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  • yungdanielson 49w

    Insight On Life

    Life is good the world is not.
    Is Man injected with knowledge that they themselves were not ready for yet?
    Was this world of toxins created because of the injection resulting in hate, selfishness, cruelty, and slavery?
    Distorting Mankind's vision, brain, and feel of what life truly is.
    Like taking a drug that reveals knowledge to your brain that can't comprehend it or isn't ready for it yet which could cause corruption in the mind set about how you function in life which can lead to death.
    Was the fruit of Knowledge meant to be given when Man matured later in life?
    My research continues...
    Now when a man conceives, his children and their children will bare the same corruption of knowledge resulting in today's world of lies and confusion. It's all genetics right?
    The world is plagued no doubt.
    Now have a man born on a different planet with nothing but plants, water, and rocks and he will know only good right?
    There will be no toxin or corruption of knowledge or evil, he'd be like a child with nothing but innocence and a pure heart If his gene's are not a descent from another corrupt Man right?
    This poor race endured headaches and heartaches for generations.
    But they are strong for baring with Sin.
    Is it not time to make changes?
    Well lets see what will come next in the story of life.
    How will the people of earth rise?
    Let's see how they answer.

  • yungdanielson 49w

    You're Beautiful

    A Hook on lyrics I wrote

    Life is beautiful /
    It's like diving into a rabbit hole /
    Discovering who you are /
    One day you'll discover you're star /
    And you're beautiful /
    So pave your world, live and grow /
    Define who you are /
    And watch your story unfold /
    You're beautiful /

  • yungdanielson 50w

    Always Be Prepared For What Comes Next

    Everyone wants to prepare themselves to live
    But does anyone prepare themselves to die?

  • yungdanielson 52w

    Go Fish

    A fishing pole could be the solution to solving world hunger.

  • yungdanielson 57w


    There is a genesis to every tale told before it all unfused the knowledge and love that had composed and resonated the perfect life beginning. There was a big bang of light as she was revealed as the most beautiful thing clothed in layers of fashions and exclusive designs. Heavens lights showered her and she bathed in its riches from the skies all around. Time dressed her in achromatic symbols, gave her abstract markings from head to her toes. Space crowned queen as she sat in silence and was profound in mysteries. Inside the void's vacuum in the abyss she was, is, and will always be the center and heart of the universe wherever she goes. A bliss of love defined as a nostalgia of memories, Mother Earth and we are the children of the world born in different visions of it's reality.

  • yungdanielson 59w

    Time Skip

    So I read an article on Cnn that we jumped 2,000 light-years into the future. It's about how they thought we were 2'000 more lighters away from the supper massive black hole. which could also explain why astronomers can't figure out why Saturn and Jupiter are conjuring.
    It's my theory.

  • yungdanielson 60w

    IG: omercifulme

    For those who enjoy my content. I'll be posting majority of it on there.
    Just created it today. Here is something i recently posted on there.

    I'm just on standby watching the world slowly come to its end. The credits are playing and everyone who played a part in this story, name scrolls by, but the tale has yet to fin. So what will become of the people who still roam? Will fear & worries control them or will they one day find their way home? Or is this dying land their only reality? Well... I'll just continue to surf the wavs to the Promised Lands away from the depths of this sea.
    The Siren's are beautiful and their songs are tempting but I have my own, "Sweet Dreams".

  • yungdanielson 62w

    The Silent Plague

    For years, MAN has suffered through many plagues.
    Each year they try to find a vaccine to cure their sickness.
    Now the world has been plagued with a virus that they can barely find a cure for.
    Some walk in fear that they will be next.
    Some walk with their heads up and chests out believing they are untouchable by it.
    Some have even survived it.
    But, the Wicked Bug that roams the lands is evolving and taking lives before they know they even have it.
    It goes by different names by the people and takes on different forms through the microscopic eyes.
    Its only a matter of time before it evolves again the next year, and the next.
    What if the wicked bug finally out smarts the people and plagues their vessels and leave behind no trace.
    The moment they close their eyes to rest, they won't wake up because it had all ready claimed their life before they showed any symptoms.
    Some people will wake up next to their loved ones past away.
    But did they not look healthy before they closed their eyes?
    Were they not enjoying their lives before going to bed?
    2020 was a year that mankind finally saw their world is dying and their potions and remedies are barely working, or they cannot find one fast enough.
    Tick, tock...
    Will 2021 be the year the Wicked Bug takes lives quietly?
    If that time ever comes, the people should be afraid to lay down and go to sleep.
    It could be their last day and they would never know.
    So what medicine will save them this time?
    Who will have the great healing to banish the Wicked Bug from devouring lives?
    What name shall the tongues of the people yelp when they are afraid?
    Will it be the name that is mouthed when they are enjoying their pleasurable moments?
    Will it be the name that is spoken in vain when they conversate?
    Or will it be the name that pain brings to the tip of their tongue?
    What is that name?
    It's spoken blasphemy in the voices of the people.
    What will become of humans and their paradise?
    Well, it's just a story...
    So let them continue their lives, but the fear that roams will continue to torment their hearts.
    But one day, those who are blind will see if 2020 wasn't enough vision of the world.

