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  • zeeshanali_ 78w

    jaana, is zamaane mien kya dil lagaana, apni fitart to jannat hai
    chaah kar bhi nazrien jhuka lena, apni bhi alag shrafat hai


  • zeeshanali_ 97w

    My Aunt

    A true heart is always kept covered from the filth that lies in the world outside...

    #modesty #beauty #piety

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    ladkiyan chaand ki tarah nahin
    balke suraj ki tarah honi chaahiye.
    chaand ko to sab taakte hain,
    majaal hai kisi ki ke koi suraj ki aankh mien aank milaaye...
    - Aunt

  • zeeshanali_ 106w


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    ae dil tu chaand sitaaron ki khwaahish zaruur kar
    magar yaad rakh, taare bhi tuutte hain


  • zeeshanali_ 120w

    the heart that you once loved
    living thousands of miles apart
    yet you still remain the closest to my heart

    the memories we made, the bond we shared
    may never experiance a fade or ever lose a shade

    since your departure, lonely does pass my night
    recalling you in the mornings, moments pass craving for your sight

    I wish to love you, fulfill all your needs, demands and all the rights
    the heart always supplicates for you to reach the highest of heights

    sweetheart, talking in rhymes is not easy as it may seem
    for I pen down the rhymes of the heart that loves you to the extreme

    as my eyes gaze at you waving and leaving
    with a broken heart I stand seeing my world collapsing

    the abandoned heart bears an unbearable pain
    to hide the tears, the boy now walks under the rain

    the cloudy skies, the lonely afternoon, the dak nights
    walking down the lanes, inking under the street lights

    a question I now ask myself, will all these poems go in vain?
    the prayer for your well-being will always remain

    who knows what would happen with the passage of time
    will the love be love or just a play or a crime?

    this heart will wait for you as long as it takes
    for a true love story, only a true lover creates

    keep the letters written in your name close to your heart, Oh my Beloved!
    for they were written from the heart, that you once loved...

    - Zeeshan Ali

    deep inside... the heart never forgets.

    #love #seperation #poetry #sad #thoughts

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    the heart that you once loved


  • zeeshanali_ 129w

    haya ki nazrien rakh kar in jawaani ki sadkon par
    misaal qaayam ki hai tere aashiq ne aaj-kal ke ladkon par


  • zeeshanali_ 153w

    soulful is your presence, sweet and lovely are your talks,
    memories are unforgettable, romantic indeed are our walks!
    charming is your chuckle and laughter, beautiful are your smiles,
    the closest to my heart, even if you are away thousands of miles!
    deep is your true love, affectionate is your care,
    pleasant then any perfume is the smell of your hair!
    the most beautiful are your blue eyes,
    beautiful is your heart and whatever in it lies!
    your tranquility, your sweetness,
    your beauty, your cuteness...
    you look cute even when your angry, bae!
    a kiss and hug just calms my girl down all the way
    I smile when you get concerned about me...
    all I want till eternity is 'you' 'I' and we!
    hard to handle are your mood swings!
    just a glance of yours and my heart sings...
    late-night talks are indeed romantic and deep,
    in thoughts, in each other's arms, we did fall asleep!
    to express my love for you is indeed impossible!
    neither poems nor letters nor songs...
    there does not exist any language nor any format!
    I miss you, I love you...!
    It is as simple and as complicated as that!

    - Zeeshan Ali

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    soulful is your presence, sweet and lovely are your talks,
    memories are unforgettable, romantic indeed are our walks!


  • zeeshanali_ 156w

    every effort made with love and care fails!
    the pains and their unpredictable scales!
    the sunshine no longer gives hope for new efforts,
    the night's darkness no longer comforts...
    the gardens are lonely, with flowers all shed,
    words written with all the heart left unread!
    eyes have shed tears, lonely alone on the bed
    the aching pains in the heart, body all dead!
    hopeless sighs, watching the sky,
    deep emotions, soundless deep cry...
    the broken soul lives to die!

