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  • zhayden 5d

    Dear Myself

    Never doubt yourself,
    For doubt is like poison
    Slowly spreading without word
    And only in the end
    Will you notice
    However it may be then
    That it will be too late

    Do not close your eyes
    See the world in its beauty
    Others may not see
    What you do see
    But it does not matter
    For beauty is what you
    Think for it to be

    Do not seek in others
    What you have not
    Because you are not lacking
    You simply have other things
    That you never know
    Others may not have

    Do not make yourself
    Be what you are not
    You may not conform
    To what they want you to be
    But you are you
    Not what they tell you to be

    Continue dreaming
    Do not stop those hands in writing
    I believe in you
    So please also believe in yourself


  • zhayden 2w

    Please don't be to kind.
    For your kindness,
    Hurts me more,
    To the point that...
    Its unbearable.

  • zhayden 2w

    "This is me praying that, this was the very first page, not where the story line ends."
    -Enchanted by Taylor Swift

    "To those who wish, and to the stars that listens"
    -A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

    I hope that this year won't be just full of things that will make us down, but things that will also put a smile on our faces.

    Remember, that every end of the rain comes a rainbow.

    Happy new year

    #random #thoughts #newyear

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    On the stars that fall
    I whispered a wish
    To the mutterings of mine
    Being blown by the air
    I pray.

  • zhayden 2w

    Orange brings the memory of summer
    Orange is the warmth of the sun's rays

    Orange is the color of fall
    Orange are the leaves in trees

    Orange are the fruits we eat in winter
    Orange are tangy citrus in the table

    Orange is the sky when spring comes
    Orange is what shines to make flowers bloom

  • zhayden 3w

    To forget
    To forget

  • zhayden 3w

    I have doubts with all sorts of things
    However I rather not think of them
    For they are like predators in my heart
    Those tiny little demons deep in me
    Waiting to devour me when I'm weak

    But even dams in rivers
    After a bout of great storm
    Overflows in the seams

    Like that, these deep dark thoughts
    Overwhelms me and can't be stopped.

    My eyes, like faulty faucets
    Continued to drop tears
    Over and over
    Crying till my eyes are dry

    I've once thought, 'I'll never regret.'
    And yes, I didn't, however...

    Moments of vulnerability, I can't help it
    I wonder if I did a different choice
    From what I have made back then
    The what ifs consume me, fully

    Then my mind drifted to another place
    A place where, maybe, what would have been

    But as I cry to myself
    Weeping to sleep
    I woke up feeling more refreshed

    Sometimes I doubt,
    then I hold myself back
    But crying, shouting
    Yelling, and everything
    Maybe there's comfort
    In just letting things be


  • zhayden 3w

    Or so I read somewhere, an I find it somewhat true. In a way, we are influence with what we read, we learned love beyond the meaning of life (I think so, when I read TFIOS), to reason out, not with just some random observation but with accumulated evidence (and even if things, however probable, when we eliminate the impossible, what remains is the truth, according to Sherlock).

    #wod #stories

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    "Stories you read.... They're something that doesn't simply influence you but remain as a part of you, it becomes a definition of who you are."

  • zhayden 3w

    Cause they say that time will heal all wounds. Meeting old friends, reminiscing. Even sad moments were now less painful.

    I hope it's the same for everyone.

    #melancholicmonday #random #poem

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    It still surprises me
    How at a a point in time
    You were everything to me
    And now upon meeting again
    I can look at you
    Without the feeling
    Of kindling the once
    And old emotions I had
    Just a bit of nostalgia,
    Of what has been
    But not the point
    Of wanting to go back


  • zhayden 3w

    The tranquil rain calms the down
    As if to each of its drops
    Pitter patter, dousing me
    The fire of turbulent emotion
    In my burning heart

    It comforts me when I'm sad
    Ironically and funnily enough
    As if the world feels
    And relates to me
    Making me feel that
    I am truly not alone

    But it also eases my tension
    Away from the facade I wear
    My eyes filled in tears
    And my smile falls
    The sound of my crying
    Were mask by the rain
    A place were I
    Can let out my emotion
    Without care


  • zhayden 4w

    Oh so I'm crazy
    What of it?