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  • zikra_ 2w

    Truth is just a forbidden lie.

  • zikra_ 17w

    @miraquill thanks for the ♥️

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    My diminishing verses never found place in your attiring poetries.

  • zikra_ 17w

    Thanks a lot for 500 followers♥️♥️

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    Not every void needs to be filled, when someone leaves
    Few are left to echo the memories and pain.

  • zikra_ 18w

    Moon cried being
    wrapped in the arms of
    serene azure because of
    its scars making it self doubt.

  • zikra_ 18w

    My verses never fell in right place to be called as poetess.

  • zikra_ 18w

    Incomplete poetries are abondoned feelings.

  • zikra_ 18w

    #draft *-*
    @writersnetwork #wod
    #fiction obv.
    Happy friendship day mirakeeans♥️��

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    An untitled letter

    It's been a really long time since we had any conversation. Feeling weird while writing but i thought my lips could never convey my feelings which are kinda dead now but before placing white lilies on its grave i wanna let you know.

    Remember? When i wrote a poetry for the first time just for you. It did have a lot of grammatical errors but you still loved it, that's when it all started.

    I think we have made enough memories to survive being part as we together have really been toxic which is not letting 'us' survive and letting go is the only option left.

    Ending this with another poetry with little improvement in grammar so cheer up a little. Also, you don't need to write a letter back, I'll just reminisce about the verses you said reading my first poetry. Here it goes~

    //Felt like a sunflower
    Bending towards the sun (you)
    Everytime i see you

    Shower of your zephyr
    made me grow
    over my blues

    Listened to your hymns
    Being tucked in your hair
    As a part of beautiful you

    Later, I started humming too.
    It was easy to fall in love
    But not to confess the truth.

    After blooming fully
    I had to wither one day
    That's what flowers do.

    Wanted to be with you till the end.
    Became fragrant flower in your hair
    Now, flower on your grave too.//

    (Wanted to be someone)


  • zikra_ 18w

    Peace out ��

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    Your transient aura
    was a mirage that
    kept me in an illusion
    of 'distance doesn't matter.'

  • zikra_ 19w

    #insipinsiheartbeaters (3)

    Stay blessed, keep glowing and flowing

    Couldn't write anything good, apologies (+_+)
    Iske piche ki feelings smjho bs��♥️
    Enjoy your day Safiya, we all love you a lot♥️

    Also, i wanna reveal one thing on this grand day,
    Wo @/mehak mai hi thi�� who was asking for suggestions for good writers.


    Also, good bye everyone
    going on a break.

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    The sun was holding glittery golden crust
    When we had our first meeting
    A meeting worth remembering
    That made me believe in virtual friendship

    Silver sheets on moon
    Made our friendship shine so bright
    In that solemn moonlight

    In between cotton like clouds
    Lies our shit talks
    That never fails in
    making me laugh so hard

    Different shades of azure
    Represents our friendship as a whole

    If you ever feel like falling
    Our bond will keep you higher
    Raho hamesha gulshan tum
    From zikra, the sasti shayar


  • zikra_ 19w

    An unsaid good bye

    On days,
    when you'll be
    drowning in
    the ocean of tears,
    our memories
    will give
    you thousands of
    reasons for
    instant giggles

    As it
    is the
    actual reason,
    why we make