    wait, princess! let not your past ruin your present,
    beautiful is the moon even when its crescent!
    let not the present ruin your future
    for every pain makes your heart stronger!
    with every trial, the blessings increase
    remember, when the leaves fall from the trees
    the rain arrives and it regrows the leaves!
    same is with the hardships, for there always comes ease
    and Allah promises you a peaceful eternal breeze!
    Allah loves you more than you will ever be able to think!
    trials will unfold true pleasure, your mind just can't link!
    let not anything loosen your and Allah's rope
    let not the false love make you lose hope!
    let not the betrayal's of the past be your end!
    this is not the end, just a blend...
    always hold the strength to love someone again
    to trust and choose someone all above again
    for their awaits for you a prince! close but miles apart!
    awaits to heal your scars, to mend your broken heart
    for he dreams of making you his princess...
    indeed through word, impossible it is to express!
    for he would love you more than anyone would ever be able to!
    as he loves Allah more than anything, his love for you is indeed true!
    who dreams to hold your hands even in the darkest of nights!
    who strives for your love, works hard to marry you...
    paradise is the place he plans to carry you! (إن شاء الله)
    who not just dreams but prays for you day and night,
    who wishes the best for you, wants to see you smile at every sight!
    he respects your love, care and feelings always,
    and thanks for being blessed with you all the passing days!
    he would never let you down and never break your trust (إن شاء الله)
    for his heart posses true love.. not longings of lust!
    he would always preserve and lower his gaze, only for you!
    for you would be the one on whose beauty who would look up to!
    you mean the world to him! his love! his soul-mate! his heart!
    his princess! you are his poetry... his art!
    you! your beauty! and dignity! he would always try to guard! (إن شاء الله)
    he would take care of you at times of ease and also when times are hard
    you won't ever regret holding his hands !
    for you have gone through a lot! he indeed understands...
    he would strive to pray together with you and do what Allah commands!
    he will always take care of your little needs and demands!
    it's just a matter of time, inshaAllah everything will be fine...(إن شاء الله)
    look around for your blessings, his true love is a sign!
    your prince will love you till eternity, beyond the end of times...
    as always... weak is this poem, weak are these rhymes!

    - Zeeshan Ali


    I love you
    just three words...
    but they encompass emotions that you can't even think of!

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    your prince

    the gardens are lonely, with flowers all shed,
    words written with all the heart left unread!

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  • zeeshanali_ 157w

    lost feelings
    hurts to see you with a sad face and upset like this...
    neither is an affectionate hug possible nor a romantic kiss!
    Your heart would never ever know how much I love and miss!
    I pursue in making you smile after every downfall and fight...
    I still search for light somewhere in this dark and lonely night!
    When you are sad, differences and arguments are always kept apart
    Never till eternity my love for you would ever depart!
    Yes its hard! There exists a lot of pain and misery
    But know my princess that every pain is temporary!
    I can go through any painful part!
    But not see sadness in your heart
    Take care! for life unfolds based on your decisions!
    The worldly life is nothing but a play of illusions!
    My gardens are lonely waiting for your arrival!
    Your are the only necessity for my survival!
    Always faithful to you, never played around!
    Still in this thunderous storm I stand, as the dark clouds surround...
    Even if you don't love me, I will strive for your love!
    You will be still my princess! You will be all above!
    Allah is the witness of my commitments and promises
    tried my best to see you smile and fulfil all your wishes
    How much I sacrificed! How much did I wait!
    True love never fades! Even if it receives hate!
    I won't go around now and try to find a new girl!
    For me you are not just a diamond but the most precious perl!
    Consider me and know that I won't ever disappoint you
    I correct myself first always before I try to point you!
    You are the most beautiful girl in my eyes!
    In you! All my happiness! desires and love lies!
    Thoughts filled with you all day! when busy, when in lonely sighs!
    Tell me that you don't love me! And test me but true love never dies!
    Allah knows my state, my pain and my soul's cries!
    Someday you will understand my love for you
    And inshaAllah would love me the way I do!
    I have always been true and pure...
    Tried my best, never to make you feel insecure!
    Dim are the lights, dark is this night...
    You still can make it all lovely and bright!
    Trust in me! And let your heart think about me!
    A way to my heart! You alone are the only key!
    depthness of my love is filled with pure and true emotions...
    Do not try to find it in seas for insufficient are even the oceans!
    Oh beloved! Come back to me! I will take good care of you
    All the differences, we will try our best and work it out too
    will strive for your love! trust! care! special position in your heart!
    Never till eternity my commitments, promises and love would ever depart!
    Insufficient and small are these poems to express my love and care
    You would have never left me if you knew what my heart does bear!
    I love you more than anyone else could ever do!
    My heart is not mine anymore... as it beats only for you!

    - zee
    (some guy who loves you truly and will wait for you as long as it takes)

    True love never dies!
    Accept someone who truly loves you!
    He won't ever let you down!
    I won't even let you down!!!!
    You won't ever regret! inshaAllah

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    lost feelings

    hurts to see you with a sad face and upset like this...
    neither is an affectionate hug possible nor a romantic kiss!
    Your heart would never ever know how much I love and miss!


