made me feel love and realise what it truely means . To the half best frnd who never admitted that he used to give me a bit more importance than others alwayssss!! But finally to the stranger who now cares no more about me and my rambles . You turn 16 todayy bc. Hope youu live truckloads of happy moments. Without me obviously! Coz this is the last note that I'm writing to youuu . Nothing after this coz I have a whole life to love instead of youuu...