sirf naam mai zehr hai

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  • zehrish_ 21h


    Can we make this friendship
    last forever like they do in the movies?

  • zehrish_ 1w


    A deception of love
    and friendship pushed
    me to edges and made
    me realize that I was made of steel.

  • zehrish_ 1w

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    October is a good dancer among the all
    A misfit perhaps yet an easy going soul
    The wind embraces the orange leaves and dead flowers on the way to her heart
    Flames is what I see on the ground when I walk on the street rustling and dancing in the gloom.

  • zehrish_ 1w


    She is
    my joy
    and I
    don't run
    away for
    me anymore.

  • zehrish_ 1w


    Originality is
    what they chased
    and that is what
    kept them alive.

  • zehrish_ 1w


    She loved
    frailest things
    such as love ,
    trust and hope
    of good friends.

  • zehrish_ 1w


    He made me
    sick of kindness
    'cause it always
    had my heart in tremendous

  • zehrish_ 1w

    I miss you
    like the mountains
    yearn for snow
    underneath the warmth
    of the sun.

  • zehrish_ 2w


    His words were lies
    magically sugarcoated with
    love that made me dumb.

  • zehrish_ 2w


    Oh boy!
    I can't hear your
    apologies anymore
    I'm high on self love
    Leave me alone to make
    me feel better