  • zeeshanali_ 162w

    words of love
    listen! listen! oh, princess! listen!
    get yourself out of this prison!
    I know it's not easy, at times it's really hard!
    my poetry won't help you nor will my regard
    I know It's been happening to you since years longer...
    but trust me, these things will only make you stronger!
    they will just raise your status in paradise...
    for Allah tests those whom he loves and sees there sacrifice!
    but it will all be just a memory! it will someday fade...
    for every pain ends and leaves even without a shade!
    trust Allah! and your scars will one day soon find their aid!
    yes! I am not there for you as you face your hard times!
    I know my love would look fake! and it becomes hard to wait sometimes!
    I do feel your pain but when you don't share it with me, sweetheart...
    I feel it more! growing inside! like some physical pain in the heart!
    smile! not for me but for yourself, how much you have gone through in your life!
    heartbreaks, illness, bullying and family problems which never go down but rise
    I am trying my best here, my mums also not well!
    and in some really anxious and painful situations, I too dwell!
    I really love you, I just can't see a tear dripping from your eye!
    if you ever leave, this heart of mine would just die!
    and yeah I speak my heart! I don't decive you or lie!
    you are in my thoughts all day, when I am busy, when I sit and sigh!
    believe me, no one can love you as much as I do!
    I am a guy, who would love to... sacrifice anything for you!
    religion is important too! after all that's what makes our afterlife!
    I don't play with your heart for "I will love you my whole life! by making you, my wife!
    besides religion, seeing you smile is the purpose of my life!
    seeing you in pain is like my heart being injured by a knife!
    trust me! I am working hard here, I will make you mine someday soon! (inshaAllah)
    days will pass and you will say, "hey, zee, it was just another afternoon"
    yeah, the wait is indeed long, but I would wait for my love faithfully!
    trust Allah! and just pass these painful days calmly and happily
    we both will have the life we want... (inshaAllah)
    it's my word, not a poetic taunt!
    trust me it would all be fine...
    your world will one day soon shine!
    listen! listen! oh, princess! listen!
    get yourself out of this prison!

    - zee (the guy who wants to see you in paradise and see you as his wife)

    stay strong and have patience...
    I will always be there

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    words of love

    listen! listen! oh, princess! listen!
    get yourself out of this prison!

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  • zeeshanali_ 165w

    couldn't meet you in person, couldn't sing you a song!
    trusting me is hard, yeah I know, distances are indeed long!
    but you and I know, what breaks the heart, makes it more strong!
    I promise, my heart will always be there for you all lifelong!
    the heart feels lonely without your presence...
    the roses in the gardens are waiting for your essence!
    the roads are sighing in the memories of your footstep
    wait and you will surely hear my knock at your doorstep!
    no matter what happens, I will make you my wife!
    I plan to accompany you not only in this world but also the afterlife!
    you go sad there, and my heart ends up in depression,
    I have now learned to suppress the painful expression
    I care about you so much, you will never know
    your pains are mine too, only pleasure upon you, I try to bestow
    I will give you the freedom like no one else ever will
    smile, for the ink in my pen, is about to refill
    (that many poems this poet has written for you =))
    know that in this strange and unpure world of today,
    I really love and care you in a really different way
    neither is this any timepass nor is this a normal love story
    let the love outlive, I promise I will always work for your glory!
    I have dedicated my life to you!
    this love of mine is indeed pure and true
    not everyone will understand our love story except for a few
    wait for this faithful lover, and you will live a life new
    your beauty is like the most beloved treasure to me
    please cover yourself, and not let everyone see (...) { =) }
    I want you to be respected and loved and never be mistreated
    trust zee, you won't, even for a second, be cheated
    eyes all down, waiting to cast their glances on your face
    "the years-long wait doesn't matter", my heart truly says
    (with all meaning and content)
    I will always value your love and feelings for me!
    if you are right at something, I will just close my eyes and agree!
    (working out the diffrences)
    hold my hands and we will live a life, you and I never thought of
    you will always be in my heart beyond anyone else all above!

    - zee (yours and yours alone)


    I love you...

    please hold my hands...!
    and I will never leave you alone even when you go through the darkest days of your life!

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    couldn't meet you in person, couldn't sing you a song!
    trusting me is hard, yeah I know, distances are indeed long!

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