    ©yungdanielson (Teach them your ways)

  • yungdanielson 64w


    (Follow the sound of the piano to help guide you through the lyrics flow)

    -Beat for the lyrics-

    So, here I am, going through my writing, poems, and music sheets /
    Just trying to figure out how im going to catch the attention of the crowd /
    No they can't, stop me even if they had wished it /
    If you hating just run by me, keep quiet, and go settle down /
    Ima take the mic, strangle it, and then ima abuse it /
    Flip it in the air, pop it, spit on it, and toss to the crowd /
    If they know me, then they know all about my rules that i don't give a care about the fame or clout, I just wanna get loud /

    Sublime, seems to be the way I write so hear these, are some notes that I have wrote they just keep quiet until I signal now /
    Take one, ima play this track like it's a nominated movie, show them credit, cast people, edit content, and cut crap the out /
    Nothing else left to do, but produce fine arts and make a great movement /
    No social media stories just come hear it directly from the horse's mouth /
    Diving into the scenes, you can't trust that you know people if the signal from the camera goes out, so gotta play your cards now /

    Conscious eyes, are always watching but some still are missing the bigger picture /
    No applause or snaps just let me please breathe and take my bow /
    Ill lay this down, with with my mask off so you get to know the real me /
    No reason to go on stage and fake who im really all about /
    If i write it, will you trash it then dis my music, criticize or would you encourage me to play an even better sound /
    Not a doubt, that we all wish we could make hits then be successful, but love is what this is truly and really all about /
    Blow flow, is my first song that I wrote and then produced it /
    If you heard it you'd laugh at me then tell me to turn the other way or keep it down /
    0 fans, but it's cool I spit fire in shadows from the bottom is where I started keeping warm now, this flame is just a start /

    I inhale, then I exhale all that crazy bull shhh /
    Words matter when you speak so you need to watch your mouth /
    Keep it quiet, if you don't like that I won't cuss when I play my lyrics/
    It dilutes my words and soil's the beautiful majestic sounds /
    Still can't dance, but I feel that rhythm's heavy flow surrounding me /
    My world and it's laws im still trying to figure all that science out?
    No popperazzi's, i swear there's enough of me to go around you want to see a smile but i won't let you tell my story now, I own my business bye /

    T minus, 3, 2, 1 and then we hit the launch /
    With space i can figure more of my deep thought shhhh out /
    Did you roger that? Or is the signal on the radio just fading /
    It wouldn't surprise if the message i gave is way too far out /
    Stay tuned in, earth is on some whacky dumb shhhh /
    Its a bunch of goats and headless chickens running around with out a doubt /
    If you saw it, you think that this world is backwards and on some looney hemp /
    Trying to figure out which way is up but the world keeps dragging them down /
    Spending days, making change to my thoughts and how ima do this /
    Gotta keep saving my money that Uncle Sam keeps trying to ask me about /
    Life is a test, so ill pass the answers but there is no such thing as cheating to the top wether you're rich man or not /
    Over and Out /

    By: yungdanielson

  • yungdanielson 64w

    House of Lies

    Here is a short story /
    That tells the tale, of lost souls /
    They lived in a dark world /
    That gave up on love... /
    Lusted and grew old /
    As many seasons had gone to pass /
    They became weary, tired, and even started wars /
    Now the limbo card is in motion/
    History is stuck in replay now /
    The only thing new, are the souls /

    Born into a life /
    Where they are forced to be /
    Fighting for who they are /
    In a wicked spirits conjure fantasy /
    There is a better place /
    And thats where all righteous things shall go /
    And for those who do not care to believe /
    And for those who do not even know /
    Love does not blind /
    Money is worth less than coal /
    Nothing is more valuable than a soul/
    This life has tormented them all, twisted their minds so most have given up faith & lost their hope /
    Yes there will be that dawn on better days /
    Where the sons light will rise and shine on every single broken soul /
    The dead will come back to life and that Age will begin a new reality and be the stronghold /

    Suspicious and fear roams everywhere /
    The darkness does not care /
    Hearts are giving up and into this carefree life /
    Hate did not care about their anguish and happiness /
    So the anger still threatened and took another life /
    Now they fight in a silent war /
    Battling their crimes or cutting another mans words from his throat /
    So when does purgetory come to an end for them all in this dark, twisted, cold world /

    Their eyes are dark /
    Their spirits are corrupt /
    Some of them even had lost their souls /
    This life has been so blessed /
    But the people here are still being blinded, possessed, and even controlled /
    There will be that one day a man or woman will rise and prove to every single soul /
    That love is the strongest feeling and can fill every void, fix every broken heart, rebuild, shape, and mold /

    -First Light-
    Whispering through their clouded minds to consciousness /
    A voice of knowledge cares to give a speech that's worth more than gold /
    Giving them ideas of a world that they can be free in, live in, and even control /
    The fallen ones don't want their race to rise /
    So they illuminate the possibility of what can be done inside the boundaries of life with a soul /
    So the race that lives has been through more than enough and will one day rise to the possibilities that are unfold /
    Not forgotten by the love that had brought them all here to enjoy all the beauty and love in life /
    They live with peace in them they just have to maintain it all and guard their hearts and mind /
    Some live with standards and respect /
    And some live with indecency and regrets /
    But all that they endured in this realm they will thrive from, gain intelligence, and advance /

    -Ray of Hope-
    Living in darkness blinded by lies is not the way life was supposed to be /
    If this is life to those who like it here then dying is the only way they'll understand and see things /
    But there is a GREATER place /
    And that is where the light shines and knowledge reigns on its mighty throne /
    And for those who did not believe in love will disappear with hate at the end of time /
    Love is forever and more... /

    -Foreseen Victory-
    Love is not lost, it always figures things out and even makes a brand new way /
    It bared with anger and hate for so long /
    And still reigns as the strongest feeling that lives on today /
    So may it fight, to save it's race /
    And turn back the flow that had once plagued the innocent's mind /
    Let it rise and destroy all hate crimes /
    So it can live in peace with its people and rest from undermine /
    And for those who dare attack love will bare with hate, anger, and their crimes /
    Time for this story to meet it's conclusive end /
    So vote for who will play the triumph card, put the card of limbo in the grave and put an end to this game this time /

    Light can exists without darkness /
    Love can exist without hate /
    Good can exists without Evil /

    By: Yung Danielson "Teach them your way"