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  • zoey12 10w

    Heartbreak on Moonlight Nights

    That curtain is torn again,
    A random thought as I stare out the window ...again
    There's a full moon tonight,
    The sky seems overcast , hazy aura hangs on the moon
    So bright, so cloudy, so far, so lonely
    The skies must be mocking my heart
    Lonely soul on a lonely night
    This is heartbreak on a moonlight night.
    I should fix that window again,
    A wavering thought as I moan at the moon,
    There's a crack on that window,
    Snaking its way down to the sill,
    Disappearing down into the darkness,
    The moon is breaking into my room right there
    Casting long hazy heartbreak lines on the wall,
    The skies must be mocking my heart
    Broken heart, mended so much it's breaking apart,
    This is heartbreak on a moonlight night.
    Hey, Mr Moon can you fly away
    Take the heartbreak along with you
    Slowly I watch as the clouds hide the moon yet again,
    Only to rise peekaboo again tomorrow,
    But for today...
    The heartbreak on moonlight nights is dimmed.

  • zoey12 17w

    To the man I loved

    The night before we met,
    I had a dream, an epiphany on point.
    I fell for the stars shining in your eyes,
    The night sky lit ablaze with winks from the gods
    It was meant to be
    I was meant to be
    You were meant to be,
    The one I was made for.
    To the man I loved,
    The night before we met,
    Destiny grasped my senses
    The stars aligned foretelling our fate
    The night sky blinded my eyes,
    Stricken for your adoration...
    Struck for our destiny.
    To the man I loved,
    Do you think of the day we met like I do,
    To the man I loved,
    Does the night sky reignite your passion for love?
    To the man I loved,
    I fell for your existence before we met,
    To the man I loved,
    Let love lead you to my destiny.

  • zoey12 30w

    Like a Midsummer Night's Dream

    Goodwill found my spirit
    A bundle huddled in solitary's company
    Dark stormy night
    Even the deities were angry with me
    He was a breath of sunlight in an abyss of darkness
    A smoothing balm to a rejected heart.
    Like a Midsummer Night's Dream
    I gravitated towards
    His pull magnetic and hypnotic
    Deceiving to the eyes but believable to my weary spirit
    Moth eaten wings of happiness
    Long buried in confines of melancholy
    In the company of loneliness and rejection
    Finally unfurl with the first taste of sunlight
    Almost faded spirit
    Staring out as the world passes by.
    Ignored,overlooked abd unnoticed
    Wistful desires to cease
    Ashen-faced in life's seemingly unending unjust justice
    We met then.
    Like a Midsummer Night's Dream
    Refreshing breath of change
    Rejuvenating shot of life
    Youthful eagerness revived
    Positive mirage of anticipated futures
    Beaming smiles promising life's benevolence
    Oh my spirit.
    How it rejoices
    The world has become enticing
    Almost too good for belief
    But alas!
    Like a Midsummer Night's Dream
    It dissolves
    And I'm still a bundle huddled in a corner
    Solitary figure in an overcrowded life.

  • zoey12 32w

    Idle mind

    These days I keep thinking
    Reminiscing, Recalling or Remembering
    I keep wondering
    What could have been
    What would have been
    It's a pity truly
    The lives we lead
    The lies we live
    Setting society's courts with no reigning authority
    The higher than thou attitudes ingrained in our bloods
    Souls mourning a loss
    These days I keep fading out
    A shaky shadow
    Dancing in the moonlight
    A still mirror
    Lot's salt statues in the Sun
    I keep reminiscing
    Wistful nostalgia
    Which could have been
    What could have happened
    This life I have led
    The lies I have sown
    Peeping into so iety
    An outsider...a woman...a girl
    These days I keep holding on
    Memories that could have been
    Thoughts that should have been
    Alternating truths
    Submerged in half truths and lies
    What could have happened
    Who should have been .

  • zoey12 32w

    How are you today?

    They keep telling me, he's not for you, but I feel he's the one for me.The medicine and the pain, the stress and stress relief, my tormenter yet without him I feel lost.

  • zoey12 36w

    Ending credits

    The last chapter of our story has come
    With it I write for you the ending credits
    Like a twist of fate
    We met
    And like a reawakening dash of Destiny
    We will go our separate ways
    For now fade out and close up
    Our ending credits have begun.

  • zoey12 43w

    A letter to Hades

    Hades is awaiting invitation
    Dark cloaks billowing around
    Deathly tentacles reaching out
    Anguished soul enticed ,
    With mirages of redemption
    I picked a letter
    A letter to Hades
    Dilemma! Dilemma !
    What to do !
    Death himself sits in anticipation
    Who are you in his presence?

  • zoey12 44w

    The Kite

    The sun blisters his bare back
    Protruding limbs
    Petite body
    Deep concentration set on his face
    Fascinating to watch
    The steady pit-patter of his racing
    One hand above his head
    The Wind is his saviour
    The kite his pride
    That kite....
    How free it must be yet not so independent
    The tail sways to and fro
    A dance of excitement....
    An invitation to seduction
    The kite calls the wind
    The boy challenges the Wind's strength
    It's a sight to see
    I sit underneath the cool shade of a Mango tree
    I envy that boy ,
    So young and carefree
    So innocent ,
    But I wish I was the kite
    So high
    So free
    Oh sweet kite
    Won't you fly down
    Take a rest
    Then fly me away with you. ..
    The little boy suddenly turns and catches me watching
    With a sweet laugh and a wink
    He speeds off
    The kite follows like a faithful servant to his master
    Farewell kite
    Soar with the Wind .

  • zoey12 58w

    I love love

    Love is like warm sweet tea
    Warms you up inside
    Gets you cheery and adoring
    I love love

  • zoey12 58w

    Do you know the world?